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  1. #38 Hiya nonnaB. I wonder if your paternal grandfather knew Stan Laurel, he was from Ulverston.
  2. #564 I'm still looking LizzieM. It's just that Carnie keeps getting the better images.
  3. Hats off to the bloke. I don't think my Raleigh racer would have stood up to that.
  4. Was it ammonia? I remember an aunty doing my grandma's hair and it used to make my eyes smart.
  5. I wonder if Trent college, in Long Eaton, remembered one of their former pupils?
  6. Today is the centenary of the death of Nottingham's Albert Ball.
  7. I've just been watching the peregrine chicks being fed. There's just a pigeon's head left in the nest box. It's enough to give 'em nightmares.
  8. I think I'll stick with the old trick of standing facing into the wind, I find that smooths out a few wrinkles.
  9. I notice that I've got A and B buttons on my gas smart meter. Do you think if I push button B I'll get my money back?
  10. Nice picture there Carni. I'd just been looking and noticed the egg shell in the top corner.
  11. I remember somebody driving a lorry loaded with coal down Lascelles Avenue and failing to negotiate the sharp bend at the bottom.
  12. I lived on Lascelles Avenue, now that's a steep bit of road.
  13. Maybe it's the "hydrants" that have been spying on us... Somebody should look into it.
  14. I've just got the webcam to work and managed to see the eggs.
  15. I thought that they could be the base of a water pump, the handle could be locked off using the loop at the top.
  16. Are the Falcons back? I can't get the webcam working.
  17. A few years ago my elder brother told me of one occasion when he and one of his mates were walking back home from the Broad Oak pub when a man dressed to the nines including top hat and cape walked between them and bid them "Good evening gentlemen". They both ran off home and when they met up again next day at the pit asked each other if they had both seen the same thing.