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  1. Thank you for the welcome. I am an archaeologist and historical researcher working in the city, so will try and answer any questions members might have about the city's past.
  2. It can be bought from the following: Or Amazon or other online book shops. Waterstones on Bridlesmith Gate should still have some copies.
  3. Speede's map of Nottingham is very accurate. It borrows heavily from the 1609 map produced by Bankes but it is much more pleasing to the eyes. I have laid the 1609 map, and Speede's map over a modern day OS map and most of the streets on the old maps correspond with the modern day streets (except where the Ice Centre and Broadmarsh Centre have destroyed those streets). You have to manipulate the eastern half of Speede's to make it fit but it is still a very accurate map, albeit stylistic.
  4. The Local Studies Library has a fantastic quality copy of this map, much much better than in Deering and anything you can find online. Thankfully I have a copy of it at work and every time I look at it I see something new. By the way, the map dates to 1744, not 1748.
  5. They were formed in 1949 when arguments within the Nottingham Archaeology Society led to this new group being formed. They initially undertook excavations of the caves at Nottingham Castle and later undertook excavations of other caves, most notably the Moot Hall caves. If anyone has any other questions about archaeology in Nottingham do get in touch with me. I have worked on many research projects in the city and am author of the book 'Nottingham: the Buried Past of a Historic City Revealed'.