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  1. Hi Cliff, I remember you well and have great memories of your Mum and Dad. I think that we both started at Henry Mellish GS in 1959 and while you left in 1964 I stayed for A levels and left in 1966. I think that Stewart Drage's sister put a message on the site and Stewart and I both did science A levels together. He went on from memory to Guy's to do dentistry and I went to King's to do medicine and finally ceased working at the end of 2014. There are a lot of recollections about teachers and I recall Jim Key and Flab Hadwyn, biology, Pablo Atkins and Mr Crabtree, chemistry, and Eddie Bonsal, physics. I have to be greatful to them and when I look back have pretty good memories of my time at HMGS.

    Best Wishes,  Roger.

  2. Interesting to read your recollections, especially yours, Gary. Yes, I am still living in North London (East Barnet) and yes, my Dad used to be the Baptist minister in Hucknall. He died a couple of years ago aged 99.5! I did drive past the Mellish when it was in the latter stages of demolition, and it was really sad to see. I love the recollections, as I find they trigger other memories for me, though my memory for names has never been very good. I have a sort of home office, and the two school pictures from 1961 and 1964 are on the wall behind me as I write this. Anyway, kee
  3. I have a couple of those stretched photos of the whole school on my wall (1961 and 1964). With the restriction of 50KB per file, this picture of them won't be great, but it might give you an idea of some of the faces, and prompt some other memories. I often look at them, and recall people, wondering how they're doing now. CliffW
  4. Just read RobJ's piece. We must have been there at the same time....I was there from 1959 - 64 (I left after the fifth form to move to London). My brother (Pete Wragg was two years ahead of me, and hung around a lot with Finbar Green. I remember Arthur (Arfa) Boddy well....apart from his role call of tools (2 chisels etc) his main phrase, which I have used freqently to train my own kids was "Both hands behind the blade!" One memory that I can add is the school Christmas carol concert in the Church down the road.....There was a Mr Burton who taught French, but had a great tenor voice, and I
  5. Here is a picture, taken from Google Earth, before the school was demolished. Cliff
  6. I remember Stewart Drage, Roger Beharall! They were there in 'my time'. I left aftert the 5th form to move to London in 1964. Cliff
  7. I remember Roger Gaspar....I was in the same year. (I left in 1964, after the 5th form, to move to London.) I recall many of the teachers mentioned, plus the French teacher Mr Burton, who had a superb voice and sang in the choir every Christmas. I have fond memories of Latin with 'Labby' Hurst, and I also remember the nutter who was inclined to throw board rubbers around, and used a slipper to threaten pupils (called Rota Rua,if I remember correctly). He would threaten '6 of the best' and write a 6 in chalk on the sole of the slipper before whacking the pupil concerned. I used to play the h