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  1. OMG that looks great!!!! Haven't had any in like 30 years or so. I used to live at the YMCA on Shakespeare St. We used to go down to the chip shop at the end of the block and get soem of this stuff late at night during the exams. Secret of our success☺
  2. I see - thank you Michael. I never went there - I did my O and A levels at Arnold and Carlton College of FE. I understand it no longer exists. It was an okay campus sitting on top of an absolutely breathtaking hill. The drop at the rear of the college must have been a good 500 feet or at least that's how I remember it.
  3. Thank you Sturge. Pardon me but I don't seem to recall CLW? Senility has set in☺
  4. I lived in Nottigham from September 1977 to July 1979. I was a student at Arnold & Carlton College of FE. I've been living in the US for the past 35 years. In Seattle the last 12 years. I still think of Nottingham with great fondness. I was 16 when I arrived and I was able to learn a little bit about life on those two years in Nottingham. Including meet my first girlfriend Jennifer Sloan. Oh God how I would give anything just to find out where she is and how life has treated her. Anyway very happy to have found this site. If you're ever in Seattle please give me holler.
  5. Anyone remember Guy Morris? He was a radio DJ and soemtimes I used to see him out at Babel's.