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  1. One very irreverent joke. No offence intended. A bloke walks into a pub and says, "The lady that played Pussy Galore in Goldfinger has died" "Honor Blackman"? "No on a motorbike"
  2. Just been reading the British newspapers and if the behaviour of the so called "covidiots" is as bad and as serious as the press portrays it then I would like to propose a 3 step process to address the problem. I have zero tolerance for anyone that continues this behaviour and ultimately puts everyone at risk. Step 1 Anyone caught disobeying to social separation guide lines should be fined and then "named and shamed" if the privacy laws prevent this then change the laws. Step 2 Anyone caught a second time is put on a register to be denied high level care i.e. ICU and ventilators should they catch Covid 19 Step 3 Unfortunately some may die but this will ultimately improve the IQ of the population. I know that some will see this as controversial but there really needs to be a real consequence of this stupid anti social behavior
  3. The sad death of Chelsea great Peter Bonetti has been reported today. Sadly pilloried for one mistake in the 1970 World Cup Final against West Germany in Mexico whilst standing in for an ill Gordon Banks. The blame rested entirely with Alf Ramsey and his substitution of Bobby Charlton. At the time England had an enviable choice of world class goalkeepers, Forest's Peter Grummitt among them.
  4. Well said nonnaB, I hope there is some form of worthwhile insurance scheme that takes care of those that are left after the hospital, medical and emergency services staff have lost their lives in battling to save ours.
  5. Yet another from the video tape of my youth gone. Ecky Thump, an empty seat on the trike now. RiP Tim, thanks for the laughs.
  6. My last real memory of Stirling Moss was in 1976 at the worlds' greatest motor racing circuit, Bathurst, when he teamed up with Jack Brabham in a Holden Torana V8 unfortunately the engine let go and he did not finish the race. Someone said he was the best driver never to have won a world championship.
  7. If the above is correct and we know the age of JC when he was crucified then we should be able to calculate the exact date for Good Friday and therefore hold Easter on that date every year. Strange that we were able to come up with an exact date for his birth?
  8. Yes but why is Easter a moveable "celebration" Surely Jesus died on a particular day/date, so why is Easter related to the moon and can fall any time between March 22nd and April 25th. This further reinforces my view that it has no credibility whatsoever
  9. Can anyone explain to me why Easter Saturday is 18th April and not the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter Sunday
  10. Just read The Engineer's post in the corona virus threat and he says his location is within earshot of Little John. That reminded me that I had just heard that the Little John Inn at Ravenshead (Fishpool) has called last orders for the final time and is now closed. I remember being taken there by my mum and dad and enjoying the play area in the beer garden with my bag of crisps and bottle of pop. Much later we used to go there for the Tramps' Suppers. Chicken or scampi and chips in a basket and a few pints of Mansfield bitter. It will be a sad day when the villages lose their last local.
  11. DJ 360 We'll Sing In The Sunshine was one of the hits of the Summer of Love in '64 Gale Garnett wrote it and it has been covered by countless other artists Great choice I think Roberta Flack's version was the best version of this Ewan MacColl classic, again covered by many More of these long forgotten folksy classics please
  12. There is a Nottingham connection to our range hood, The name of the Manufacturer is RobinHood! Not game to prise anything due to risk of cracking. Now all I have to do is find a model number and then I can download the "destruction manual".
  13. Whilst of course I hope that he recovers along with the other 51,608 who have this terrible virus especially those in Intensive care. He is the Prime Minister but I would point out that his life is no more or less important than that of the 5,373 that have already succumbed to this scourge as families mourn their loved ones without having been able to comfort them in their last hours.
  14. In the 60's I enjoyed watching her in her black leather outfit in The Avengers. The first film that my now wife and I saw together was one of my all time favourite films, Goldfinger, and of course she played the unforgettably named Pussy Galore. It was on TV again a week or so and I still enjoyed it. Thank you Honor Blackman.
