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  1. Pfizer vaccine is on its way next week. So it may not be long before we get them. Think we will get AZ one.
  2. No Phil not quite mastered that yet
  3. BK that's more like it, only I can't stand faggots. Good job we don't all have the same tastes.
  4. Yes I knew you were kidding and so do I like a steak and kidney pie . My daughter made a Guinness and steak pie. When she first put out her takeaway menu she thought very few would choose it because of the reputation Italians have of British cooking. If anyone says that to me I tell "them it depends where you go. If you go to a greasy cafe you can expect bad food. Choose your restaurants and snack bars well." Anyway she's had loads of compliments so it may have persuaded them to think again. To night we are have Cornish pasties.
  5. beeky, have you got no finesse. Maybe that's the English version.
  6. Shall I tell you what the Italians say about English food when they are in UK? Maybe not, might offend RR. You must have had plenty of "foreign muck" when you followed our restaurants all over Nottingham.
  7. It's going to be a good day today. Husband coming home after having to stay in another few days. Both son' and daughter takeaway were a huge success, sold out everything. English steak pie and english teatime treats and Tex-Mex Very pleased for them in this gruesome time .
  8. We were told vaccinations were being done by local gp's and chemists. I haven't heard of anyone that has already been vaccinated but now we hear that vaccine is being delayed and is in short supply by a few companies. It may go into a legal action against them.
  10. Sad to hear the death of Larry King. Apparently had Covid and cancer plus other complcations. I didn't follow him but still sad to see him go in that way.
  11. Gem , I'm so sorry to hear about your mum. You were lucky to have her near you in her last years along with your aunt . When my mum broke her femur she refused to walk , had 4 different carers and eventually went into a care home. Covid arrived and from when we went into lockdown we couldn't see her. Every time I go into the village I have to pass the care home and automatically my eyes go up to her room expecting to see the edge of her bed. We insisted to see her ( all precautions taken) the day before she died. Sad but glad we saw her although she was already in a coma. Gem you have been ve
  12. Almost every year here in the Mountains especially in the villages, flooding is always a problem. I feel sorry for these villagers but they clear up and start again waiting for the following year to have it again. Beautiful in the summer but don't think I could stay and live like that. Trouble is it's mostly the older generation and they don't want to move.
  13. I've liked the last few posts but can't show them, combination of iPad and new look site. Glad Siddha you have recovered well, keep it up and stay safe.
  14. Sad news this morning my husband ( in hospital) heard from his god daughter that her father had passed away during the night. I won't know anything else until husband comes home because phone calls to home are a bit noisy .
  15. BK sorry but they're all in the freezer. Now having to help my daughter and son with a couple of things they do for takeaway. This weekend my daughter has Fish n chips or Guinness steak pie and sticky toffee pudding. A tea time menu , an assortment of cakes / scones / shortbread/ ginger cake, lemon drizzle cake and Bakewell tart. Together with Assam tea or a bottle of bubbly. My son is doing a Texmex menu along with a margarita cocktail and a pecan cheesecake. Chicken marinated in beer and spices, jalapeƱo peppers, fajitas and no can't remember what else. Now it seems like the other restaurant