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  1. My best mate Steve(Stephen) Meakin was an employee at Sovex Marshall and he remembers that he and his crew installed a lot of cash tube systems in the larger TESCO stores around the country. After leaving Sovex he went to work for Air Tube. He sends his regards to anyone who might know him.
  2. I am hoping it was in the 80s, but here goes! At one time I used to be Franklin Hughes 'unofficial' roadie when he did all his live shows from various nighclubs. One day he was chatting about one of his little 'schemes' he was planning and this one entailed me meeting him at what appeared to be some very posh but dated night spot on Station Street not far down from the station. Inside it was a veritable time warp with little circular booths with posh seating, and all these booths surrounded a wonderful wooden dance floor. All the lighting comprised of hidden multi coloured neon tubes suitably
  3. Regarding the Henry Farmer music section, I remember purchasing a chord organ from there in the 1970s'. I also used to visit the department nearly every lunch break while I was doing my ONC at Peoples college. The range of electronic organs they sold there was quite diverse, and some of them were very expensive(especially the big Conn electric theatre organs). They also seemed to have plenty of second hand instruments-especially Hammonds. Someone mentioned that a Mr Weightman was the manager there, but I seem to remember that the salesman for the department was a very accomplished organists
  4. There is one absolute Art Deco gem that survives in the centre of Nottingham, but forum members have to wait until this establishment has one of it's 'open days'. I am referring to the Masonic Hall on Goldsmith Street. I think that its internal architecture /rooms will keep many an Art Deco lover in heaven.
  5. In an earlier post, I recall Craig Strongman referring to Joes Cafe on Wollaton Street and I remember often frequenting this establishment between 1976~1978 while doing my HNC at the Poly. You mentioned that Joe was deaf, and it now all makes sense now as to the way he used to pass the order from the counter to the kitchen(was it his wife in there?). I certainly used to make his life difficult when I asked for baked beans instead of peas!
  6. Hi everyone. Mi nombre, oops!, my name is Brian Greaves and I am 'retired' and live in a campo finca near the town of Dolores on the Costa Blanca. I was born in 1957 and lived right upto 2003 at the same house on Spinney Crescent(off Stapleford Lane) in Toton, then I moved along with a good friend and his family to sunny Espana. My original career was that of a Design Draughtsman after doing my apprenticeship at Stanton and Staveley in the late 70s'. further career moves got me employment as a mechanical engineering Designer before 'retiring' as a Project Engineer. During this time I obtain