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  1. Today I sat outside as the weather was a bit cooler and after some time I felt something tickling my knee. I kept touching and scratching but it kept on irritating. So indoors I went and examined my leg and trousers, nothing was there so back outside and it started again this time on my shin. Rolling the trouser leg up I saw something sticking out of the seam . It was a baby lizard. We have loads of them at the moment and they get in everywhere….but not up trouser legs.
  2. How sad, she suffered with the same things years ago and i thought she was finally clear. Finally at peace , my condolences.
  3. Yes PP there are a lot of inconsiderate cyclists. Here there are many cycling events and as usual there is the odd few that absolutely refuse to go in single file. On some of out narrowest and hilly roads they either get in line or they go in the ditches or send the car rolling down the hill. I think the course here is challanging for them and think while i'm struggling the motorist must get out of the way.
  4. nonnaB


    Lucky you Phil we have to move a few steps as the tree is outside our front door. the 2nd crop is well on its way but not picking any amount as yet, still figs for breakfast cant be too bad.
  5. Think sometimes insects and animals are more entertaining than humans. Only sometimes though.
  6. nonnaB


    A couple of hours ago my Bil phoned to ask us to go to his house to have lunch. Everyone bring something and we’ll all eat together. This was at 11 am. Sunday isn’t a day typically of roast but whatever we have and how we feel. Ok let’s see what we can do in a couple of hours. My husband started the cook 2 kg of mussels that we bought frozen yesterday. Not one was good so being packed up cooked for the shop to see them. However one sister did pizza , another marinated meat, another stuffed peppers. We took 2 bottles of wine others beer and salame. In some way we all ate in company all 12 of us
  7. Things CAN be done in a hurry. Glad to hear that.
  8. Rob apart from having my tonsils out and have stitches in my chin when I fell off my bike, I’d never been in a hospital until I came to live in Italy. I seemed to have everything wrong with me from knee op to major ops . But I’m here to tell the story so don’t worry it’ll be ok.
  9. Mimosa here around march. As Jill says fruit trees are laden . Our fig produced its first crop and I wish I’d kept a count of how many kg we picked. Now the tree has been resting a bit and we now have our second crop on its way . We’ve already picked about a couple of dozen and it’s still loaded but the odd yellow leaf shows itself. The acer has been a sorry site for ages but it was the same last year but it starts it’s new leaves early. All our border plants are slowly drying out and flowers I’ve just let them fade away , I couldn’t keep up with watering them 2-3 times a day. The only ones su
  10. Rob I know the feeling. It seems we go to the moon and back when all is going well then you’re taken back to earth with news you weren’t expecting. Hope you soon get an appointment with cardiologist to be able to carry on with your op. I wish you all the best.
  11. My boss had a caravan at Trusthorpe and I sometimes went with her on our closing day.
  12. I never went to Skeggy until I was about 18 and belonged to a hiking group. In my life I’ve only been twice. Have I missed anything?
  13. nonnaB


    It’s so simple , boil potatoes and onions in their skins, when cooked skin them whilst they are hot ( I like skin on potatoes) and add a good dollop of olive oil and a splash or two of vinegar then mix together add origano and buon appetito.
  14. nonnaB


    No actually it’s Valledolmo Sicily roots. ( patate e cipolle) My mother in law used to make it. Very tasty economic meal.
  15. nonnaB


    Today didn’t know what to eat. Did some shopping this morning but keeping some things back because I have plans for them . So out with the potatoes and onions in skins and voila’ onion and potato hot salad.