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  1. Ey-up, young Philip, suddenly lost all contact with you and Viv - for some unforseen reason - a couple of years ago?

    Would dearly like to pick-up the pieces where we left off ...

    Trusting all is well (and still locked-down)?

    Kindest Kindnesses

    Micky P

    1. philmayfield


      Still locked down and enjoying it Mike. Everything comes by van and I barely have to associate with humankind. Perhaps next year when things revert to normality we may meet again! :)

  2. Hi good people, I am trying to trace a (then) young lady who, I believe, was head girl at St Catherine's c1964/5, by the name of Kathleen Brennan. Kathleen lived on Brora Rd in Bulwell but we lost touch when she left to go to London University in 1965. Any help gtatefully received, Micky Peters
  3. Just found this topic, Guys. Worked at Hov Grav from 1957 - 60. The inside of those Foden Mickey Mouse cabs always smelt like cat piss, to me
  4. And rocked to-and-fro on rocking chairs while polishing their shotguns under the verandah...
  5. Looking back over my previous (June) threads, I now see that I've repeated myself a great deal, Futurist; my apologies - I should have re-read things first. I have to say that I have never experienced such erratic comings and goings and fall outs, elsewhere, as I have amongst the names I have listed above. The (unfabulous) Beatmen, for instance, seem to do one - or at the most - two gigs and then have to withdraw and reform. The musicianship in Norfolk is quite something to behold and I put this down to the amount of American forces who were stationed in East Anglia during and after the war
  6. Thanks for the info Futurist, sorry I've been off site for a while. Yes, I'm a friend of Sarah's on Facebook and I know quite a few of the musos who she's sung with - Nig Smith, Roger Lymn, Pat Wright, Clancy, my Brother - Steve Peters, Walt Savage and John Landon. I understand that Bill Brasier lives in Bleasby (where I did many years beforehand) and Paul Mountain in Bulcote. Three of four years ago I stood in as a drummer for a number of gigs in Nottm with Rock Wheatley, Spike and Stan late of the Varitones. I live and drum in Norfolk now - but the music over here is quite different to
  7. Any more gen or pictures of the Skeggy steam Bedford toastrack from anyone would be so very much appreciated, please. This absolutely fascinated me and I never thought I'd see anything of it again. Any photos of any of these Vulcan/Bedfords operating the 'Penny All the Way' shuttle service in Skeg would be most welcome. Not the later OB coaches with their sides tin-openered by Lincs Road car, thanks all the same.
  8. Firbeck, you mentioned a Ted Farnsworth, Chairman of the Group, earlier. Was it he who lived in a terraced house in Basford? I'm pretty sure it was him I was referring to who's house I attended one or two meetings at. A very pleasant guy who would sometimes wear a flat cap, which was somewhat unusual - or unfashionable - at the time, for someone so young
  9. OK. Slight change of tack - I was born and lived in Burton Joyce until around 1951 and I remember when Staythorpe A power station was being built by Balfour Beatty. Each evening at about 4.30 - 5.00 a fleet of about a dozen old grey/blue double deckers would chase along Church Road in convoy taking the workforce back in the Nottm direction. They almost terrorised the villagers because, when I say 'chase', they did just that - it was obviously a race between them and they all had to keep up. They were obviously old wrecks of pre-war petrol-engined buses and the noise of either unsilenced exh
  10. Crikey, Smiffy49, no wonder this etched itself on your mind, it would have me, too. What obviously made it seem particularly sinister was the juxtaposition between the bright lights, the loud music and people laughing, screaming and enjoying themselves while this 'poor unfortunate', possibly a quadriplegic, was confined to his mobile 'coffin'. It would only have been made worse by seeing him with the same accompanying party again in the grave yard. What terrible secret did they carry, what frightful thing had happened to the family to make them go through this seemingly tragic ritual? Did th
  11. I quote from the link to which is refered "...The three* operators then became known as part of the Tillings Group..." *The three operators being N & D, MGO, MDT I'll try to post a photo of my Yarmouth 329 Bristol decker. It lives on our clifftop in North Norfolk overlooking the North Sea - a nice place for an evening drink, summer or winter alike
