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  1. Fly I remember at Cripps working on BRS Scammells around that time I think they were Scarabs.
  2. Catfan #241 re # 238 I didn't drive these vehicles I repaired them and loved the engines for their simplicity and unique design. The knocking was normally the sign of worn rocker arms which transmitted the power from piston to crank, they would run forever even when knocking. Generally lack of power was because it required a decoke which was a simple and quick job.
  3. Benjamin #244 Reminds me of my son closing a best man speech. I hope the newly married couple enjoy their holiday in Wales. I think that's where they're going because when I asked Mark (the groom) what he was doing next he said he was going to Bangor for a fortnight.
  4. Benjamin #9 Bodega 63 Regular fights, Les the barman very slightly built but never held back as he hopped over the bar and got in amongst them. Ind Coope Double Diamond 2 bob a pint. A few in the Lion, a few in the Bodega, bus fares and fish and chips at Hadlams all for a pahnd.
  5. Prior to the Volvos Thompson Jewitt bought a fleet of Commer Maxiloads for it's Scandinavian operation. The vehicles were powered by Tillings Stevens 3 cylinder - 6 piston - horizontally opposed - supercharged 2 stroke engines (TS3) I used to love these engines. The air cleaners sat below the drivers seat opposite the inlet manifold and the fuel injection pump, so a broken injector pipe could spray directly into the air cleaner, this brought home the tech college theory of the rising characteristics of a diesel engine very clearly when it started revving uncontrollably. Jewitts had the veh
  6. Fly The first 3 years of my apprenticeship was at Citroen dealers Siddon's garage Mansfield Road. Worked on Light fifteens, ID19, DS21 and Deux Chevaux (2CV) Loved them! Cars so advanced for the times in 1960 - 63
  7. Fly2 My Son-in-Law has a box at the iPro stadium and every year he invites me and the Forest side of the family to the (local derby) match. I last went when Forest lost 5 -0, this year I decided to go, I'd got all my excuses rehearsed in case of another trouncing and was ready just in case the result went our way. After today's news I'm at a loss.
  8. Terence12 #83 In 57/60 the bottom of your back garden would have overlooked ours 3 gardens on. Broxtowelad #84 There was a Les Daft born around 1955 I'm told. Blondie #97 Name Carol Waldram rings a bell but I can't place her I'll find out from a friend next time I see him.
  9. Blondie #92 Carol Inger lived at the Coleby Road end of Lindfield I lived at the Shipley Road end, There were many good looking girls around that area in the 50s/60s she was definitely in the top ten %. From what I remember she married Geoff Gamble who became a captain in the Merchant Navy he was in my class in the juniors at Player school. Not sure who pbnotts is but if he lived in the low numbers he was either my next door neighbour or lived across the road.
  10. Madeline Daft Chulla #82, Madeline Daft's dad was Les. Broxtowelad #84 Dave 48 #85 A friend of mine 'went out' with Madeline for about 2 years, she had 5 sisters and a brother.
  11. Val, I knew both Hazel and Madeline and I think there were more than the two of them. I believe Hazel married someone called Grenville Bishop who used to sing in a group at the Bowling Alley (Kath?) I last heard she worked in a shop in Eastwood.
  12. Kath Cocked Hat had a small room as you said where mainly housewives used to get their jugs filled. (not a euphemism) I think but not sure, that Len Orchard's at Broxtowe shops, Bradfield Road end might have sold draught beer as well.
  13. 1886 10 mile road race Beeston George Chilvers was my GGranddad Some contraptions here, I wonder if any were Raleighs. A few look like forerunners of the RSW 16s
  14. Malcolm I have revisited your original request regarding Charles Stanley Prince. Florence Rose did marry Charles Stanley not Charles Robert. I'd got 3 screens going trying to compare the records and obviously confused my 'Rs' from the other. The facts are Rose married Charles (b South Africa) in 1916 when he was 46 she would have been about 19, he enlisted in the Army in 1918 at 48 and died at home 1st November that year aged 49. After his death all correspondence was forwarded to Florence Rose Harvey at Derwent Street. There are reams of notes in the Ancestry Military section relating to hi
  15. Hi Malcolm, I've just found and read this topic and noticed that your grandfather Edward Harvey married widow Florence Rose Prince age 22, I'd also clocked on the 1901 census re Mary Harvey that her neighbours were also Princes. This got me thinking which Prince did she marry. Red herrings though Mary's neighbours were not from my lot. But from the marriage cert. #89 she was born Florence Rose Cooper, I couldn't find a marriage between F.R.Cooper and a 'Prince' but there was one for F.R. Cooper and a John H Lakin m.1915. In 1916 Florence Rose Lakin married Charles Robert Prince, who, acc
  16. Pianoman Ancestry - Military - UK, Royal Navy Registers of Seamen's Services 1853 to 1928. Cheers
  17. Pianoman After many years searching census returns etc. I have got used to info names, ages and the like changing. My GGranddad was a farm labourer in Norfolk and I tracked him right from 1851 he moved to the brewing industry in Nottm, Leeds back to Nottm and then Sawbridgeworth Essex. When he arrived in Essex for some unknown reason he and my GGrandmother changed their birthplaces completely, by then he was apparently the leading Maltster in England and he was moving in grander social circles, perhaps he was hiding his past.
  18. Pianoman Look for Robert Clay born 1825, Nottingham 1891 census . This census shows visitor Mary harvey 35 and Ernest Harvey 4. Queen's Grove. Although it states she is a widow that is not necessarily fact. Look also on familysearch.org (free) and enter Ernest and Mary with actual birth date from naval records. Hope it turns out to be a useful lead.
  19. Could this be the man? Service commenced 1906
  20. Found a Mary Harvey in 1891 census showing as born in Shelford, a stones throw from Flintham. No Ernest though. A George age 4 and Herbert age 2. Worth a good look at this one if you've not done already.
  21. Pianoman I don't think it is your Mary in the workhouse. In both the 1911 and the 1901 census there is your Mary born in Flintham and another Mary Harvey born in Bulwell which is more than likely the one in the workhouse. Was Harvey her nee name? One of my grandfathers was born in a workhouse and carried his mothers' name until she married a few years later.
  22. Dave 48 I was told recently, well in the last year or so, that the woman who used to serve when we were kids was still putting in an appearance now and then. She's got to be 90 at least. I keep promising to stop and go and have a look, as Broxtowelad says bundles of firewood wrapped with wire and later used as a handle for my 'winter warmer' also the smell of the Aladdin Pink paraffin. Terence when you lived at 6 Shipley your back garden would have overlooked ours at 6 Lindfield, what year was it?
  23. Dave talking of short cuts, as you know we used to live almost equidistant from the Bradfield Road shops and the Coleby Road ones meaning that the Cocked Hat shops were the furthest point away. So as a kid I used to go down the entry at the bottom of our garden climb the fence separating us from the back gardens on Withern Road down their entry (probably yours) onto Withern then cross the road to Bidford down a couple more entries and fences and I was on Broxtowe Lane. Do you remember the farmhouse and a stream on what is now Yatesbury Crescent and the field which lead to Chingford Road? I
  24. Ernie #64 I get out about once a month for a meet up with Ken and John from our Player infant/junior school days and a few more from teen years. Terence #67 was 21 Frinton Shipley Road end or Bradfield? I remember the library and toilets and opposite was waste land. The sports field was often used for City Sports events I used to do long jump, high jump and 100 yards sprint (ish). The high jump technique in those days was the straddle, they were encouraging us to try the Western Roll. Can't remember too much about it but I think we were jumping somewhere just short of 4.5ft and landing in