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  1. wondered what a girl would want with an adjustable spanner??
  2. seems strange to read the sayings ive only been left nottm for 12 yrs my cousin who I speak to often comes out with a lot of the old sayings sometime they creep out in conversation my niece came round the other day shes 12 said do you want a sucka ...looked at me gone out hehe
  3. phone booth here in lee is a hole in the wall
  4. #64 HEY Ian I have a ....
  5. #60 near to me someone has an allegro it was a panda car and still has everything inside the Pye radio blue light on top so you say could an allergr classic ?? I think any cars that bring back a memory to some one can be classed as a classic you could tell a make model of a car at 1st glance individuality but today they all seem the same it must be the wind tunnels computers all the info fed into them and thay all come up with the same car.... Jaguar is a Mondeo Volvo is a focus saab that was is a Vauxhall My MG Midget is aa MG Midget
  6. my mum and dad had a guest house had Solomon King staying with us whils to was on at the H O M
  7. the big Hovercrafts that used to cross the channel just down the road from me is a museum with them in
  8. used to go to carlton forum often swim play t- tennis etc the only record I can remember being played was.......... BIG SIX .. the boy stood on the burning deck....
  9. Johnno

    CB Radio

    I had a president Veep paid £65 for it almost a weeks wage back in those days and I can say I was the third person to have one in carlton netherfield switched it on and heard nothing ......... until around 4:30 and Jellyfish came home from work....
  10. Johnno

    CB Radio

    as an old CB'er i was the Twintub used to be a Mr muscle,,, Dr daft....jelly fish....freight liner...... can anyone remember the chicken shack CB radio shop in netherfield....? we started the barrier-breakers club above the ..urm jacky bells... cant remember the real name of the pub
  11. Bloody think your going so well then the Bloody thing slips a tooth.......................... Grrrrr
  12. #49 sorry been working silly hrs of late but back now Sunbeam rapier mk4.5 think it was lovely car my sis had one 1725 engine twin carbs remember sitting at the dinner table helping my Bro in law strip them to clean before we went to wales for the day .........I'd be about 9/10 then then they changed to the rover P5b 3.5ltr coupe what a car...............