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  1. Don't worry about the lateness NewBasfordlad, or anyone else, it is the thought that counts. You were with us in "Spirit" weren't you? Ha! Ha! In fact, I think that we should do this toast thing once a month, a communal "Toast" to us all. What does everyone think? Maybe the first or the last day of the month? Put your thoughts or suggestions here please? We have some more good news about our Son, he received a letter yesterday to say that he had been awarded PIP. It means that he will be able to get more Support Hours from the Team that is being put together by his Support Worker, which wil
  2. Good Evening Everyone, Hic! Hic! We had a wonderful Toast, It's great to know that you are travelling this road with us you are with us in "Spirit" Ha! Ha! Echo x
  3. Dear Everyone, Thank you once again, you are all wonderful. We are going to raise a glass tonight at 8pm to "New Beginnings". Maybe you could all raise a glass with us at or near the same time, because it is through this site that has made it all possible & would not have happened without you. Robbie, the Whitaker's & yourselves - everyone has moved mountains to make it all possible. Echo's Family & Friends. x
  4. Hello Everyone, Thank you to you all for your very kind & caring comments & well wishes, they mean everything to us. We cannot wait for our Son to read the latest ones from today? We know he will be very touched. You are all so very kind. It is touching to read your words too Robbie about the fact that he is a "Gifted & Talented Horseman" & about how "His skills didn't go unnoticed by the Whitaker's". I know that I have told you before, but for those out there that read this. Our Son is 43 yrs of age & when he was a young boy was told by a Psychologist that he would never
  5. Dear Everyone, It is with great happiness & joy that we report some fantastic news to you. After his work Trial, at last we can say that our Son has greatly impressed the Whitaker's in both that of his experience of "Working With Horses" & being a valued member of the Team that he has been working with since 24th July 2015. So much so, that he has been given a permanent job by them, which he is ecstatic about. Today is the First Day in his new permanent position at the Whitaker's. He told us that he adores working there & that he even Loves the mucking out & that everyone
  6. Thank you for your lovely comments, good wishes & likes. I am beginning to mend & I need to take it as easy as I can for a while. but at least I can spend more time updating you all & reading your blogs too. Keep the comments coming please, it keeps up our spirits. We have just received a message from our Son to say that he hasn't as yet been told that he has been offered a job, but he was told by a member of staff that they will "see him on Friday". So until he hears formerly that they are keeping him on, we don't feel that we can celebrate yet. But, in our heart of hearts, we ar
  7. Hello everyone, So sorry that it has been such a long time since I posted a message. It seems that with all the worry & hard work, official appointments& the mileage that we had done over the course of 6 months sorting out things for our Son, that I had not been looking after myself too well & made myself very poorly. I was released from hospital today. I had to make sure that I was home for the last day of our Son's Trial at the Whitaker's. It wasn't confirmed to us whether it was a 4 wk trial or a calendar month & we didn't like to ask. As our Son said, it doesn't matter, be
  8. Dear Bilbraborn, Thank you for your lovely words. Yes, I agree. Echo x
  9. Don't worry, I have not & will not disclose her name. The name of his employer & the business will be kept a secret & not disclosed here.
  10. Ok, but I wasn't going to anyway & I haven't named anyone. So hope everything is ok.
  11. Dear darkanza, Thank you for your very kind words, they are comforting. How strange that your Daughter had her experience at the same yard as our Son will be at. We wish your Daughter every success & happiness in the career that she has chosen. We will do our best to make sure that his current & soon to be ex-employer gets her come uppance as you say. We agree with you & that life is Karma (sorry if this is spelt wrong) & what goes round comes round. We will do our best & work with the authorities to make sure that the "powers that be" do stop her. People may wonder how s
  12. Dear hippo girl, We can't do that, but we are sorely tempted. He hasn't resigned yet & we do not want her to get wind of what we are doing & put him in danger. Nor nor do we want her to get a tip off of what is to come or she will try & cover up. Some wheels are in motion & the cogs turning. Authorities know about what she has been up to & we have been informed that because he is classed as a vulnerable adult & what she has been doing is illegal (which we do know) that they are going to investigate her "activities". We want him out of there & for her to be investig
  13. Dear Mick, Yes, he is looking forward to putting this terrible part of his life & that which will become his past, away where it belongs & is thrilled to be looking forward for once. There is light at the end of the tunnel that he's in - At Last. Echo x
  14. Dear Michael, Thank you so much & yes we agree with you. Our Son is looking forward to working in a better environment with people who will appreciate his skills & hard work with horses & not looked down on him because of his learning disability & what he can't do. He cares about people & animals & treats all with respect. He just wants the same back & cannot understand why his employer doesn't do that because he hasn't done anything wrong. He will be out of there very, very soon & I will post an update to let everyone know when he has left & how he gets
  15. Dear Carni, This will make a massive difference to all of us, & yes, peace of mind too. I think we'll even sleep better from now on. Thank you for your lovely words, they mean a lot. Echo x