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    I always thought that "serry" was a different pronunciation of "sithee" as in "see you later"
  2. All together now, one, two, three Keep you mind on your drivin' Keep you hands on the wheel Keep your snoopy eyes on the road ahead (We're having fun sitting in the back seat kissing and a-hugging with Fred
  3. Another "Fred" Song for Ben Right said Fred, both of us together, one each end and steady as we go Tried to shift it, couldn't even lift it, we was getting nowhere And so, we, had a cup of tea Right said Fred, give a shout to Charlie, up comes Charlie from the floor below After straining, heaving and complaining, we was getting nowhere And so, we, had a cup of tea
  4. Ben, Bodega was a brand name of wine in the 70's and 80's here in OZ. It was part of a group of cheap wines called "Legopeners"
  5. I agree Mary1947 especially in the historical country towns here in Australia. Almost without exception they all have a war memorial and when you look at the names you see so many with the same family name. Also looking at the tiny graves of the children of those that died so young of diseases that are today curable. Many of these have no formal graves as their families could not afford a headstone or even a simple cross and are remembered only by a boundary of stones or just an entry in the church or cemetery records.
  6. During his time a Forest he did two separate loan periods at the Stags. Made a total of 16 appearances and scored 10 go0als, not a bad effort.
  7. I know what you mean Mary1947 my mum would only have to hear the Last Post and she would burst into tears. It was on this day in 1940 that her brother died of his wounds received in fighting with the rear guard during the evacuation of Dunkirk. At the close of every day at the Australian War Memorial they play the Last Post where the public is allowed to attend around the pool of reflection and remember those that made the ultimate sacrifice. Underneath the arches that you can see to the left and the right in the photo are walls upon which the names of all Australians killed in battle are inscribed.
  8. As a kid we nearly always had a fire as it heated the hot water in the "back boiler". As my dad worked shifts either he or mum would "bank the fire up" such that the house was warm and the fire stayed lit all night. At the time it was the only form of heating in the house and all the other rooms were freezing in winter. We have just started the winter season here, its a cool 15 deg with light showers today.
  9. Ooworreewi posted yesterday at 12:19am about some hi-fi stuff
  10. Yes Mary and I forgot to mention it is OK to play bowls, the club is about 5 minutes walk from our place and is right on the ocean side. Top wineries are only a short car ride too.
  11. South OZ Update We have only had 2 cases since April 23rd. The most recent being on 26 May that of a UK visitor who was undergoing the mandatory 2 week quarantine at the port of arrival into Australia. The visitor was allowed to come to South Australia 1 week into the quarantine period for compassionate reasons and tested positive after arrival. This being the only active case. So far, thankfully, it has not generated any further cases. We are still testing at the rate of 1600 a day and police continue to check on those that are self quarantining. Masks are not required but some are being used on public transport where it is difficult to maintain social distancing Things are returning to a new "normal", from 1 June restaurants, pubs, cafes etc can have a maximum of 80 people provided that the total number of people does not exceed one person per 4 sq metres and that 1.5 meters social distancing can be maintained for non related people. You do not have to buy a meal to have a drink but you must be seated at a table you cannot sit or stand at the bar. Professional sports have and are resuming without crowds and people are free to resume amateur sports but no sports or games with shared equipment. Keep safe and well everyone.
  12. Just sitting here having a new seasons Mandarin for lunch and as soon as I started to peel it the smell took me back to Christmas morning in the 1950's. The roaring coal fire, the frost on the windows and finding that Mandarin in the stocking along with the chocolate coins and the selection box. Pomegranates were always a part of our Christmas too, eating the ruby red seeds with a safety pin. Nowadays they appear on almost every salad
  13. Question 14 Didn't the Greeks keep Lord Byron's heart? I hereby claim my pint for a supplementary answer His dog, Boatswain, has a pretty fine memorial at Newstead Abbey
  14. It has been proven that the only time car owners refer to the manuals provided by the manufacturers is to change the clocks for daylight saving. Luckily for me in my car the time is set by GPS so it automatically adjusts for daylight saving and for time zones when we travel interstate. I do agree with DJ360 that getting the time on the microwave and oven which are above each other to show the same time is a pain in the ar$e.
  15. Maid Marians real name was Trudi Glen If you listen to the theme tune of the 60's TV series it tells you "Robin Hood, Robin Hood riding Trudi Glen"
  16. Australia reached a sad milestone today with its' 100th death from Covid 19 We should never forget that these along with the almost 36 thousand deaths in the UK, the 32 thousand in Italy and a total of 319 thousand across the globe were all someone's loved ones taken by this pandemic. Regardless of where or how it started we need to get to the root cause in order to prevent a recurrence. In our state we have no known active cases of Covid 19 and restrictions on our lifestyles are being further relaxed.
  17. I have just finished a jigsaw for the first time in years. It was not a "normal" one where each piece has 4 holes or rounded tabs but one with two holes or tabs on each side, Took me ages as for some reason I had difficulty easily recognising which piece was the logical fit to the other piece.
  18. Bugga you DJ360 that ear worm is now running around in my head. Dam, now it's woken up the other one that sings It's a "Small World After All"
  19. Been through many of those gates walking from Fiskerton to fish below the weir at Hazelford. Never heard the term kissing gates, we always called them clapper gates.
  20. A momentous day here in South Australia. We currently have no active cases of Covid 19. The last case reported was one person on 7 May. There had been no cases for 14 days before that and none since. Can we say we have beaten it yet? The firm answer is NO, as there are bound to be more cases surface as testing is now available to all who think they need it. We have tested over 75,000 people and currently testing around 1500 people per day. Police are actively checking those who are supposed to be self isolated and continue to issue fines. Businesses are being allowed to open but must comply to total distancing guidelines. Restaurants/pubs are allowed to serve meals to up to ten people but can do multiple sittings. Like nonnaB I wonder who came up with that magic number as ten people in our larger pub dining rooms and bistros would hardly cover the cost of opening the doors or more importantly keeping the beer cold. The restaurants, pubs and clubs are fully open in the Northern Territory but individual patrons can only stay for a session of two hours. Could go up there for a beer or two but would still have to self isolate for two weeks, hardly worth it.
  21. I've never heard that before either, I just thought it was slang for an idiot
  22. It's a very long time since I have heard the word "twerp". I will now embark on a crusade to re-establish its use. It is a very useful descriptive word
  23. Welcome Peter As a former toolmaker/quality/manufacturing engineer I know it is tragic but I enjoy watching any hi-speed packaging machine. It does not matter if it is a bottle filling line in a brewery, jar filling or automatic weighing and packaging in a food factory. Pick and place carton folding, filling and glueing etc. I enjoy the complexity and speed of which all the elements work together to end up with the finished packaged product. Having spent countless hours overseas commissioning tooling for automotive assembly I still find some of the clips on YouTube amazing.
  24. Can't disagree Notty Ash the Alexander and Massey bodied Daimlers looked very similar. What made me think Alexander was the straight lines of the bottom of the drivers window, many Massey's that I saw had a distinct curve on the bottom edge. I am working from a 40+ years ago memory of travelling on these as a kid. My favourite spot was downstairs at the front behind the driver and there was often a badge on the interior of who did the bodywork and interior. At one stage all I wanted to be was a bus driver.
  25. Perhaps as part of the restart or post Covid 19 they could limit the number of foreign players in each team to give more of the locals a go and who knows we may even have a core group from one or two clubs that we could build a decent England team around.