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  1. It is a BIG weekend for local football with two of the local teams playing for promotion at Wembley. On Saturday the Stags take on Port Vale. They drew 1-1 at Field Mill in October, lost 3-1 away in March. On that form Port Vale have to be favourites but I hope the Stags recent form holds them in good stead. On Sunday Forest take on Huddersfield. Forest beat Huddersfield 2-0 away in the league in September, lost 1-0 at home in December and beat them 2-1 at the City ground in the 5th round of the cup. It is going to be a close one and I hope Forest come away with the win that takes th
  2. Who remembers Monkey the Japanese TV series of the late 70s or Micky Dolenz of the Monkees fame in playing Corky in Circus Boy in the early 60s?
  3. Sadly all over for the Magpies with a 1-2 extra time home defeat by Grimsby Town. It is up to Forest and the Stags to fly the Nottinghamshire flag high at Wembley. Anyone going?
  4. Yes Jill, we have had reduced prices for a while too. Penfolds, the producer of what is regarded as Australia's premium wine, Grange, has started producing a premium wine in China for sale into the Chinese market. Not a good idea showing the Chinese how to produce a premium wine, look at how showing them how to manufacture electronics turned out.
  5. Yes Mary, I agree their Sav Blancs are quite good and I usually have some on hand, but given what China has done by increasing tariffs on Australian Wines I am giving our producers my dollars at the moment. China has also increased tariffs on many of our exported commodities so as far as possible I am consciously avoiding buying anything from China. It is a tough ask and does limit your choices but I am sticking with it. I don't drink Vodka so boycotting Russia is relatively easy, our biggest import from there is fertiliser.
  6. Iced coffee is far too sweet for my taste buy strangely as I get older I find my tastes are changing. For years I only drank "big" reds and was of the opinion that "white wine" was only good for sprinkling on your chips. Still love the big bold shiraz but currently enjoy a Riesling from the Clare Valley or a Viognier from the Eden Valley and a Hunter Valley Verdehelo.
  7. FUIC Farmers Union Iced Coffee is so popular here in South Australia that a local legend has it that it outsells Coca Cola by 3 to 1. The only place in the world where a milk based drink outsells Coke.
  8. A great 0-1 away win at Northampton takes the Stags to Wembley for the play off final. That's Forest and Stags there so Come on You Maggies.
  9. Definately a bit lucky, three missed/saved penalties. Sorry but are going to have to do much better against Huddersfield but here is hoping. Professional footballers missing three penalties to some extent shows what is wrong with todays game. Good luck to the Stags in their second leg against Northampton, it is going to be a tough one too.
  10. Wow Mary. You got to worship the cricket gods at the MCG on Boxing Day, something that so many Australians aspire to do. It is a fantastic stadium when filled to capacity. I put that on par with watching the Sydney Hobart yachts sail out of the Heads at Sydney, also on Boxing Day, from a vantage point on South Head with some crisp white wine or a beer and some prawns.
  11. It certainly was Mary1947 on my wives side of the family she had two aunts who played for Notts womens team one as a wicketkeeper the other as a bowler. They both worked at Players and lived in the Lenton area of Nottingham.
  12. I'd have to say it is the same for womens' cricket too Ben, played in the spirit it was intended to be and the female commentators are so much better than the old has beens telling war stories and ignoring the game.
  13. and sing instead of shouting and screaming and dressing up like pratts.
  14. Did anyone actually watch it? Anyone could have guessed that Ukraine would win with a massive sympathy vote regardless of the quality of the song. Don't know how good it was because I have not heard it. Australia in the Eurovision song contest???? A bloke in a costume that weighed 40 kg and a chain mail veil. Only seen bits on the news, it looked more like an old fairground freak show than a song contest.
  15. Good result for the Reds away against the Blades, should stand them in good stead for getting to the final Stags had a 2-1 win at home against Northampton might be a bit sticky for them in the second leg, good luck to them County, yet to play the final game of the season. I remember when the FA Cup Final was always the last game of the season. The game was nowhere to be found on FTA TV here in OZ. Another final settled by a penalty shoot out, what a load of ballcocks. Another Americanisation of our great game, wont be long before they introduce time outs for the morons with limi
  16. I think I have said before on here that if I were to return to live in Nottinghamshire it would be somewhere in the Trent Valley. We very nearly bought a house in Bleasby in the seventies but stupidly decided it was too far from where we both worked, Sutton in Ashfield. If we had bought it and stayed there would we have been locals too by now.
  17. Liked the theme from New Tricks Too, Memory Lane was my favourite character https://youtu.be/nKYTGENiqS4
  18. Dennis Waterman who was a household name in three long running TV series, as DS George Carter alongside John Thaw in The Sweeney, as Terry McCann with George Cole in Minder and Gerry Standing in New Tricks has left us this weekend aged 74., far too young. Whilst he is best known for those three roles let us remember all his other work too. I know someone will mention that he hit one of his wives, at least he was man enough to admit it, say he was sorry and that he should not have done it. He brought me a lot of enjoyment with those three series and New Tricks is currently showing on
  19. Disappointed that not one Notts club gained automatic promotion. So bring on the play offs County yet to play their final game of the season away at Maidenhead. They already have a secure play off place with games being played on May 25th and June 5th it is not yet clear who their opponents will be. Forest play Sheffield United away on Sat 14th May and at home on Wed 18th May. Stags play Northampton on Sun 15th May at home and away on Thurs 19th May. It is going to be a tough ask for anyone of them to gain a promotion place but here's hoping for all of them. I am a 60+
  20. Yes, I read it on a football website. The team finishing 3rd plays the team finishing 6th starting on Friday May 13th and 4th play 5th in home and away fixtures the two winners then going on to play in the final at Wembley on May 29th. By the time that is all over it will nearly be the start of the new season. I wonder which plonker thought this up. Oops i forgot its about money not football. Just promote the top 3 teams and get on with it.
  21. You don't have much choice out in the boonies as most regional radio station play lists are heavily weighted towards that genre. Can't put a name to any Cajun music, could you give me some examples please. I do however love the food, gumbo, jambalaya, boudin and crawfish come immediately to mind.
  22. Yes Rob.L it has cost them dearly. Does anyone know when and the format of the play-offs