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  1. I was seven too DJ360. Don't think i've ever heard the song and certainly not heard of The Penguins before. I must admit that Doo-Wop is not one of the musical genres that I listen to often.
  2. Anyone watching the Olympics? I can't help feeling sorry for Japan investing all that money and no-one allowed to come and watch. There is always the TV or PPV/Streaming services The leader of the opposition has commandeered the TV and I have attempted to watch it but have now given up far too many adverts and talking heads and not enough sport. What is the coverage like in the UK? The stupid burghers of Brisbane have won the rights to bankrupt the city for the 2032 games. No one else was dumb enough to put in a bid. I hope that the experiences of this year finally puts an end
  3. Yes Beekay, I remember those and talking of extras we had a small paraffin heater that we used to light and put under the sump to keep the oil warm on the really cold winter nights.
  4. When did the chrome horn ring on the steering wheel disappear? I seem to remember the indicator switch being on the top of the steering wheel hub on some cars.
  5. DJ360, Kyu Sakamoto sadly killed with 519 others when Japan Airlines flight 123 crashed into a mountain during a flight from Tokyo to Osaka. It remains the worlds deadliest single aircraft accident. Caused by a faulty repair of a rear pressure bulkhead on a Boeing 747 SR after a tail strike some seven years earlier.
  6. Thanks Brew, Can you still park on any side of the road? Here in Oz you can only park in the direction of traffic flow and South Australian law says you must have your front and rear parking lights turned on any time you’re parked on the road at night (or when visibility is poor) and are more than 200m away from a visible street light or lamp. Strange as I have never ever seen a car parked with its lights on.
  7. I seem to remember that "Flowers in the Rain", great song, was the first record played on Radio One. Always liked Blackberry Way and Fire Brigade too.
  8. Good grief DJ360 I had totally forgotten about that one
  9. My Triumph had a light switch that you turned, the first click just turned on the offside parking lights to save the battery, second click all parkers and third click headlights Do you still have to leave your parking lights on at night in the UK?
  10. Not in my day, to get away from the Daleks all you had to do was go upstairs. The Cybermen however really scared the cr*p out of me!
  11. When I went to the local boys club in the early sixties, Let's Dance by Chris Montez was one of the few records they had along with this one.
  12. Hope there are no steps or stairs at the pub as the Daleks wont be able to get in and how do they drink a pint when they only have an egg whisk and a plunger for arms
  13. I agree with Brew. On our TV we have an endless round of press conferences from each states' premier and medical officers with the media asking the same stupid questions over and over again.
  14. Cases are increasing across Australia and we have nowhere near as many fully vaccinated as the UK due to a total fail by our federal government. We have closed our state to almost all others except returning residents and over fifty % of the Australian population is in lockdown. Amid all this, luckily, in Australia we only have 983 current cases with 128 receiving hospital treatment and 22 of those in ICU. Quarantine is mandatory for all people entering Australia. The rules of what can open and can't and restrictions on numbers is different in each state and I watch with interest the
  15. nonnaB, What is wrong with pineapple on pizza? it's yummo especially at the end of a hot day with a few beers. The trend here is for dessert pizzas, strawberry, banana and Nutella is one of the most popular.
  16. Doh! I get it now thanks folks. I have never heard them called that. You learn something new every day.
  17. DJ360 Blame the Canadians because according to Wiki the first Hawaiian Pizza was made by Sam Panopoulos a Greek born Canadian at a restaurant in Chatham Ontario in 1962. The name Hawaiian came from the brand of pineapple that he used!
  18. Thanks Phil, By vest carrier do you mean the body armour that has all those pockets that the police wear, the baby carrier or something else.
  19. Fascinating. Please tell us more Phil. I was always taught that James Watson Hendry invented the first screw based injection moulder. What enhancement or breakthrough did your company make?
  20. Don't even bother with the penalties. Just have the coin toss and be done with it.
  21. When I was doing my engineering course I was really good at working out the stress and stains around a point in a structure and whether a member was in tension, compression or a redundant member. Like much of what I learned I never ever used it whilst working.
  22. In the vernacular.... Give it some welly. Trying to stroke it just inside the post will not work with the athleticism of today's goalkeepers. Hit it so hard that if they get a hand to it it goes into the net with the ball.
  23. In summer we need a higher concentration to help dissolve and get rid of all the squished bugs, we never get frost so freezing is not a problem.
  24. A gazzillion pounds a year and still don't know how to take a penalty. Pathetic at all levels, players and coaches.