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  1. I don't think I ever saw a Notts and Derby bus? I only remember the ones on those routes pictured being MGO.
  2. The Bedford SB was a front-engined forward control bus chassis manufactured on a ladder frame chassis from 1951 to 1986. Quite a long model life across 8 iterations, powered by just under 5 litre petrol engines up to 6 litre diesel units. I would hazard a guess that all of us on here would have travelled on one of these at some time during our lifetimes.
  3. Type O was the standard Bedford lorry chassis the OB was the bus/coach chassis introduced just as WWII was starting. The OWB was the stripped down wartime version of the vehicle. It replaced valuable aluminium with cast iron and the interior seats were timber slats with no upholstery. Production resumed after the war with very few changes. In total 12,693 were built. Some 180 are still in existence and can easily be identified by the classic transmission whine which was part of my youth travelling on the OB's.
  4. Orange Luxury Coaches of Brixham London merged with the George Ewer Group in 1953 This link gives more detail Windrush Square and Orange Luxury Coaches, Rushcroft Road and Saltoun Road, Effra Road, Brixton. Historical Brixton - old and new photos of Brixton, Lambeth, London, SW9 and SW2 (urban75.org)
  5. County - After conceding a goal in the 19th minute County come from behind to win 1-4 away against Scunthorpe to keep them top of the table, 1 point ahead of Wrexham who could only draw with York. That man Langstaff scored again taking his tally to 19 goals, just short of a goal per game. Next up away at mid-table Maidenhead. Stags - a last minute goal saw a 2-1 home win against relegation threatened Colchester United. Stags first home win since October 15th. It sees them back in a play-off spot. Goal difference is a worry if it comes down to that at the seasons end. Away at 2nd pl
  6. Little Lies was one of my favourites. The soundtrack of my youth gets ever quieter.
  7. When I heard that one it was "Hot, black and strong"
  8. mary1947, The Midland General "blue" buses had them too. The AEC versions were called Lowbridge buses. It was related to the height and clearances under some of the railway bridges. The passageway down the drivers side of the upper deck was lower than the seats and it filled a teenage males heart with joy (and other things) when a buxom clippie leaned over you to get the fares from the passengers near the windows.
  9. At our junior school the houses were named after the great estates/houses of the Dukeries. Clumber, Newstead, Rufford and Welbeck. Each one had a nominated colour but I can't remember which was which.
  10. Top work Plantfit. Those pictures reminded me that I have never been on a South Notts bus! What was the rail below the bodywork between the wheels for? Was it some kind of side collision protection device? I remember it being on many of the older AEC Regents but never on any of the Bristols from the 60s and 70s
  11. After reading your comments Alpha I am glad I emigrated
  12. Just seen an article in the Mansfield Chad about pubs that are doing three course Christmas Day dinners. One is advertised at 52.95 pounds per head. Is that about the going rate?
  13. I am a vegetarian, I eat animals that eat grass RR, For some reason I can never see the pictures that you post. What is in a vegan Sunday Dinner? Is it chickpeas and lentils pretending to be beef and how do you make proper gravy without the juices from the meat? I also don't understand why they make so much effort making meat substitutes taste like meat, is it so that us carnivores might want to eat it?
  14. We don't have that many motorways here in Australia but on those that we do have there are the same problems The law here allows you to overtake on the left if it is safe to do so and in a marked lane. After being here for 50 years I still don't feel comfortable doing it. The roads have "keep left unless overtaking" signs but they are totally ignored and never policed even on roads 5 lanes wide. Speed limits are only for some drivers, certainly not Audis, Mercs, tradie utes and never ever for white van men. I wish we had cats-eyes here like the UK. The little bits of plastic they sti
  15. Yes Alpha. In the pubs of my youth it was a Black Velvet, a stout and cider, not the Stout and Champagne and certainly none of that pouring over a spoon like an Irish coffee, just straight out of the pumps into the glass.
  16. County - No game today. Away at second from bottom Scunthorpe next Saturday. A Notts County team did lose 1-6 at home to the Stags in a mid-week game in the Notts County Cup Stags - After taking a first half lead against the Owls who are 3rd in League 1 at Hillsborough, they conceded 2 second half goals to lose 2-1. Substitute Michael Smith who came on in the 64th minute scored both Wednesday's goals. At home against lowly Colchester next Saturday. Forest - Still on holiday during the fiasco in Qatar
  17. In the seventies many pubs and clubs in Sydney had well endowed ladies wrestling in jelly. Not to forget the 80s "sports" of dwarf tossing where people with dwarfism wore padded velcro suits and were thrown at walls and mattresses or dwarf bowling where a person wore a suit with a handle on the back and was slid down a lubricated slide at bowling pins. Before anyone get outraged or offended it was done with the consent of the participants.
  18. To my knowledge for the first time ever in a cricket match, the final of the Womens Big Bash League Sydney Sixers versus the Adelaide Strikers at North Sydney Oval. Good light stopped play. At the change of innings the setting sun was directly in the eyes of the opening batter for the Sixers and play was delayed for 12 minutes to let the sun set at it was deemed dangerous to play in those conditions. Adelaide ended up winning the game and are now BBL champions.
  19. Yes MRS B a pint of mixed was a popular drink in the mining communities of Notts and Derbys
  20. I can't remember Butler Brothers having buses like KNN 875. Certainly remember travelling on their OB buses. Livery was light and dark blue. Trying to work out where that photo was taken.
  21. Can you still get a pint of mild?
  22. Just been reading this article from last August in The Gridiron it is about the 10 best craft beer pubs in Nottingham 10 of the best pubs and bars in Nottingham | Bars, pubs and clubs | The Guardian. When they talk about "elderflower tinged Pale Ale", "fruity pastry sours" and "spontaneously fermented sour beers" WTF are they on about. What in heavens name is a "blueberry and lemon sour radler" when it is at home. There is even a 12% chilli stout from a local brewery. I wonder if that has the same effect as a Shippos Has anyone on here tasted these strange concoctions?. If
  23. A guy who is attempting to do a video blog on every civil parish in England has done this blogonThurgaton. THURGARTON: Newark and Sherwood Parish #48 of 84 - YouTube I never knew that there was a landing field there during WWI. He is called The Village Idiot and his stuff is quite good. Interesting how he pronounces the name of the village, how do the locals pronounce it? I think I have finally decided that I would like to live at Fiskerton and walk along the retention wall to Hazleford and back for a pint at the Bromley Arms or via the Full Moon at Morton. Just had a lo