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  1. Yes Chinese investment is global and as I said part of the "long game" the Chinese are playing but I doubt that many other countries are as reliant on China as we are. Exports - "Rocks and Crops" Australia is China's quarry, Iron ore (unprocessed which we later buy back as steel and processed goods)) gas (at significantly cheaper prices than we can buy it here) coal, both thermal and metallurgical account for AU$79 billion of exports. Agricultural, forestry and fishery products account for a further AU$14 billion Imports - Manufactured Goods AU$21 billion As far as trading partners go China is 23%, USA and Japan 9-10% South Korea and GB 4-5%
  2. Totongirl, I know it is not a NCT Atlantean but is this the sort of bus you are looking for? It is an ex NSW Transport bus Photo Daily Telegraph
  3. In the case of Australia I totally disagree with you Brew. The incompetent clowns that run this county have allowed Chinese owned interests to buy electricity utilities, water pipelines, vast tracts of productive farmlands, large parts of our dairy industry and even leased Darwin Harbour to the Chinese. They goaded the automotive industry into leaving Australia and when they did they cried "woe is me how could you do this after all the help we have given you". I know you will say it is market forces but if you look hard you can still find Australian manufactured products and it is as cheap if not cheaper than the imported product and almost always superior quality. China is playing the long game and the buffoons in government here cannot see it as they only see the next electoral cycle, a maximum of three years.
  4. Due to the Covid 19 virus supermarkets have announced the following per person purchase restrictions until further notice. Tesco - 2 Hand Sanitisers and a single pack of toilet rolls Sainsbury's - 1 Hand Sanitiser, 500g of rice and 1 pack of toilet rolls Waitrose - 1kg of rice, 1kg of dried pasta, 4 toilet rolls and 2 hand sanitisers CO-OP - 2 Hand sanitisers, 12 toilet rolls and no limit on rice or pasta Aldi - A Mig Welder, a set of pans, a pink sports bra and a pair of wellies
  5. Apart from those that contract the virus and for the many that will die as a result there will be countless thousands (millions?) who will suffer hardship as a result of losing their jobs or having their working hours reduced. Those on casual or zero hours contracts will be the first to be impacted as employers contract and lay off staff particularly in tourism and hospitality and then later in the manufacturing and retail sectors as supplies from China dry up. Already in Australia those looking to rebuild after the devastating fires are facing shortages of materials. The economic dry's have a lot to answer for as have the politicians who have let this country put all its eggs in the basket we call China and we now have little capability or capacity to make stuff ourselves. The economic impact of what is happening will be severe and last for many months
  6. I am waiting for the extreme looney god botherers to tell us that Covid 19 is a plague and pestilence wrought upon us by an angry god for what we are doing.
  7. One of the best things they could do here is to turn off social media comments with regard to Covid 19. The fact that semi literate numpties believe all they read in "anti social media" fuels misinformation, panic buying and the like.
  8. Would not need to use the quote function so much if they brought back the post numbers. I'm guessing that a lot of people use the "quote button +" at the end of the post which quotes all that is posted instead of highlighting just the bit they want and quote that. Re Letsavagoo's lawnmower part, if you could make a sketch of the old part you could get a new one 3D printed in metal if it is not too big. Not that expensive. If you have the right app on your smart phone the 3D printing company could use the photos to make the mathematical model needed for 3D printing.
  9. Never knew the CO-OP sold electricity! Do you still get your divi?
  10. The demise of Mansfield started when they put in the ring road and built that abomination called Four Seasons. Mansfield Council has a lot to answer for. It was further compounded by the loss of the hosiery industry, the progressive closure of the Mines and the supply chains of both sectors and the growth of out of town shopping centres. The world has changed and will continue to do so unfortunately with it comes consequences. Mansfield market was unfortunately one of those.
  11. I took the shell off my racing snail yesterday to see if it would make it go faster, all it seemed to do was make it more sluggish.
