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  1. A few weeks ago I posted a little rant about the Arboretum - because I care about it - and just asking if anyone had any ideas. In reply I got: - told I didn't care about it when I didn't log on for 2 weeks (didn't know that was a requirement of the forum) - told to calm down - told the person who told me off was a "nice person" and I shouldn't be rude to her (errrr.. pot/kettle?) - told off for introducing homophobic comments - that person should go back and read the thread, it certainly wasn't me, it was a sidetrack from my conversation ...etc.etc. (You'll notice I haven't sunk to those members' level of personal attack) So well done everyone, that's me done with your forums, where you can be attacked anonymously for posting a harmless, concerned comment. Health-wise I don't need this. Enjoy dissing me now I'm logging off ... some of you seem to be experts
  2. DavidW you are soooooo lucky!!! I would die to have seen the real Tops!! Too young, but my first record I bought at 11 was Motown Chartbusters Volume 3. I can't work out why though as it was 10 years old then??!! I can still sing you every track that was on it... when a record is on the radio I automatically start singing the nexxt one from that LP! This old heart of mine... into... a rose for my rose.. I just re-watched a cheesy show called the Nation's Favourite Motown songs, and as well as all the Tops ones I just can't get over David Ruffin's voice on My Girl.... Ain't too proud to beg is one of my fave's too. :-))
  3. Well why post such a thing? Is there a contract that you have to post every day like you to use the site? I don't think so.
  4. I shouldn'teven reply to such a catty post, but fr your information I have just returned home from hospital. Happy now?
  5. Oh dear, I was all thrilled to see 21 replies to my Arboretum post- yes! someone cares, I thought! And what is it? One post and all the rest hijacking it to have a go at Gay Pride!!! Get your own discussion! Just goes to show that no-one does care about that beautiful park, don't compare it even to the Embankment - there is nowhere else of that quality & content and no-one is helping the poor gardeners one bit. Shocking!! Only reply if you have a plan of action please! (And not on gay issues! ha ha)
  6. I'm new to the forums, gone a bit mad posting tonight as you will all see!! However, I thought it may be the place to "vent" my anger about what is happening to the beautiful Arboretum. I am there most days with my dog and in the past few years it has just gone downhill so much (well, it's uphill in places too, I know! LOL), the things you see make you want to cry. The flower displays are gradually disappearing, last year the flower garden next to the Bell Garden beds were filled in, and this year there was no flower display at the entrance on Waverley Street. This is obviously due to cuts in the Council's budget, both of gardeners and materials, and I'm not going to have a go at them, as heaven knows you can't make a case over the money going to social work or whatever. Whatgets me is that the poor gardeners are rubbish collectors now, and it breaks my heart on hot summer days to see the quantity of mess left for them to clear up - not their job! Don't get me started on all the Barbeques burning the grass! What is needed is a police presence - again, budget cuts. I spoke to a policeman the one time I saw one this summer, we were both looking at a load of pot-smoking youths sitting under the Chinese Bell, he said "the railings should go up again but the Council won't do it" his words, not mine! I can't see why the community police can't wander through regularly, but then they don't have enough power to stop anything. Overnight campers, no toilets so people ****** in the bushes, trees destroyed by dogs... you name it, this is our only city park and it's not going to be a beautiful haven much longer... OK that's my rant over! Any ideas anyone??
  7. P.S. In reply to all the comments on the delightful new front of the Vic Centre (NOT!) Intu was prohibited from changing the original concrete building, all they were allowed to do by planning was add a facade over it. So blame the Council instead! (No, I don't work for Intu by the way! Just know people in the field and have followed the case.) But will the Emmett clock come back now it's a space for fashion shows?? Hmmmmm.....
  8. Hello Folks. I've been following the Vic Centre/Broadmarsh developments for a while with some "insider" knowledge! Firstly, the image of the Broadmarsh is the original proposal and when (if?) it ever goes ahead Intu are planning a much reduced scheme. You can't blame them, the original 300 shops, covered streets leading almost up to the station was unfeasible once the recession hit, and personally I don't think Nottm could sustain it. All well and good - anything to improve the eyesore of the present Broadmarsh. And exactly what are the lovely features which will be destroyed according to those on this thread? The grotty, empty and decaying former shops all around the Carrington Street/Canal Street junction??! More worring is Intu's grip on city development now it owns both centres, it is in control of the city centre's development to it's own time-frame. They have announced that once the initial phase of the Vic Centre is done next year they will move on to Broadmarsh and then eventually back to extend the Vic to the north... economic conditions willing... by about 2020. Meantime, Nottingham is left without a decent shopping centre of any size. MM