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  1. Chulla #12 Poohbear#18 That's my recollection, Breffitt's was opposite The Newcastle Arms. Back around 1949 it was run by Ted Breffit one of England's top trials riders. At the left side of Breffitt's (facing Newcastle Arms) was Newcastle Farm by then a series of derelict buildings, the biggest had a large clock on the front wall and a pathway leading to the railway line and Melbourne Park. Halfords now occupy roughly what was Breffitt's area, a bit further on towards town just past Ideal Cleaning Services Ltd. is a filling station that was once a car sales, garage and haulier owned by R
  2. What a fantastic achievement by Team GB in the medal tables who seem to have confused the world by their ability to perform so well. Good to see the clean cut athletes looking smart fit and so comfortable when being interviewed. With the very few exceptions maybe rowers and equestrian , everyone else, managers, trainers and competitors all seem to have removed TH from the english language it is now pronounced F if at the beginning of a word or V if in the middle. We now have fink, togevva, wiv. Why?
  3. I agree Catfan much prefer FB theme is cleaner/brighter.
  4. You know you're getting old when your 40/50 year old offspring tell you you're slowing down. After a working lifetime dashing around the U.K. at 80+mph I decided that when I retired I would slow down and stick to speed limits when driving, managed this for past 12 years but the 'kids' take the mick call me Miss Daisy, they normally travel at speeds approaching warp 6. I had been thinking about their comments and decided to speed up a bit making driving enjoyable again and even resulted in a nice letter on behalf of the Chief Constable she has made a conditional offer of a £100 fixed
  5. FTDNA website gives details and prices of all the tests available, looks like the top level can even tell you the colour of your socks.
  6. #8 The Pianoman Family Tree DNA is currently doing an offer tracking back 5 generations for 69 dollars, takes about 6 weeks from order to results.The information given is limited for this price but there are tests costing several hundreds of dollars which are obviously far more detailed. The entry level one provides sketch of origins, gives details of any matches for people who have had their DNA checked and their relationship and a link to contact them. I have a 2nd cousin who needed to prove the grandfathers relationship FTDNA confirmed this. My origins are 100% european broken down as B
  7. Alan White #29 I knocked about with John Smith for a while when he lived on Woodfield he moved later to Bradfield Road, he had 2 sisters one was a very pretty dark haired girl became a hairdresser drove a sportscar. The other sister was a blonde. A friend Kenny Hemsley told me John Smith was a bricklayer and later became a building inspector on Gedling Borough Council Lived in Ravenshead and married a girl off Colchester Road. Believed to have emigrated to OZ but not 100% sure on this one. Terence12 I knew a Brian White who lived on Shipley at no. 27. Alan White any relation?
  8. I once had a car stolen from my driveway and received a phone call from Ilson police station that they had found it in Cotmanhay. They said they had my HT lead, the steering lock was broken and the ignition switch was smashed, I should collect the lead and go get my car back, they would not be accompanying me as it was a 'no go' area. When I arrived at the car some cross-eyed inbred was giving me loads of hand signals, I told my wife to get out of the estate, I fitted the lead, messed with the wiring and started it up. Time to go! I had the window partially open when the Cotmanhay redneck lo
  9. Great pics Michael, Sorry can't help with the vehicle, my Cripps years were 1964 ish to 1970 Triumph Road and 71 to 72 Lenton Lane.
  10. Freckles #1 I've had calls from asians calling themselves George/Harry/John. English names to show that they are genuinely english. Phone calls follow pattern if I'm in a good mood. "Hello this is George/H/J is that Mr.P?" "Yes George, what's the problem?" "I am from Microsoft and ve can see that you have problems with your vindows" " Oh! What do I need to do?' "Are you at your computer, is it switched on? "Yes all ok George" "Press the 2nd key from the left on the bottom row" "Ok George pressed it" "No what did you press?" "2nd key as you said" George now getting a little annoyed.