  15. Sadly, here in South Australia, last evening we experienced our first death from the Corona virus. I hope that the usual Easter tourists stay away from our coastal area and reduce the risk of bringing the virus with them. All the local tourist attractions have already ceased operating and many local caravan parks and bakery's have decided to close over Easter to actively discourage visitors. Like many on here I hope it pi$$es down and they decide to go home.
  16. Oztalgian


    Er! The sun shining through some clouds?
  17. Thanks to all who have offered advice re the range hood. It is easy to get the filters out to wash and clean them and you can see that the vent to the outside is clear but it does not allow access to the section where the light is. The exploded illustration that I have been able to download is not much help as you cannot see how the lens is retained. I will send an e-mail to the manufacturer if they still exist, there must be a way but I can't quite see it yet.
  18. I know how you feel BK we have a light in the cooktop hood/fan/light and it looks like one of the two bulbs has blown but I am buggered if I can see how to get the lens cover off, No screws or clips that I can see and am a bit reluctant to prise it off as they get brittle and can easily break. The instruction book that comes with it does not give you any clues either. I just says remove the cover but does not tell you how.
  19. Loppy, I hope the stroke has not affected you ability to still do some fancy footwork on the organ pedals. I'm slowly getting both hands working together but as for the feet, no hope for that as yet. Will be doing more as this lockdown continues and I fixed a loose wire on the headphone socket so no one else has to suffer the pain of mishit notes. The organ also has a cassette recorder in it but it is not working, not got around to that yet.
  20. Back in the sixties/seventies when I worked in Sutton the Bell was often the pub of choice for a swift half and a pasty at "lunch" time on the afternoon shift. Kept a nice pint of Mansfield then and it had a bar billiards table too. In Oz the public are pushing to have the government release more details of where the corona virus has been found in the community. At the moment it only gives general areas unless like the outbreak at Adelaide airport they are trying to track contacts. There are two schools of thought. 1 Do not provide too detailed information as general information keeps everyone cautious and helps minimise risk 2 Provide detailed information to the suburb level, this then may cause the local busy bodies to go on a quest of finding out exactly who or in areas where there are no reported cases cause people to be less cautious. Any views?
  21. This evening our Prime Minister has announced that as of Monday midnight all gatherings indoor or outdoor will be limited to two people. This includes private properties. Technically it means that you can have no more than one person over to your house. A family of more than two people can take the dog for a walk but they must all live in the same house. If you want to exercise with a friend it can only be two people. You can go and visit your parents or siblings but social distancing guidelines are recommended. It is not surprising there is some confusion about how this rule applies It is strongly recommended that anyone over seventy should stay at home and self-isolate. if we have to go out we should limit contact with other people as much as possible. Here in South Australia we have had 257 cases or 17 per 100,000 residents and luckily no deaths as yet although 6 people are in intensive care. My thoughts are with all that have been affected by this virus wherever they are. Keep safe everyone
  22. Who remembers Quatermass, the TV series in the fifties and the movie Quatermass and the Pit in the late 70's
  23. Be careful, we don't want everyone getting the clap. Seriously though what a great gesture toward all in the NHS who are the key to defeating this virus.
  24. I know we have to take some of the media reports with a pinch of salt but this headline surprised me "Bail out for EFL clubs" The media is saying that division one and two players may be put on furlough and be entitled to government help to supplement wages to a maximum of 2,500 pounds a month. I really hope than no taxpayer funds go to the Premier and Championship league prima donnas that get mega money. They should have stashed enough away from their multi million salaries to look after themselves. The should be no money going to the oligarchs that own the clubs either. It also seems that many clubs are laying off their non playing staff, (those who are probably paid the least) I believe it would be a good time for many clubs to get rid of their non performing players first. Would they have redundancy agreements in the players contracts?
  25. That's it Affer "Right Hand Unconquerable" Never met Don Whillans but he, Joe Brown and Chris Bonnington were among the finest rock climbers in the world. Unfortunately Don died relatively young.