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  1. Have lived and worked in central London for 25 years now, and I'd second a lot of the advice here, especially hitting West End cafés and restaurants late afternoon/early evening, before the evening rush; and the excellence of the British Museum; and I'd give another 'thumbs up' for the Côte restaurant chain. My favourite one is tucked away on a little pedestrian street just off Kensington High Street (walkable from Kensington Gardens / Royal Albert Hall). The Côte 'Crème Caramel' dessert is a thing of true beauty! Also, as someone said, those big free things the Parks are among the best th
  2. RIP Richard Beckinsale - so sad. I still remember hearing about it at the time, having been a mega Porridge fan from its first broadcasts I had no idea about Barry Foster. Remember the Van der Valk theme tune - genius! Eddie Balls took the school bus with my sister! And I gave the little bugger lines at school! (They aren't half keeping him quiet in this election campaign aren't they - I imagine him in a broom cupboard at the Millibands' with a gag on )
  3. #61 - yes! I did. I never quite got the point though. Insert cap. Chuck. Bang. I preferred my cap gun with a roll in... Bang bang bang bang....
  4. No I agree with you - the solution didn't pack the right punch. The mannered 'reveal' is the least successful element of the 'cocktail' I think. I listened to another where there's also a drinks party for all the various people, at a hotel in that one - lots of fake European accents - the 'fingered' perpetrator in that instance hurled himself out of a window, I seem to recall. all a bit far-fetched!!
  5. ...well, I'll go to the foot of our stairs!! Didn't see that coming !
  6. See this DaveN: Mention of that shop has brought back a few distant memories. I don't think I ever dared go in! Maybe it had gone by the time I was old enough to be going shopping on my own!
  7. Golly colly! And Cliff.... ## 44, 47, 48 - I had one of those too! That's taken me back!
  8. ##15 etc. There clearly was a Moulin Rouge cinema, but as Tim in the North East says in #50, equally certainly there was a Moulin Rouge restaurant on Trinity Square (whether at the same time or earlier / later). The restaurant was there in the late 1960s / very early 70s as I have a very clear recollection of having my first ever Spaghetti Bolognese in there, aged 9/10/11 sort of thing. It was a turning point! One of my clearest childhood memories! Would dearly love to see a copy of their menu again, or a clear photo of the front of the restaurant from those days.
  9. A tad late to reply to that (nearly 8 years...!) but had to just share this - the classic 'coffee bean' table top design ... which, seeing this photo of the only remaining extant Kardomah in Swansea, I realise I recall from the 1960s in Nottingham. Anyone else remember those tables? And looking carefully at the exterior in my previous post, I also remember the stair railings (just visible in the window) that led you down into the café proper...
  10. To resurrect an old thread, I came across this photo which is the only one I've seen lately showing the frontage of Kardomah that I recall on King St, when a youngster in the late 60s / early 70s - here, mid-60s in the final period of the trolleybus era
  11. Crikey....! ... well, it has slightly ! I'll have to erase that slightly. I knew the actress was considerably older than the character one hears... but I had imagined her as slightly... sharper-featured!
  12. I've only heard 4 of them so far, going to catch up this weekend!! But you're right about the Welshman and the dodgy Inspector!! Plus who's the fey little replacement manservant?! Reckon he's good for an each-way flutter to be "Alex" !!! Glad you enjoy the modern 'reproduction' too - it's funny I took against it so much. Perhaps I just heard a bad 5 minutes, but the announcer seemed obviously a modern bloke 'putting on' the clipped 40s (or whenever) accent, and the acting made one realise what tension and pace Coke and Westbury manage to inject with the energy of how they say the lines. I
  13. Pelham!! That's it! Thanks CT! I read the first page of this thread and was racking my brain - I'd worked out it was on King St and that it was probably the basement which is now a bar, still a hairdressers' on the site though, according to googlemaps: Sound about right? But amazing to see the old pic you posted of the place itself. I was taken down there for my first cuts, when a little lad in the mid/late 60s. It was always the kindly dapper chap with black/silver brylcreemed hair, a pencil moustache, a cheery smile and a twinkle in the eye who I had - I took it at the time he ran the
  14. Huge fan of the original Peter Coke/Marjorie Westbury series - solely thanks to Radio 4extra, they were before my time when first broadcast. (I remember the Francis Matthews TV version from my childhood, would be interested to see it again.) As you say, a (particularly intricate) 'original' radio one is running at the moment, first 5 currently on iPlayer ... the remaining 3 each weekday till Monday. It's wonderful! (I must say I sampled the 're-tread' series on R4 concurrently ("Gregory Affair") and in comparison with the original