  11. LizzieM #14, hippo girl #13 Enticed in by cheap trade sized packages branded loo rolls, tissues, toiletries, batteries so should be easy to escape with a £20 - 40 experience, it's not happened to me yet. Back home Freezer groaning with meat and fish purchases, unplanned purchases include leather office chair, garden table and chairs. Grab a bite and a drink and could save a fortune. But only if I could just stick to essentials!
  12. I have a an iMac running El Capitan OS and use a program 'Parallels' which enables me to also run Windows 10 at the same time on a 'virtual machine' but effectively it is the same iMac machine. I have the best of both worlds where I can slip into Windows comfy and familiar progs whenever I like and don't have to purchase new Mac versions of Microsoft favourites. I run the heavy stuff, videos etc. held on a USB connected 1 TB hard drive which can be switched to either operating system and when switched off nothing clogs up the systems. A simile I suppose would be 'Like a dog with 2 d****'
  13. Other useful players David Nish, Peter Rodrigues, Allan Clarke and Bill Frame of Cocked Hat fame.
  14. Just read this in a weekend supplement. Geoff Hurst gave a speech recounting how a cabbie kept peering at him as he drove him to Heathrow Airport. Eventually, he said; "Come on mate, give us a clue?" "Sir Geoff Hurst M.B.E," his famous passenger replied, "played 500 games for West Ham, scored 250 goals, played for England 49 times and still the only man to ever score a hat-trick in a World Cup final!" To which the cabbie replied: "No, you prat,what terminal do you want?'
  15. Angel #11 Was it Mary Belfield ? Lived across the road from me. Didn't they have a shop in the same area 'a chippie'?
  16. Just my era Eddie Cochran, Buddy Holly , Gene Vincent. Sadly didn't last very long.
  17. My dad's jobs I remember after the war were, Lorry driver Sankey's, - breadman doorstep deliveries, - bus driver corpo - during theses times he also a had job as 'doorman' at Astoria ballroom and Aspley Ballroom, - mechanic at Hopcrofts later Moons, Mechanic Mr Softee - Mr. Whippy - self-employed mechanic at Tonibell, made his money bought house new car and retired to Chapel St. Leonards - became transport manager Butlin's . He used to take me with him to most of these places on school holidays and weekends but I never got around to asking about the war and he never volunteered info. When
  18. Thanks Catfan Yep that's the man. Used to drive an American car occasionally drank in the bar of Granby Hotel.
  19. #15 ger I knew of the Lowndes family, Tony was in my year at school changed his name to Vince Taylor whilst in a one man protest on Strangeways roof. Stan I seem to remember being a minder for someone who ran a pallet business near the Shoulder of Mutton. And also Mick 'Edgar' all passed away now. Perhaps you knew of the Travis family, just heard the 'Denbo' died a month or so back.
  20. #450 Catfan I thought Nobby Aukland had a special boot and calliper as a result of contracting polio when he was a child. Just had it confirmed from an old school friend.
  21. #10 ger Billy Hayes was in the year above me at Player School, his brother Ray was in my class. I'm told Billy was a window cleaner and lives somewhere near the Fox on Valley Road. Mick Horton still drinks in the Beacon apparently, has racing pigeons. Mick Else was a miner at Babbington a 'Ted' through and through drape jacket, brothel creepers, the works, big mate of Stuart Aram.
  22. #18 Lizzie My wife was in the punchroom ? and there were several departments/rooms, sorry she cannot recall your mother. It seems they were not encouraged to move around too much.
  23. I remember! She was really upset when told me that she had passed her quota for that day and had to refuse credit to a bloke from Bulwell called Benjamin.
  24. EileenH #9 Had a similar thing in Debenhams, my wife went to pay for some items and was told she could have 10% off if she had a store card, she already had one but never used it and didn't carry it with her, she'd taken that one to get the 10% previously offered. Sales staff said the account would have been closed so it would be fine to have another one. The application was rejected embarrassingly in front of a large queue. At home a request for a free credit rating from Experian gave a 98% rating Debenhams had taken the decision to decline the card as one was still serviceable. On return t