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  1. Enigma, You last two posts were ladies with unforgettable voices.
  2. Hancock at his best. Had a friend who gave you a choice with her gravy and custard. Lumps or slices.
  3. Great Post DJ360 a real trip down memory lane to the best era of music. I could have sworn that some of those certainly went to No1. Like Please Please Me, My Generation, God Only Knows, Penny Lane, Magical Mystery Tour and probably one of the most evocative songs of the time Waterloo Sunset Then again some didn't even deserve to be in the charts and were absolute rubbish. This has been posted on here before but well worth another look, mixed memories.
  4. Just had a look to see what it costs to see an EPL game these days. Crickey from 97 quid to see Arsenal, ManU and ManC in the fifties down to 36 quid to see Hull City. I can't see the average joe being able to afford that every week.
  5. Like you Ben I lost any real interest years ago and on the odd occasion it is on live TV here I don't usually bother to watch it. Still look how the local teams do though. What happened to the youth programs that many clubs had that found many world class local players. Many of these tattooed prima donnas are paid a fortune to sit on their arrises in the stand and do not produce any worthwhile results or indeed effort. The reason England could not win a raffle if there were more than two tickets is because there is no core player group from one club that they can build a team around. It is jus
  6. When I first started watching Forest they were in what was the old second division Billy Walker was the manager. Since the reign of Brian Clough 1975 to 1993 Forest have had 32 managers. I hope they regularly service the bearings on the revolving door at the entrance to the club. Maybe someone will realize that the recent problems lie with the players. They just cannot seem to score goals on a regular basis.
  7. I certainly would not buy a Land Rover but then again neither would I buy a Merc, they have been trading on past glories for many years. We have a saying here in Oz "If you want to go bush buy a Land Rover. If you want to come back buy a Land Cruiser.
  8. On my last visit to the UK I really struggled as many of the landmarks, the colliery headstocks, had gone and many new roads had been built. The landscapes that now look like rolling green hills used to be slag heaps and lakes that people now fish in used to be washery ponds. Sad about the jobs that have gone in the mines and allied industries but the environment is certainly better. Gone is the taste and smell of the coal smoke that hung over the villages. As they used to say on a clear day you could see the smog.
  9. Brew, the number of models is not a valid measure. Recalls are a measure of individual events or "Things gone wrong" with their vehicles regardless of the number of variants or quantity of vehicles produced. Mercedes produces 31 models some of which are the same just have different bodies i.e. CLA Shooting Brake, CLA Coupe and CLA-Class. A car company can have 1 model and that model have many variants in engines, trim and features. They are currently simplifying their product range into 4 platforms only. Platforms are the basic underpinnings on which the rest of vehicle is based
  10. Whilst not mathematically safe from relegation Forest have a reasonably easy finish to the season so should see Championship football again next season. A disappointing result overall but here's to next year.
  11. The Magpies recent form has not been the best and they are now out of the play off places. They still have a couple of games in hand over Wrexham who are 1 point ahead in 5th position. Looks like it might be a battle between the Magpies and the Spireites for a play off spot.
  12. A brilliant movie. I was born and brought up in a colliery village and played in a brass band for a while. I could put a real persons names to every one in that film.
  13. Your comment about Mercedes got me thinking about vehicles especially quality and reliability. I agree with you about reliability, Range Rover here has a terrible reputation for reliability, mainly electrical and electronics. It is a different story when you look at the number of recalls each brand has had. Since 1986 Land Rover have had 105 recall notices issued and Mercedes has had 256. I know that many recalls are instigated as a result of supplier issues (e.g. Takata Air Bags) but a lot of recalls are a result of assembly plant issues. Interestingly Rolls Royce have had 12 recall
  14. nonnaB, that's a very good point and to be honest I did not look at the packaging to see if it was wholemeal or not. I did notice that the biscuits seemed to be larger than "normal" and that as they were put in the biscuit tin seemed to break more easily. I'll certainly remember to have a close look next time, thanks Oz
  15. 32 Years ago, where did that time go, RIP for so many lives taken for just attending a game of football and no doubt led to the all seating stadiums we have today. Many years ago when as a youth in the Trent End was lifted off my feet by the surge of fans and shifted forward towards the goals. I wonder how many were bruised or hurt by those crush barriers that were installed at regular intervals on the terraces. As I grew older and wiser I transferred my viewpoint to the 18 yard line towards the Trent end in the old east stand and always took care to stand on the downhill side of a crush
  16. Brilliant stuff Beekay, up there with you best ever postings. Some memories in the slide show too. Can you find any more? I can only see one other track on YT it's a good 'un too.
  17. Yes I welded the rear outriggers on mine too. Could never get on top of the rust near the bonnet latches but for some strange reason it never had any rust in the sills. Changing the Hardy Spicer universal joints on the rear end was a bit of a bu**er due to the transverse leaf spring set up. It was a very reliable car and only had to replace general wear and tear items but always carried hoses, fan belt, plug leads and points in the boot. It was Dolphin grey 1966 model
  18. No 175g bag for party nibbles etc, single packs are typically 25g
  19. Just sat down for my mid morning cuppa and a couple of my favourite biscuits. McVities Digestives, imported from the UK as the local equivalents are nowhere near as nice. Just had my first bite and ugh! They did not have the normal snap and crumble they usually had and were more chewy in texture. Not pleasant at all, I checked the use by date and were well within that, the packaging looked OK as I thought they might be stale but that looked alright too. Have they changed the recipe? If so they have lost a loyal customer. On looking in the pantry to see if we had another packet, no such l
  20. Back in the late 60's just after passing my test I went looking for a used car and had the choice of two, an A40 Farina and Triumph Herald. I chose the Triumph for the ease of working on the engine, just pivoted the whole of the front of the car forward and sat on the tyre to do most of the regular maintenance.
  21. The vaccine roll out continues to go badly here in Australia. Our incompetant, bumbling clown of a leader Scott Morrison has put the national cabinet, a group comprising of the premiers of each state and territory, on a "war footing' and plans to meet twice a week to accelerate the roll out of vaccines. Many observers would say, quite rightly, that it is a cynical exercise in blame spreading. We have finally got the date for our first vaccine, still a month away and will be the AZ version.
  22. Yes four valves per cylinder and only one camshaft operating all 16 valves. One lobe of the cam operated directly on the inlet valve via a "top hat" and the exhaust valve was operated by a rocker arm from the same lobe. Valve clearances were adjusted by shims. The design of the head won a British Design Council award obviously they had never had to adjust the valve clearances which was a bugger of a job.
  23. I am using Google Chrome and it is only your photos that appear like this?
  24. radfordred, this is typical of what I get when your posts contain images, any idea why?