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  1. Ben, Affer, Trogg and Siddha, I'd be in that, might be a bit slower than last time getting up there. I just wish these brain dead anti-vaxer numpties would get themselves vaccinated so we could all get on with life. Remember walking around Snowdon singing Men of Harlech to these words... March up Snowdon With your woad on Don't give f*ck If you get rained or snowed on.
  2. Ben, another group called The Spinners with some fantastic shots of the UK. The song was all about the "Right to Roam". Written by Ewan MacColl I've walked and climbed in most of the places in this video. I really hope to see some of them again on one last trip to the UK. Stuff this bloody Covid, it is taking away time to do things before I get too old to do them.
  3. Yes they still are but way too expensive for my meagre means, they are actually Swedish. Their iconic 500C was legendary among pro photographers. I'll stick to my Nikon
  4. Skegness for us was only ever the pit trip or day trips as we got older. Mablethorpe/Golden Sands was for proper holidays. Always liked Scarborough
  5. Did you remember that song Beekay it was from 1956? It had 19 No's I had only five What about whistling instead of bagpipes?
  6. Not surprising Ben, some bagpipes sound like someone strangling a cat so they thought it might be their turn next so they legged it.
  7. Good choice My first record was a 75, Teddy Bear by The King. Loving You was the B side. Apparently it is worth the staggering amount of Five pounds 62p on e-bay
  8. Saw one of these Omeo "wheelchairs"? at the mid week races. I was impressed as it handled rough ground, fairly thick grass and transition between grass and paved areas without any issues. You use your balance to control movement and it is hands free with a range of 50km. Quite expensive and I wonder how long it would take to learn how to control one (photo from Omeo website)
  9. The owner of one of our major supermarket chains has taken to publishing video of shoplifters at their stores on line via social media, good on him I say. Now the bleeding heart snowflakes are saying that it is infringing the civil rights of the shoplifters FFS. What about the rights of the shop owners to not have their stock stolen. It seems that one dubbed the "meat bandit" only stole cuts of the finest Waygu or eye fillets. If these people get prosecuted, many only get a slap on the wrist even though they may be serial offenders and perhaps get a line in the local press if they get con
  10. Quince jelly with a strong bitey Cheddar yummo
  11. TLOTO and I had our first AZ injection yesterday, I am fine but she has a headache and aches all over. Very efficient, in fact I never felt the jab. We also booked in for our flu jabs next month and our second AZ dose in early August.
  12. Whilst working in in Detroit I took the opportunity to visit Hitsville USA, the Motown Museum. I have to say it was fanbloodytastic. It tells the story from the early days of Tamla. They had Michael Jackson's jewelled glove on display.
  13. Interesting that she played left handed with the guitar strung for a right handed player. I wonder how many lefties played like that?
  14. One thing that Ian did do on Nottstalgia was post about other places in Nottinghamshire not just the city.
  15. Beekay, I don't know why the had not seen one, Kent had its own coalfield with four substantial collieries, the last one Betteshanger closed in 1989. It was famous for being the only pit to go on strike during WWII. You could have taken them to Pleasley near Mansfield, you can still see the headstocks there. They have a museum and you can see the winding engines, it has a nice cafe and there are some lovely walks in the area. (Betteshanger Colliery Image from Northern Mine Research Society) http://www.nmrs.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/betteshanger.jpg
  16. I sort of learned to play my first guitar, a red Watkins Rapier, using Play in a Day Did you have a Lagerphone to go with your tea chest bass?
  17. That was the first car I remember my dad having.
  18. Some long forgotten train songs there DJ360 Freight train, freight train, run so fast. Bee-dee-dee-dee-bom-bom to San Fernando. Britain's skiffle king Lonnie Donegan did some great versions of classic American railroad songs. Here's one https://youtu.be/4jlE_rfw_14 The Wabash Cannonball. The video link thingy appears not to be working for me today.
  19. Beekay, There's nowt wrong with fish fingers, they make a great sarnie with lots of vinegar. Fish fingers, chips and baked beans is a "Tech Tea". When at tech in the early sixties our Wednesday day release course ran from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm. Tech drawing did not finish until 6:30 and we only had a half hour break until the next subject. It was not enough time to get to the pub for a pint and a pasty so we went to the canteen and at that time of day that was about the only choice.
  20. Radford Boy I think I saw somewhere that you can get a boxed set of The Goon Shows on CD and there are sites that offer free downloads. If the tape is OK do you still have something to play it on?
  21. Yes Brew, I wish someone would do that here, if you are over 50 you can now have the AZ vaccine even though not all in care homes, residents and carers have been vaccinated and neither have 70+ years olds. Pi$$ up in a brewery comes to mind on the way they have organised the jab roll out here.
  22. Didn't we have a luverley time the day we went to Skeggy ...............Not
  23. Yes, Dire Straits, Mark Knopfler, here he is with another guitar legend performing Going Home. Hank now lives in Perth West Australia.
  24. That's not the Nibbits I remember, the ones I recall were more like "French fries" in shape. Apparently Pom Bears from Morrisons and I assume other supermarkets taste very similar.