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  1. Barrie your post reminded me in our village at Christmas and new year . We have bingo in the church hall . Worn out cards with dried chickpeas as counters .It’s hilarious we have a bottle of local wine on the tables between 4 people and loads of unshelled peanuts. The prizes are as follows. Joints of meat, sausages, bottles of wine, chops, salami of various types and winter fruit and veg. One year we had nearly all the prizes and folks around thought we were cheating so upon request we changed cards and still won. We did divide the winnings up as no way could we have used everything.
  2. Exactly Jill but it’s not really reassuring is it
  3. Why reluctant if they have symptoms. It’s better to check don’t you think. Our drs are pretty good and quick . In fact we can ask the dr to do certain tests or exams even if there’s nothing wrong. We don’t have to wait if we e got a pain and he can’t give you anything to relieve it. We ask for an X-ray, an eco, an RM or cT scan. It may be the same in UK too but it’s reasuring if you have these exams without the dr faffing around. I have asked for many blood tests since I was dismissed after followup finished. s the hospital has done everything for me
  4. My husband has been grumbling about not being able to walk and getting tired as if he’s not strong enough to move properly. He’s had all sorts of exams and tests but not much has been found. Blood test don’t reveal anything new but today he parked the car in the drive and walked ( slight incline) towards the house , he had to sit down he was exhausted. The presumed outcome is that millions are effected by this and they suggest it’s caused by the covid vaccinations. His neice is a nurse and she told him there is a common connection between this syndrome and the vacs. It’s called Long Covid. Ha
  5. Today as was supposed to be stormy but all we got til midday was rain and cold then after lunch we had a video call from a cousin in Sicily. Bare chested and grinning like Cheshire Cat. It was 30 c in Palermo. It really made our day you can imagine cant you?
  6. A very happy Easter to everyone. Hope the weather stays fine. We can expect storms .
  7. I looked too with no luck but when we came to live in Nottingham ( dad had joined the police force) he found a house on Huntington still opposite the school. The only thing we learned was that a woman had died there
  8. Trogg our tip is like that the smaller bags like garden rubbish is diy but the heavier ones are either taken from us or carried away to a special corner( fridges , washers etc
  9. Wishing Jj all the best. We have 3 dogs of our own plus my daughters dog when she’s at work so know the worry and concern they sometimes cause. Our dogs bark a lot when anyone comes in but they soon settle down but one of my sister in laws doesn’t like animals that make a noise ( stay away if you don’t like them) but we had a get together meal and she came in with her ears covered and grumbled about them all through the meal saying if they were mine I’d have them put down. Well I exploded and asked her if her daughter was noisy everytime someone came in would she do the same thing. I regretted
  10. Not a good day for UK. Just watched the video of Princess Kate. Brave to post it now people will stop to say their pieces on her health.
  11. A bit like CAT IN THE COAL. Translated from Italian into German. My grand daughter told me . It’s very rude.
  12. Good for you DJ we’ve had glorious weather the last few days after so much rain. Next door are already in their pool . Our cover is a pool in itself, a hose pipe has been draining the water for 3 husband sits outside 5-10 minutes a day and already has started to tan. The only time I’ve sat out is this morning grooming the long haired chihuahua, she let me brush her half way then she jumped down and hid.
  13. Good film DJ we saw it quite a while ago and the repeat. Ends differently to how you think at the beginning. Lovely film
  14. What a day . Up until midday we had glorious sun shine and gradually ever so gradually it rained. We quite got used to this last week. However the rain got heavier and it stopped.Outside looking up and down the road it was like 2 different worlds. One side was black black clearly divided by the sun dazzling so bright on the other side it was weird . The combination had brought out the most beautiful rainbow which I will try to post tomorrow. Then this evening we have a violent thunder storm. I’m getting a bit concerned as we are on Orange alert.
  15. So sorry to hear or should I say see the news about your wife Trogg . No matter what it is , a serious illness or just a “ oh that’s hurt” or even a slight sniffle , if we care , we worry. I hope she is recovering well I’m sure everyone here will send her a hug. Keep us informed
  16. Thankyou to all who sent the kind messages.
  17. Not good today or yesterday . A year and a half ago my brothers youngest son died and the other day his middle son had a heart attack and passed away at 52 years of age. My thoughts are with their mum. She is strong but it’s a hard pill to swallow.
  18. After the “ heatwave” of the last few days , winter has arrived. There is snow near the mountains so it won’t be long before we get it
  19. Trogg wish her well and well for a speedy recovery
  20. You’re in summer Oz we’re in winter and near the alps so in theory it should be cold , cold as in at least 10-15 c below.
  21. Weather is crazy 22 c yesterday and looks like it’s going to be that again today
  22. I’m having problems with my back again . Saw Dr and he suggested another RM . I said something about having to wait a long time to get an appointment .He told me there was another cllic open in Asti that was very good and quick. He had taken his wife there the week before. Phoned, appointment made and went this morning arrived there about 9.30 with appointment at 10. At reception they asked for my health card and couldn’t find it but had my ID and they researched it and found it , gave me a form to fill in and before I even sat down to wait they called me by name and I was outside in the car b
  23. Onions must have taken or bought the shop after that. It was definitely Onions when we lived there.