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  1. I used to work in the chip shop on Summers Street, the owners' son was friendly with the lads who worked in Pete's and we all used to go to the pictures. We had a cafe part to this chippy, I used to put all my tips in the juke box. I worked there until my dad decided I was ignoring my school work so came up and dragged me home. I was mortified!!
  2. I went back to Kinglake Street (well, Place as it is now) tis weekend to show my daughter where she spent her childhood. Oh my, changed beyond recognition. My parents ran the shop opposite the school from 1966 to 1975. I think I can remember someone posting a photo a couple of years ago - can anyone help me please as I would love a picture to show her.? Apologies if I am using the wrong forum - please let me know!!
  3. When did the hospital close please can anyone tell me? I had my daughter there in 1974 but can find no reference of it being a maternity hospital? At the time there was also The Firs and Peel Street, not sure if the City Hospital was used as a maternity unit as well. I have been away from the site for a couple of years - so glad to have managed to get back on!
  4. Hi OrphanAnnie


    I've just found your post (from 2013?) about the Bier Keller on Queen's Bridge Road, I'm researching that site - the car park, the factory and all the other businesses that were once housed in this amazing building.


    I know that Burnhams was making nightwear for Marks & Spencer in the factory at the back of the site. And I've seen building plans from 1967 which show that there was supposed to be a car show room - do you know if ever opened as one?


    You say you worked at MFI. Do you have any memories of what the building was like when you worked in it? And which bit of the building was the MFI bit (was it the same bit that housed King's Furniture until recently)?


    I'd be really grateful for any information you can provide - no detail is too small to be of interest to me.


    They're going to demolish the whole site soon and I for one shall be very sad to see it all go.


    Many thanks in advance.


    Best wishes,


    Jayne (aka Greyhoudgirl)

    1. OrphanAnnie


      Hi Jayne, sorry for the delay in replying as I have been away.

      Anyway, the Bier Kellar building used to house Social Services.  I was working at MFI in 1974/5 - I was living on Kinglake Street at the time.  MFI was the bottom floor of the building, there was a small filling station opposite the front door and a multi storey carpark above.  I remember Burnhams factory being there but don't know what became of it. There was a street called Queen's Grove just off Queensbridge Road, with the Grove pub on the corner.  I think Furse lifts was a bit further down. There was Traffic Street, with Redgates pop factory and then Waterway Street before Kinglake Street.


      MFI showroom went through to the back of the ground floor, the back doors opened up by the side of the canal.  I remember the lads mucking about once and lowering a row boat onto the water. As it was a furniture store it probably did become King's - we moved out of the Meadows when it was being demolished and when I returned a few moths ago it had changed beyond recognition!


      Cliff Ton is a mine of information and seems to be able to conjure up old photos, he may be able to help if he hasn't already.  

      Good luck with the research, hope this helps? 


      Annie :)

    2. Greyhoundgirl


      Hi Annie


      Thanks so much for your reply. That's really interesting and helpful.


      I just have another question - there's a level below the former King's furniture shop, which is on the same level as the entrance to the car park. The building plans show that this was supposed to be a car show room. Do you remember if it was ever used as one? If not, can you remember what it was used for during your MFI time?  


      Thanks again for replying.


      Best wishes,



  5. I've missed something - been poorly a few days! Do the last ten topics come up still or do I have to scroll down to see which is most recent? Would hate to miss someone's birthday or any other burning issues
  6. Whatever happened to disposable cameras when you just pointed and pressed the shutter? Or the good old polaroid - instant results though it was a bit bulky to cart around!
  7. Belated felicitations Chulla, hope you enjoyed all the stickjaw goodies!!
  8. Recently turned 63 and still another year before I can have a bus pass! You're as old as you feel, and when you stop feeling you're old..... My husband is 2 weeks older than me
  9. When I lived by Beeston Marina I was walking home when several policemen on motorbikes came past, very slowly, followed by a limo and more police at the back. I thought I recognised the car's occupant so tapped on the window and waved. Wonder I didn't get arrested - saw on the news later that it was Princess Anne visiting Plessey and using their helipad! Also working at the old Queen Street post office we used to get various personalities who were appearing at the Theatre Royal coming in. I served Brian Rix, Rod Hull and Alan can't remember who was married to Diana Dors amongst others.
  10. It's not a senior moment Ian, it's now a CRAFT moment - as in Can't Remember A Flipping Thing.......
  11. You rarely hear passengers on buses saying to the driver where they are going - not round here anyway as it is a flat fare - they just plonk down their £2 or show a pass. They are usually engrossed with their phones anyway! It fascinates me on my way to work in a morning - I pass the journey counting the number of 'silent' travellers. I look forward to the day someone realises they are on the wrong bus............
  12. My maiden was Thomas - can't get more Welsh than that, yachi da boyo!!
  13. Too true Benjamin, and they don't bother with christenings either! My gran was very superstitious and wouldn't have an 'unchurched' baby in the house.
  14. The vicar at that church refused to christen my daughter when I admitted I was a single mother! Talk about 'suffer little children to come unto me'. I took rather an ungodly delight in seeing it demolished...........
  15. #1 there was a very lucrative phone box near the fire station on Tamworth Road in Long Eaton! As a Brownie we had to keep 4d in our uniform pocket for emergencies.(along with other items such as safety pin and piece of string) I expect cub scouts had to do the same? Then it went to a tanner I believe or was it a threepenny bit?