  12. Wahl are an American company with headquarters based in Sterling Illinois Wahl acquired a German company that manufactured similar products in 1996 The company I worked for supplied tooling to them from Oz for use in their plants in the USA
  13. Sorry to have to say this but unless some kind of miracle happens it looks like Forest are set for yet another season in the 2nd tier of English Football. Last weeks draw against a relegation threatened Middlesbrough, a 1-0 creditable away win against Cardiff and now a 3-0 at home thrashing by Millwall gives me almost no hope of an automatic promotion spot and very little hope of them winning promotion through the play-offs.
  14. I see that England have "lost" in the semi final of the Women's World T20 comp without a ball being bowled due to weather as India finished top of their group and England finished second. I would have thought that the plonkers at the ICC would have looked at the weather forecast as we knew this rain was coming a week ago and organised a reserve day just in case. I know rules are rules but it is a very disappointing way to lose a semi final
  15. Thanks DJ and yes you can still get them in OZ. My pride and joy was an Avro Lancaster painted in cammo with Humbrol? paints. The only problems I ever had was getting the transfers on symmetrically. As a retired former toolmaker I can appreciate the skills involved in making the moulds back in the 50's and 60's when multiaxis CNC, CAD CAM and spark erosion were not around.
  16. Our new car comes with free servicing for two years and then fixed price services until the end of the five year warranty. If you are passing the dealership they will even give you a free car wash. Still have to vacuum the inside though. If they can have self cleaning ovens why can't they have self cleaning cars?
  17. Fond memories of watching the cricket or bowls on a summer afternoon at the local miners welfare with a bottle of R.L.Jones Sunecta Mixed Fruit or Orange Crush with bits of oranges floating in it and a bag of Smiths Crisps
  18. The good old days, greasing the kingpins, ball joints and steering linkage, universal joints on the prop shaft, checking the oil in the gearbox and diff, adjusting the valve clearances and checking the brakes and wheel bearings before you went on a "long" journey...…. Nottingham to Skegness? I look under the bonnet of our current car more out of habit than the need to do anything. The only thing I ever need to top up is the windscreen washer fluid
  19. Yes, globally they are focussing only on left hand drive vehicles and have or in the process of divesting themselves of any units that manufacture RHD vehicles.
  20. Some recent films that use Nottingham The Dark Knight Rises uses Wollaton Hall as Batman's Wayne Manor Oranges and Sunshine, set and filmed in Nottingham
  21. My mobile phone provider keeps sending me texts asking if, for a few dollars more per month, I would like to increase my data download allowance. If they looked at my current data usage they would see that I typically use less than 2% of my current allowance. So why on earth would I want more? I don't use FaceTwit, InstaTok or SnapWhats. 99.9 percent of its use is a phone/text only. I'd unsubscribe but they do send messages reminding me to pay the bill which can be useful.
  22. Never owned a Austin or Morris but back in 1960's almost bought an Austin A40 as a first car but then I saw a Triumph Herald with its walnut dash, pale grey with red upholstery. It served us well until some clown hit us bang on the nearside rear wheel, it was repaired but somehow never felt the same on the road. Ended my time in the UK with a Ford MKII Cortina. First company car I drove from the pool was an olive green Ford Granada Ghia 3 litre, glad I wasn't paying for the fuel. The automotive components company I worked for in Oz bought cars in proportion to the sales it had with major OEM's. Best car I had there was a top of the line Nissan Skyline with a silky smooth and very willing 3 litre straight six. As the family grew we needed a bigger car so ended up with Ford Falcons until just before I left they gave me a Holden Commodore, very poor build quality and bits of interior trim were always falling off. For those on here that have been in Oz General Motors have just announced that they are exiting Australia so the Holden brand is no more. 700 jobs will be lost at head office and probably thousands more as all the dealerships close or downsize to service facilities only. From being able to design and manufacture a car from the ground up, thanks to the economic rationalists, we now have only a few component manufacturers left. I wonder what we will do if we are ever involved in any major conflicts, a couple of months supply of fuel for cars, trucks and aircraft, no tyres and more importantly no skills.
  23. Quit yer chunterin Stop yer mawnging E wor a rait rummon Shut yer fizzog