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  1. Johndoley

    Hey - new to the forum

    Hi Phil, could you tell me where you're mums old posts are on the site, it's stirred something in my memory or what's left of it, thanks John
  2. Johndoley

    Hey - new to the forum

    Hi Phil, did your mum actually live on Oakdale road or was it Parkdale road, I lived in the area in the 1960s and seem to remember someone by that name,
  3. Johndoley


    Welcome, I used to live in Bakersfield myself many years ago
  4. Johndoley

    The early days

    Welcome, I lived in Eastville Street, off Peashill road, must have passed your shops hundreds of times
  5. Johndoley

    Record shops

    Thanks for that, not seen that before, the mono one is worth even more, check it out on eBay, as mentioned, it's the hologram that makes it worth the money, thanks again
  6. Johndoley

    Record shops

    Well remember being stopped by the commissioner in griffin and spalding( think that was the name of the shop, memory's not what it was) while going to buy the Rolling Stone, Their Satanic Majesty's Request, don't know what he thought I was going to do, wish I had that LP now, just been offered one for £100