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  1. Those in the photo are Tromboncino pumpkins named for their shape.
  2. NonnaB are these the ones? (photo from Wikipedia) Called Butternut squash around most of the world but here in OZ and NZ are known as butternut pumpkin. Great for roasting and makes the best soup with a sweetish nutty taste. Or are they the type called Black Peanut?
  3. Still not the best newspaper site ever but streets ahead of the BBC Nottingham site.
  4. Forest's new manager Steve Cooper was asked how is sides' play would differ from that of Chris Hughton's team. He replied saying "Not like that, like this"
  5. Great photo, that one would make a great jigsaw Albert.
  6. Thanks Brew. I was at work then so I would probably not noticed. Problem solved.
  7. About half an hour ago an earthquake of magnitude 6, 10 kilometres deep happened in Mansfield, Victoria, Australia. No injuries or major damage has been reported. Walls have collapsed in Melbourne around 200 kilometers away. Back in 1991 a similar earthquake happened in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, UK. It caused 2 million pounds worth of improvements.
  8. Bacon is one of the essential food groups.
  9. Thanks guys, as I said I delivered the football papers from around 1962 and can't ever recall the characters on the banner. Like Mess I am now fascinated as to when they were phased out. More investigations needed.
  10. I swore off Sony products in the days where every cable that you needed to connect to any Sony product, TV, Stereo system, camcorders and even cameras was a special Sony cable and cost a small fortune when compared to more universal cables. Having said that the first tv we bought in OZ (1975) was a Sony Trinitron colour TV in a cabinet with like a sideways roller door that you could close so it just looked like a piece of furniture when not in use. We never had any problems with it, you could not kill it. It only died through obsolescence.
  11. Is Merryweathers still on Fiskerton Rd at the top of the hill where you drop down into Southwell? Bought a fair few roses from their many years ago.
  12. Blackberry and Apple crumble with lashings of piping hot custard......Yummo You have to be careful picking blackberries here especially on the road side as they are a declared noxious weed and have been most likely sprayed. Never seen a Bramley apple in OZ, we have to make do with Granny Smith as cookers.
  13. Mess, I used to deliver the Football Post and the Football News on a Saturday evening in the early 60s and I must have looked at thousands of papers but I can't recall those figures, where they around then? Those old guides must be fascinating, can you post a couple of photos please.
  14. Has anyone noticed how often clubs that have sacked their managers win the game afterwards, as in the case of Forest yesterday. "Local" club comments..... it is still early days yet. Forest, hope they can continue to get a few wins and steer well clear of the threat of relegation, still need some strikers County, I truly hope that they win the league and get the automatic promotion spot. Stags, hope their form slump is only temporary Chesterfield, it would be good if they too could reclaim their EFL place but not at the expense of County. Doncaster, struggling at
  15. It would have probably been a Barton's bus Service No 12 from Leicester Southgate to Nottingham Huntingdon Street.
  16. Just read a report in the Post about Forest fans complaining about the lack of cleanliness in certain areas. One complainant said "It's for everyone if that makes sense, fans all want to go to a ground and not have to put up with facilities that are not Championship level." A bit strange when they are still going to watch a team that is certainly not Championship level yet it has the second highest average attendance in the Championship???
  17. For me this is the definitive Bill Joel song. It will go down as a classic karaoke song along with American Pie
  18. Oh dear! another home defeat. Look out for an announcement soon. If the Reds are ever going to recover it is now time for a clear out of the owners, directors, coaching staff and players.
  19. Another loss, this time at home to Cardiff. I just don't understand the thinking at the club as it keeps signing defenders and defensive midfield players. In order to win you need to score more goals than your opposition yet we have no-one that can score. 5 goals for and 10 against, this ratio is not going to stave off relegation. Unless there are some drastic changes it is going to be a grim year. Meanwhile back in Mansfield with five straight defeats they have slid from promotion contenders to 20th. Thankfully the Magpies continue to hold their spot in the play off group and are th
  20. Have any Nottstalgians had a look at or filled out this survey, if so what did you think of it? The link is here for anyone that is interested in having a look or contributing to it. The Big Notts Survey 2021 - Nottinghamshire County Council - Citizen Space Although I don't live in Notts, it was my home county and out of curiosity I had a look through it and to be quite honest I thought straight away a typical government survey. Not asking questions that it did not want to hear any answers to. Initially a lot of waffle about the impact of Covid and positive factors related
  21. Yes all inclusive here too. We have an ad on TV here for dog heartworm tablets etc. that has a disabled dog. He is a quite cute Dachshund with two wheels in support of his rear legs.
  22. Came across this on YT Most Popular Songs Each Month of the Sixties How many memories of people, places and times does this bring back? https://youtu.be/hDWPNgRNdHI
  23. A great local band, Played regularly at the Forest Folk Hotel in Bliduth. The pub is long gone, now a Tesco such a shame as it was a beautiful building, a pity it could not be retained some how similar to the Robin Hood at Renuth.
  24. Good one WW,who can forget her version of Santa Baby, or her portrayal as Catwoman. I'd not heard her take on Hurdy Gurdy Man before, the Donovan version was part of my youth.
  25. Thanks everyone. With a Mediterranean climate roses do very well here just have to look out for black spot and aphids at certain times of the year. I am looking to plant some showy fragrant varieties as apart from the odd spray and dead-heading they pretty much look after themselves.