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  1. Agreed: that is rotten luck. Getting closer though.
  2. Does anyone have any intel on Prestwick you could share, please? Chippies (especially ones with good mushy peas, a Nottingham speciality I recall), sights, anything.
  3. I Many nice day trips in Weston super Mare, but beware that beach which I nearly sank into once, trying to get to sea. Imagine drowning on the beach, not even the sea!
  4. The Playhouse Bar is/was separate from the theatre. I don't recall any freebie dispensers, just rows of bottles and some above-average seating. But my memory is hazy!
  5. Well, I'm still waiting for Barcelona to sign me up. Have been for 40 years and counting...
  6. I live only a few cabers' tosses from the Falkirk Wheel. Wonder of the modern age, to be sure, to be sure...
  7. Sorry, didn't know you didn't support Forest--not a preposterous guess on Nottstalgia, albeit Notts County is the team with a longer history....
  8. Nice mask, Beekay. Do you you think Forest will be promoted?
  9. Hmm. I used to spash on Brut 33 and I hung out in the mid-70s Playhouse Bar!!
  10. I read some ballet dancer said it's good to have a good stretch now and then; took their advice.
  11. This is the one thing about Nottingham I am ashamed of: it introduced the first workplace parking fee. Now Scotland has passed legislation modelled on it. But in the real world, occupied by real, working people/couples not by well-heeled, taxi-toting councillors, driving cars--and therefore parking them--is often essential. Cars are and should always remain part of the transport mix. Oh, and they emancipated the working class too...
  12. I wouldn't be surprised if that is true [that Clumber Street is the busiest pedestrianised street]. I remember its being incredibly busy, the main route, and small, between the market square and the other side of town.
  13. Ned Ludd was one of Nottinghamshire's 'folk devils', in the Robin Hood mould. Will try the email trick you mentioned, thanks.