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  1. I am not a lover of opera, the sooner the fat lady sings the better as far as I am concerned. It may be due to the fact that it was pushed down our throats at school. It sounds like someone scraping their nails down an old glass blackboard to me with a lot of people shouting and screaming. It would not be good for us all to like and dislike the same thing, each to their own musical pleasure
  2. Still going wrong, another scoreless loss, this time at home to Cardiff City. I am sure Ben would tell you that the main objective of football is to score more goals than the team you are playing against. We have bought a defender and a goalkeeper most recently and if that bolsters the defence all well and good. If the other team does not score we will not lose any games but unless we start to score goals we will not win any games either. The upside is that the "Sheep" have not won a game yet but at least they have scored one goal.
  3. On a cold rainy day I get a lot of enjoyment and relaxation from that site, I am amazed at the content and variety of the puzzles too. Quite a few about Nottingham. I am a bit dubious about how people have done the puzzles in the times shown, they must be using the ghost image in the background which I think is cheating.
  4. My Old Man Said Follow the Van - Marie Lloyd ... Yay a threefer
  5. I remember the great Hong Kong Flu Epidemic of 1968-69 ..... All of a sudden .... nothing happened and we all got on with life largely oblivious of the 30,000 + that lost their lives I was too young to remember the Flu epidemic of 1957 which killed upwards of 20,000 people in the UK. SNAFU is an Army saying "Situation Normal All F***ed Up"
  6. I have been reading various UK on-line news outlets over the SNAFU that is Covid 19 testing in the UK. Do any contributors on here understand why its implementation is so inept. Media sources from both right and left of the political spectrum seem to be in agreement so there must be something fundamentally wrong. According to a local newspaper the only testing centre in the county is in Nottingham itself although at times there have been mobile testing stations used in the county.
  7. I agree Mess it is missing from the Byrds version but I find listening to the Dylan version quite painful.
  8. Yebbut, Call me a Philistine if you like but the original Dylan version does drone on a bit too long compared the Byrds version
  9. Here is a new release, a good idea however once open all my bottles seem to be self emptying.
  10. Keep at it WW. I have been messing about with a two keyboard electronic organ, which was a freebie from a neighbour. Got the melody reasonably OK slowly getting there with the chords but the bass foot pedals and putting it altogether are a long way off yet. I can do a passable version of Tom Dooley using the Banjo stop on the organ You can't mention Bluegrass without reference to both Earl Scruggs and the comedian Steve Martin, they are proponents of classical banjo style whilst notable clawhammer style players include one of my favourites Pete Seeger and the inimitable Billy Connolly
  11. The intro of Mr Tambourine Man is one of the classics you can clearly hear that trade mark jingle jangle sound The phrase was even used in the song..... "Hey Mister Tambourine Man, play a song for me In the jingle jangle morning, I'll come followin' you"
  12. Yes I understood that Nonna I was highlighting there was another way to use a syringe when it comes to wine The syringe would have to go below the surface of the wine to draw any wine up and would not create a vacuum however assuming no air gets in when the syringe is taken out there would be a slight reduction in wine volume in the bottle and therefore a small reduction of pressure in the air space above the wine. I don't know how much wine would have to be taken out for the outside air pressure to overcome the resistance of the cork and "push it in"
  13. Thanks nonnaB, I learned a new word as a result of your post enoteca, literal meaning "wine depository" They are more commonly called cellar doors here but some actually use the term enoteca. Many like yours offer a wine and food experience with the opportunity to purchase any wines you particularly enjoy. We have a syringe sort of thing that we use when the corks in older wines look a bit suspect. Like yours we carefully push the "needle" through the cork and then pump air into the bottle which gently removes the cork.
  14. The new season hasn't started well either losing 2-0 away at Dark Strangers and to Barnsley away in the Carabao Cup, yet again the ability to convert chances let them down.
  15. Synthetic corks were the thing for a while here but have faded from use. Ultra premium wines still use natural cork but the use of Stelvin screw caps are slowly creeping up the cost chain and if you talk to many younger wine makers they say that the screw cap is the only way to ensure that the taste of the wine stays the way that they intended. It will however be a long while before Penfolds Grange or Henschke Hill of Grace comes with a screw cap.
  16. Absolutely agree Jill but forget about the last three. It's easy for us as we live twenty minutes away from the McLaren Vale wine region, home of some of Australia's best reds. Red of course, white wine is OK for sprinkling on your fish and chips. It is a waste of land that could be used for more red varieties. Putting a sprig of parsley garnish on almost every pub meal is seemingly obligatory here in Australia and it is invariably the first thing that gets put to the side of the plate. Why don't they ask if you want it? If you are serving a few hundred meals over the day, the cost must add up only for most of it to end up as waste. I happen to like it after the meal as i find it quite "cleansing" and it apparently aids digestion. But am very careful not lo leave any green bits stuck in my teeth.
  17. Does he turn them all regularly nonnaB? It looks like they are all natural cork closures, I wonder how many will be spoiled by cork taint? I hope not too many.
  18. I'd do it all over again in a flash right up to where I am today and beyond I hope. From the sixties, the best music, no shortage of jobs if you wanted one, reasonably safe out and about and I am not referring to Covid. Cheap package holidays and always seemed to have a few bob left over after board, petrol and entertainment. The early seventies were years of uncertainty with the miners strike of 1972 and the three day week of 1974 were elements of my decision to emigrate in 1975 and fortunately I missed the winter of discontent at the end of the decade and the horrendous interest rates. From 1975 on it was life in Australia, working and playing hard. The birth of our three kids, watching them grow up and creating lives of their own. We now have grand kids who range from 6 to 18 and are enjoying it all over again.
  19. Interesting DJ360, a 6 bottle case would set you back 25 pound 61 pence equivalent here. Quite often you can get Australian wine cheaper in the UK than we can get it here but not this one.
  20. Another part of the film reel of my youth gone. Obviously best remembered as the leather cat suit clad Emma Peel alongside John Steed in the Avengers and the wife of a rather wooden James Bond in George Lazenby. She was so much more as her later work showed. RIP A fine Yorkshire lass.
  21. If the glass is either half full or half empty it is probably too big a glass
  22. Live as if you will die tomorrow but learn as if you will live forever - Mahatma Ghandhi Live Long and Prosper - Ishmael Spock of Star Trek Last but not least DJ360's tag line "The time has come, the Walrus said, to talk of many things" - Lewis Carroll
  23. Ben and metalwork who'd have thought it! Us and many others no doubt.