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  1. calbrit

    New to Nottstalgia

    Dave 48 not sure what PM is but got an idea so sure.
  2. calbrit

    New to Nottstalgia

    Dont miss those freeways at all Chulla. I go over every year to visit and swear they get busier. A friend recently told me they have widened the 5 between San Diego and LA to 8 lanes! Theres no time thats rush hour now - its all day. Know the Kings Head (sorry to correct you) very well
  3. calbrit

    New to Nottstalgia

    Dave 48 no I wasnt at Peveril when Sue Pollard was there missed by a year. Mr Ward was the HM, Miss Lee HMistress, Mr Clark was my form teacher other names I recall: Mr Cole, Mr Hawley, Mrs Spears (my favourite teacher)Mr Wragg, Miss Lambert.
  4. calbrit

    New to Nottstalgia

    Hello Chulla. I was in Los Angeles and then moved to Orange County. Also lived in New York a short time.
  5. calbrit

    Ay up from Canada

    Hello Stevie. I lived in southern California for many years and still experienced what I called Goose Fair weather every year! Of course no one knew what I was talking about.
  6. calbrit

    New to Nottstalgia

    I joined the site yesterday after looking for something. I grew up in Nottingham, went to Peveril School on Robins Wood Road in the late 50's left early 60's and at that time I lived on Elstree Drive. Spent alot of time at the Dungeon Club, Boat and Brit in the 60's. I moved to the USA in '67 and spent many years there before returning home.
  7. calbrit

    Burtons Arcade

    Yes I remember Burtons very well. Sadly it closed many years ago. It was especially nice at Christmas. They used to have delivery boys on bicycles with the baskets on the front.They mainly delivered to residents in The Park. In a way it was like Nottinghams own Harrods food hall.