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  1. The Shuttleworths did live in old cottages near the 'rec' then moved into a house on Vale Rd. The garden of that house backed onto ours on First Avenue. Trevor and David were the lads of our age. I recall that Trevor had a Royal Enfield 350. The family next door to us were the Reddish's. Mr Reddish was always changing his motorcyclists. He kept his bikes really cleaned and polished, an example to us all! Mick, the Reddish's son had a red 1960(?) Norton Dominator, a 600cc. Just before we moved up North to near Manchester I bought an old 1953 BSA M21 and sidecar in summer 1966. There was
  2. Just goes to show how often I log in! The collision between the two aircraft occurred in the mid/late 1950's. Two Vampires collided in mid air. I believe an engine landed between two houses on Vale Rd, some debris went through Spray & Burgess' roof next to St Johns C of E school, I was in the playground and saw it happen. I think also some debris went through the roof of the Coop on Carlton Hill? Bits were found in the BSC sugar beet settlement ponds, or was that just school kids rumours? Luckily nothing went through the school!! Piat ( Voysher)
  3. My brother pointed me in the direction of this website. I went to St Johns C of E on Vale Road, Colwick from 1953 to 1959 and then to Carlton le Willows. I distinctly remember the day planes collided, we were in the playground of the then St Johns school and watched bits of planes coming down. We used to live on Trent Hills Farm, next door to RAF Syreston, so I was always interested in planes. The area of scatter of the debris was quite large, bits dropped between a couple of houses on Vale Rd and the Coop somewhere near the top of Douglas Avenue across the railway line behind the school. Rumo