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  1. Barkson or something like that. He was on some sort of car program, might have been an AA ad or summat
  2. Bikes Raleigh or not with front and rear lights, reflectors mudguards AND a bell!
  3. I was there 55-61 and remeber well Mrs Hayes, Mrs Wilkinson (infant school) Mr Walton, Mr Gibby, Miss Brown and Mr Salt. Can't quite remember the name of the lady teacher who played the piano at assembly. I was in Miss Browns Class along with (others I can vaguely recall) Tony Fukes, Linda Wand, Robert Campbell, David Walker, June ? and of course about 28 others
  4. It was 4 old pennies and you could talk forever.
  5. With all of our pets we have had comprehensive pet insurance and two of our dogs have had claims which would total in excess of what we have ever paid out. Pet Plan has always been our choice because even if a pet gets a long term condition it is covered for life unlike many other pet insurance providers.
  6. I've been offline a couple of days but hope everthing was better than you were expecting. Thinking of you both.
  7. The I million morons are idiots from the WHOLE of top gears GLOBAL viewing population so in itself is still a minority of Top Gear viewers. thankfully most of us are not morons.
  8. Where ever he emerges I hope he has learned a lesson. However popular you are it does not give you the right to go around hitting people. He got what he deserved and I won't be watching him on another channel
  9. Well thank you for letting me know Benjamin. If ever your in touch please ask him to contact me.
  10. Dennis Brittle, son of one of the Brittles was in my class at Huntingdon Street Secondary Modern. I'd like to know what he is doing now.