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  1. Almost every year here in the Mountains especially in the villages, flooding is always a problem. I feel sorry for these villagers but they clear up and start again waiting for the following year to have it again. Beautiful in the summer but don't think I could stay and live like that. Trouble is it's mostly the older generation and they don't want to move.
  2. I've liked the last few posts but can't show them, combination of iPad and new look site. Glad Siddha you have recovered well, keep it up and stay safe.
  3. Sad news this morning my husband ( in hospital) heard from his god daughter that her father had passed away during the night. I won't know anything else until husband comes home because phone calls to home are a bit noisy .
  4. BK sorry but they're all in the freezer. Now having to help my daughter and son with a couple of things they do for takeaway. This weekend my daughter has Fish n chips or Guinness steak pie and sticky toffee pudding. A tea time menu , an assortment of cakes / scones / shortbread/ ginger cake, lemon drizzle cake and Bakewell tart. Together with Assam tea or a bottle of bubbly. My son is doing a Texmex menu along with a margarita cocktail and a pecan cheesecake. Chicken marinated in beer and spices, jalapeƱo peppers, fajitas and no can't remember what else. Now it seems like the other restaurant
  5. Varifocals are expensive. I've had them for years, got because the thought of having to keep 2 pairs and changing them all the time wasn't really what I wanted. My sunglasses are distance and it's a nuisance when I want to read something, although really sunglasses aren't needed at the moment cos I don't go out unless necessary and then it's just a walk down the road and I don't remember to put them on. Good news , tomorrow my husband is coming home. He's been up walking and the physiotherapist says he's going like a steam train. Ive been baking in the meantime, small Cornish pasties
  6. Many thanks Phil I will,pass it on. Last time he had his other hip,replaced he was active in a short time. The operation was in his groin instead of the leg. Apparently they don't do that op anymore
  7. My husband has just phoned me. He's had his op and is now in bed gradually defrosting. He had an epidural. I wasn't expecting to hear quite so soon so it was a surprise. Now he thinks he can do everything again as he used to......Noooo sorry you're going to stay put for a while your not indispensable. He should be home before the weekend.
  8. My daughter decided to walk to work this morning. 1/2 hr very frosty. Down the road she videoed 4 deer crossing the field. It's beautiful. Just lately on FB some people have been grumbling about them and wild boar crossing in front of their cars. My reply was for them to drive slowly and enjoy the site, it doesn't happen every day. Because of lockdown there arent any tractors or traffic to disturb them so they too are getting more adventurous. Tomorrow morning I'll go out about the same time to see them. I know we have quite a few round here but they're fairly shy. Those who are friends on FB
  9. I heard on the news last night that along with U.K. having record vaccinations that they were giving 1st vaccinations to as many as they could and it was delaying 2 nd vaccination. Which to me sounds about right to start vaccinating everyone. But didn't they say that the second On had to be given within 3 weeks? Difficult decision to sort it all out. Here they are just starting after medical staff and rest homes that the over 80's are to have their first vaccination.
  10. Our cases are going down , thank goodness today 8.824 an d 337 deaths. In Piemonte , 19 deaths and 400 plus new cases.
  11. That works to Phil but sometimes the lick the butter and spit the tablet out.
  12. Sorry to hear that Jill, it seems not a single family hasn't got someone with the virus.
  13. Margie that's what I wanted to reply to but you beat me to it. Well done Carni and Chris it's quite an achievement and you should be proud of yourselves
  14. Congratulations U.K. You are apparently a record breaker in delivering the vaccine. Keep it up .
  15. PP Sorry to hear about your grandson. Hope he recovers soon. I know it's worrying when the younger ones catch this virus, I was petrified when my grandson was positive and he had no symptoms. Keep us updated.
  16. Margie our friend lives in. Arbroath, he's had a difficult last few years and gradually through his stubborn attitude we sadly lost touch . We had lost his phone contact but we managed to get in touch with his daughter who is actually my husbands god daughter. We wanted to phone his daughter to ask for an update yesterday but she wasn't answering. We were very worried but eventually got in touch with her husband who said he'd contracted an infection but couldn't pin it down to why his temperature was up and down. We haven't heard today but it doesn't sound good. Our thoughts are always with hi
  17. Telephone call from Hospital this morning , covid test on husband is negative so he ready to go in for his op tomorrow
  18. I sometimes had to give my mums dogs tablets and it was easy. Open the jaws and pop the tablet as far back as possible close and hold the mouth and stroke their throat. BUT I can't do this with our dogs they struggle too much. It's ok if someone can hold them whilst giving the tablet but otherwise it's difficult to hold them and give the tablet on ones own.My husband doesn't like me doing that he prefers to crush and add water to give with a syringe. In any case it's better that they don't need them.
  19. We have just heard from a very dear friends daughter that her father is in hospital with covid and pneumonia. He is also suffering with Parkinson's disease. Absolutely shocked.
  20. A terrible thing to happen to anybody no matter who they are and what they do. The terrible thing isnthat if you hear a noise during the night what do you do? You investigate don't you? You don't expect someone to raise a gun or knife at you. There's enough violence in the world. Of course the family is " upset" but haven't the journalists got any sort of feelings for this distraught family. It annoys me when here as well when they a report a crime. Especially if someone has died, " And how do you feel" they say. How the hell do they think they feel. Sorry. I believe they've caught the aggres
  21. No BK it's not all ours. It's a group of old farmhouses., 6 in all but only 3 inhabited. The pool that stands out is our next door neighbours at the back of the house. Ours is at the front, it's not obvious as it has a dark grey liner. The car on the drive is my dil's the smaller house at the front is my daughters, the whits car pointing in is mine. If you look carefully you might see the cactus!