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  1. Hope everyone is staying safe and well Here in South Australia we are slowly relaxing the lockdown and hopefully coming out of the grip of this virus. We have had 13 straight days without any new cases of Covid 19 being reported. There are only 5 active cases and only 2 people remain in hospital, none are in ICU. As of Monday it is thought that intrastate travel will be opened up and restrictions on the number of people attending funerals removed, however they say that the names and contact details of people will need to be recorded just in case. They are working on plans for social distancing in offices and industry as they re-awaken the economy. Stunned shock over the news from the USA that a store security guard at a shopping centre has been shot dead for asking a shopper to wear a mask. Is there a strain of this virus that only attacks d!ck heads? I think we need one!
  2. The locals called Sutton pit Brierley Colliery or the Bread and Herring Pit There was an explosion at the pit in 1957 that killed 5 men and seriously injured 15 A sad reminder of the price of coal
  3. Top video that WW, really like the way they merged the original footage with the new.
  4. They forgot Sturmey Archer and Raglan Lathes What about the 20 (or more) "worst" things that Nottingham has given the world I'll kick of with these Maid Marion Way (An eyesore from day one that ruined a beautiful city) Players cigarettes (No narrative needed) Shipstones Beer (Definitely an acquired taste, unloved by many)
  5. Grandmas' collander often re-appeared when the match was replayed on the local field with coats as goalposts and it went back in 't scullery at night.
  6. Wow, quite an eclectic collection of instruments there. I was a reasonably proficient player but could only afford a Watkins Rapier III (Why was the centre pick up at an angle?) Could play a cornet at one time, doubt if I could get a sound out of one now. Current project is a Kawai two keyboard electronic organ that neighbours were taking to the tip. Reasonably OK with the melody, a little difficulty with the cords at times and hopeless with the foot pedals but still trying the earphone jack is a saviour. Pack the 12 string up and send it down under it will be gratefully accepted.
  7. Just for Loppy Frank Sinatra and My Blue Heaven https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25Ik6jNR5YA
  8. I remember watching in on what now seems a very small B&W Bush television at my grandparents as we didn't have a TV then. At half time all the kids on the street came out with their footballs to re-enact the first half including histrionics when replaying Roy Dwight's injury. We were called in to watch the second half and saw a 10 man Forest hold of Luton until the final whistle. Then back outside to relive the second half and the presentation of the "cup", my grandma's collander
  9. You must have had a few quid to have one of those. Loved the Shads, Hank now lives in Perth, West Australia Not forgetting Jet Harris and Tony Meehan who alas are no longer with us. Pity we can't watch it here in OZ, must get around to getting a VPN
  10. When You Walk in the Room. Love the jangly 12 string intro. The Searchers version was good too, a year later than the original.
  11. Our kids were almost brought up on North 'Gong beach, playing in the sand and surf, a swim in the ocean pool and pie and chips from the kiosk for lunch. I was never a fan of South Beach.
  12. As Tears Go By - What a great video background to the song.
  13. So do I, or no shoes at all, getting a bit cool now, soon be time for the Ugg Boots
  14. It would be good if all jurisdictions could present the information in such a clear concise way it would help remove confusion, stop rumours and reduce anxiety. I truly hope everyone keeps safe and well and if friends and family are affected by this virus I wish them a speedy and full recovery
  15. Some fantastic news here in South Australia. Seven days straight with no new cases of Covid 19 reported. We have had a total of 438 cases, unfortunately we have had 4 deaths and our condolences go to those that have lost loved ones. There are only fourteen active cases in the state with one person in ICU. Our thanks go to all the medical staff that have helped us thus far. The medical/scientific advisors that have set the guidelines that we have been living under. The government for acting swiftly on locking down the state and very importantly the people of South Australia who for the most part have abided by the rules and regulations. There is light at the end of the tunnel, I just hope that they are sensible and do not relax the restrictions too soon.
  16. My dad used to call his flip flops Japanese safety shoes
  17. Something for the weekend sir?
  18. Don't know about Roberts Windsor Soaps but it reminded me of Brown Windsor Soup!
  19. Ecky Thump .... that ancient Lancastrian martial art
  20. I am getting increasingly peed off with websites wanting to deliver "news" via short videos instead of text. I can read and I don't want the drivel that goes most video including introductions and closing comments. If there is waffle in the words I can skip it and go to the bits that contain the actual news content, it is hard to fast forward through the videos as there is no discernible difference between news and waffle.
  21. To the Cuckoo O blithe New-comer! I have heard, I hear thee and rejoice. O Cuckoo! shall I call thee Bird, Or but a wandering Voice? While I am lying on the grass Thy twofold shout I hear; From hill to hill it seems to pass, At once far off, and near. Though babbling only to the Vale Of sunshine and of flowers, Thou bringest unto me a tale Of visionary hours. Thrice welcome, darling of the Spring! Even yet thou art to me No bird, but an invisible thing, A voice, a mystery; The same whom in my school-boy days I listened to; that Cry Which made me look a thousand ways In bush, and tree, and sky. To seek thee did I often rove Through woods and on the green; And thou wert still a hope, a love; Still longed for, never seen. And I can listen to thee yet; Can lie upon the plain And listen, till I do beget That golden time again. O bless├Ęd Bird! the earth we pace Again appears to be An unsubstantial, faery place; That is fit home for Thee! by William Wordsworth
  22. Given that it is a camp site is that where Robin Hood and his Men in Tights go?
  23. Good one DJ360, well done Now time to put on your Doc Martens, check shirt, straight leg jeans half way up your calf and held up with braces and the scarf tied around your wrist. Then off out to terrorise Billinge
  24. Worked over there and travelled to and fro over many years. It certainly is a strange country, many have very little awareness of the rest of the world. You can't show b**bs and bums, on TV or buy alcohol in some dry counties but you can go to Walmart and get enough guns and ammunition to fight a small war!
  25. We have two Robin Hood Hotels in South Australia. One in Norwood in metropolitan Adelaide, founded in 1851, The other is in Strathalbyn a lovely country town about 60km from Adelaide, it was founded in 1855. Apparently the pubs have always had these names but I cannot find how they came to be named after Nottingham's famous outlaw.