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  1. Moody cow


    The pub that been closed a while in Carlton on Tesco’s land has been being pulled down this week. Seen it other day.the Windsor castle pub. Is no building anymore . What will be put there I wonder...more car park space for Tesco??
  2. Planting load s at work mostly geraniums an begonias . Still got loads to plant we have.
  3. Been stripping bedding out of flower beds at work. And we ll be digging beds over ready for summer bedding plants
  4. There is now a cafe open on the arboretum soon as you get inside Waverley st gates its the lodge house
  5. Yesterday took me and me mam to seaside for day was lovely.
  6. Busy day today at work making sure park tidy . No litter etc.. as it was judging day . Green flag judging today. if we do alright we get a new green flag for the park raised on the flagpole. Flagpole is near top gate of park ,on Waverley street/arboretum street.
  7. Cos every so often I’m moody and me mam tells me off. hence the name moody cow
  8. Been busy pruning shrubs at work .. Each night at home so far this week had roadworks going off outside our house u can t go out from 8 pm til 6 am
  9. Happy mother’s day to my lovely mam x.
  10. There was a pub outside arboretum park gates on north Sherwood street.just next along” sir Charles Napier” think it now a house or flats. Not sure how long it had been a pub. And there was one at bottom end of Sherwood streeet “Newcastle Arms” I think that’s now most likely student flats.opposite the new hot yoga place on corner. know they were open til a few years ago as passed them on way to work.
  11. Work trying to blow leaves but we had give up as too windy and wind kept changing couldn t make leaves go where we wanted.but nearly all done on park . Next pruning.....
  12. Wasn t allowed to go in usual gate to work on Waverley st today.a section was cordoned off.with police .i had to ask the policeman how could get into work ?was told arboretum park was stil open .but would have walk in another gate and park car on a side road til cordon lifted which was just before dinner..seems been an incident.. we heard someone had robbed someone been chased by police and tazered we heard wether true or not