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  1. Philmayfield Have you bought that Mavic Air yet ?
  2. Catfan Yep worked it out after a bit of head scratching.
  3. Not wise at all, had to look it up mesen. Just thought I was helping out.
  4. Catfan, don't mind if did you call me an idiot I'm not a snowflake
  5. That would be great, I have tried to create an account on photo bucket and its a pain in the rectum to say the least. I still haven't managed it
  6. I tried to upload a photo, no idea how to, ugh thought drag drop would work but it does'nt
  7. Beekay, They are Acronyms: abbreviation consisting of the first letter of each word, LMAO = Laughing My Arse Off
  8. It just saves time in typing it all out.
  9. Laugh out Loud.…….. Internet language
  10. Anybody out there who is interested, I have a Dji Phantom 3 pro and a Mavic Air.
  11. caftan.... That's the funniest I have heard in ages. LOL
  12. It will be a great loss to many modelers
  13. benjamin1945. Seems reasonable.
  14. If you use any kind of social media then be prepared to get your feathers ruffled. Btw how do you get to become admin or mod, just wondering.
  15. So, if I understand correctly the posts I put on here is decided by Admin and Mods and their opinions as to what is suitable, so what happens if Admin & Mods have different opinions. I have seen many times posts on here that should be " Hidden or " Deleted " All seems a bit hit and miss. One member on here, (no names no pack drill ) posted content that Admin or Mod disagreed with and was told off , and not only that it was there for all to read, which I and many others thought was very unfair.
  16. Thanks for the info. I'm just wondering what is the point of only staff seeing them and not the members, surely it would better to delete the posts, if staff don't agree of the contents.
  17. Is " hidden " another word for deleted?
  18. My thoughts too. No first prize for diplomacy
  19. Jellyfish don't have heart or lungs either.