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  1. Tuesday I joined the ranks of the majority. I'm fine , started with a slight sore throat and feeling very tired. Went to bed early and slept almost 12 hours ( very unusual for me ) woke up with a headache which was probably due to sleeping too much. During the day I was fine but we both decided to test for covid. I haven't been out for a long while but we both tested positive. Husband had a slight cough on Monday. Anyway we are both fine no symptoms but Dr said no need to inform authorities as we had had our 3 rd dose. Just stay in and if you have to go out distant ourselves and wear ffp2 mas
  2. Carni so sorry to hear your problems, poor you they keep coming back to ruin your days. Hope you get sorted out very soon as you have to wait it can be very worrying. But keep your chin up and youll soon be joining in again with this bunch.
  3. Love fresh crabs, practically grew up with them. My grandfather used to go to Walney to catch them. He put them all in a sack and took them home where Nana had already a big pot boiling on the stove. Grandfather tipped them all out on the kitchen floor and we all scrambled to collect them and put them into the boiling pot. Along with prawns they were my favoutite and still are in any form, cooked, raw, in curry or spicy sauce. Having Scottish roots I love the bagpipes too, my cousin and his daughter both play. They live in Australia and most years travel up to play in the Edinburgh Tatto
  4. David forgot to add if they deliver your calendar your son may have to pay more because that’s only the delivery charge he will probably have to pay customs charge too.
  5. Yes it’s customs duty David. I was caught out a while ago I had to pay € 18.00 I ordered something from Amazon last week and didn’t realize that it was coming from Royal Mail until it was too late to cancel . Probably another €18.00 Im expecting another pack from UK but it’s a replacement item so I’m not going to accept it. So an item costing 66 £ plus € 18 is quite enough but then if I have to send it back myself it will be even more. So from now on no more items from UK. And look closely before ordering, I have prime so wasn’t expecting to pay above the price of the item. Very annoyin
  6. I should have had a blood test on Thursday . I usually have it done locally with occasional visits to Asti hospital. It’s always been on a Thursday but they’ve changed the day to Mondays. Fortunately my husband also had a blood test today and he took my appointment with him. When he returned I was told to go straight up as the hospital realised they had made a mistake. So I had to go out in the freezing cold and wasn’t very happy about it but as soon as I got to the end of the road I saw the whole range of mountains ( the Alps) bright pink. It was so beautiful and wanted to take a photo but t
  7. A few anxious moments this morning. My husband has had a cough the last few days and yesterday it was a bit worrying. This morning we both tested negative ...what a relief.
  8. Should have met a friend yesterday but had dental appointment, i rang her earlier to say I'll meet her next week.Both she and her husband have covid. They Had all 3 vaccinations. Husband goes 3 times a week for dialisis and his dr thinks he got it from the hospital. I have an appointment in Alessandria ( not my usual hospital) and I feel I want to cancel or at least ask for a spring appointment. We have a great deal of positives in the village so dont want to go too far. It seems everyone is coming down with it.
  9. Our grand children started back to school yesterday. They have to go into isolation. One child in each class positive. You tell me was it necessary to reopen schools.
  10. We also have a BP monitor its a Beurer and at the moment is used fairly frequently. My husband has high BP and high glicemic count. Both now under control. I had a frightening experience once when I went to have chemo. I had rushed for the appointment then couldnt find a parking space at the hospital. Consequently arriving in oncology I was a bit anxious. They told me to sit for a while and then took my BP still high so they gave me a tablet and had to sit for a while. Took it again and still high and at the finish I couldn't do the chemo so was sent home. Had to go back the following wee
  11. Trogg you are in luck. Lurpak is a bit difficult to find here but found some the other day. Our butter is very good but its unsalted. You DO get used to it though.
  12. My husband dedicated this song to me on the radio for our anniversary.
  13. Mentioned the early hotcross buns, easter eggs and fireworks today at lunch time. Waiting for it to sink in then my daughter asking me when I'm going to make some hotcross buns.
  14. There arent many of those sort of cooks left Jill. Good old fashioned baking you just cannot beat..
  15. These days we have to be very careful of those sort of emails. A while ago I ordered some articles from UK supposedly delivered in 2-3 weeks. They didnt arrive so contacted the vendor, wait they said until I was fed up with waiting and said I wanted a refund but they offered me that or a replacement. I opted for the replacement. It finally arrived ( the original) but had to pay customs duty on it. ( thanks Brexit) The items were expensive to start with plus € 18 duty. The replacement parcel has yet to arrive but I will not accept it so will RTS. I had been receiving at least 4 emails a