  12. Does anyone remember a double-decker bus at Ingoldmells in the 60s where you could buy takeaway fish and chips downstairs or sit and eat them at a table upstairs? I think it may have been on a caravan site on Sea Lane?
  13. Missed out my Brother - he did longer than any of us - Nottm Mid, Furlong House, Toton, Coalville, Grantham. various London depts
  14. Here goes - I worked on the Railway on four separate occasions - yes, four! 1) 1960 -Started in the Publicity and Public Relations dept. on Victoria Street Nottm. Then Alan House on Clumber Street; Furlong House, the Meadows; British Transport Advertising on Low Pavement. 2) 1988 - Platform Ticket Barriers at Coventry. 3) 1990 - Yeah, first proper Railway job at last - Traincrew at Norwich a) Trainman on Ballasts and freight followed by Senior Conductor on intercity hauled trains to London Liverpool St. 4) - 2000 - Customer Services at Norwich. Family connections. Gr
  15. Hi Guys, only just joined Nottstalgia Nottingham so forgive me coming in late on this blog. Sorry, Stephen Ford, I have to challenge your (much) earlier statement re the ownership of Notts and Derby Traction, Midland General and Mansfield District Traction although the rest of your information is astoudingly informative and much appreciated. These three companies, along with many others throughout the country prior to the formation of the NBC, were part of the Tillings Group of Companies which also owned the Bristol Motor Co from, believe it or not, Bristol plus Eastern Counties Bodyworks in
  16. Thanks Merthyr Imp. Yes, that ties in with my memory of the re-engined, re-bonneted, erstwhile Vulcans; latterly Bedford OB fronts. It explains it all - mystery solved. I wonder how many such vehicles there were?
  17. Commer van - thank you auto correct!
  18. Roger Lymn, Clancy, John Landon, Paul Mountain, Walt Savage (Sons and Lovers keys) all come and go and break up and reform in various combos - almost impossible to keep up with. My Brother - Steve Peters, a jazz double bassist but a frustrated rock guitarist/keys player - played with Rog and some in the Elderly Brothers 5 or 6 years ago and Roger's recent band of note was the Rocking Relics but that blew apart...... Bill Brasier, ex Beatmens lead guitarist, lives or lived in Bleasby and is a volunteer on the GC Railway at Loughborough and they have a band, too. Paddy Flynn was a good mate a
  19. Mick Malby or Franks - thanks for that Lizzie - yes, it rings a vague distant bell now. You're probably right about Harry as well - I think he was a butcher at the time - but, of course, Alvin Lee of the Jaybirds, and later Ten Years After, had the real name of Graham Barnes - could there be a crossover here? I believe he lived in Woollaton and went to Glen Bott - is that right? Leo Lions was the bass player for both but Clancy (Dave Quickmire) the superb Jaybirds drummer refused to join Ten Years After. Clancy plays/ has player in various recent Nottm bands including the Beatmen - as they
  20. Ha ha, I'll have to put a proper photo up. M
  21. Will do KatyJ MargieH, I travel through Ely quite often by train on my way to Nottm. I also worked that line a lot when I was working as a guard on balast trains near Prick Willow and Queen Adelaide. Give me a wave sometime, if your near the track, lol.
  22. Does anyone else either remember this or, possibly, know what it could all have been about? Had it had any formal 'organisation', it could have been described as gang warfare but it appeared to have been every man for himself....
  23. I earlier referred to the Vic as being the closest thing to heaven on earth for me ; there was one particular lunch time, however, which was closer to hell... Things had started off quite normally except for a guy of mixed face (may I use that terminology?) who was walking round swiftly in an agitated manner. Suddenly he reappeared in the middle of the dance floor, shouting, with a very bloodied nose that, it would seem, was a given signal for things to kick off big time. It was a veritable free for all and there seemed no two sides in the 'dispute' - anyone and everyone was launching out and
  24. So am I, Michael, so am I - the pleasure's all mine, believe me, but very kind of you to say. My only worry is that, with so many pent up memories to unleash on the world, I'm at serious risk of monopolising the threads. Stop me when you've had enough...
  25. Bless you, MargieH. Are you still local to Nottingham? Although I'm in Norfolk now, a large part of my heart remains with Nottm in the 50s and 60s