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  1. I did enjoy laughing at Only Fools and Horses but I much preferred Nicholas Lyndhurst in Goodnight Sweetheart a program with a very unique story line. For me Trigger, (Roger Lloyd-Pack) was the stand out in OF&H. Just wish we could watch them again, some episodes are available on YT. YT ha hundreds of episodes on LOTSW too
  2. As said before on this thread, it's not always the manager that is the problem, certainly not at Forest, some of the under performing players should get the boot as well. Probably the same at County.
  3. Can anyone tell me why birds that are flying over field usually fly at a height that is above all the cars and trucks yet when they cross a road for some reason they swoop lower and risk getting hit?
  4. Always got a football year book or annual, I remember it because it gave you the details of all the 92 clubs, manager/coach, nicknames, and home grounds when they had proper names not some stupid sponsors usually associated with on line betting. I could name all 92 league teams, their nicknames and their home grounds, a real fanatic then. These days my football interest comprises of looking to see how Forest, County and Stags have done in their latest game.
  5. This is for Ben as he appears to have time warped back to the fifties.
  6. Not round our way in Sydney or Adelaide, you banana benders are so sophisticated. Wherebouts are you in the Sunshine State Will2017
  7. Yes I have Mary. Seeing the house floating down the river was tragic for the couple . This is not an unusual occurrence as many houses of weatherboard or fibro cement construction are built on brick piers and can just float away if not anchored to the ground. This rain event started in far northern Queensland and has traveled down the east coast and is now impacting the Illawarra region south of Wollongong. It has covered a distance of nearly 3,000 km and in some cases dumped 300mm (1 foot) of rain in 24 hours. It looks like they are going to get some more today and will take many days or wee
  8. Yes it is Beekay. After sending round a census official to collect the form a couple of times and me telling them i am not filling it out they usually send a supervisor. I politely and respectfully let them in and tell them that as a taxpayer I object to a government department spending many millions of my money collecting information that they already have on various federal, state and local government data bases. They usually reply that privacy provisions prevent them accessing this data. I respond by saying I will give them permission to access this data for census reasons. That is the last
  9. Did you all complete your census either on line or paper copy? I don't fill one out as I fundamentally object to a massive government department/quango spending a fortune collecting information that they already have or is of no use whatever and that will never be used for any useful purpose. Senseless I call it.
  10. Oops, misread that as went to be sprayed, and wondered if you did not like the colour of your cat.
  11. Talking of fry ups I was preparing my weekend bacon, eggs tomatoes, hash browns and baked beans to be eaten outside on the patio on a beautiful Autumn morning. I looked at the label printed on the wrapping of the bacon "Made from 94% Australian Content". This is good as we like to use local produce but it did make me wonder what could make up the other 6% and where did it come from?
  12. Have never had a paper delivered in the 45 years we have been here in OZ. Years ago they used a machine to roll the paper so tight, put an elastic band on it and just threw it on your front garden. When it rained the first two pages were often sodden and in order to read it you had to unroll it and hold it flat or iron it to be able to read it. They then progressed to rolling it in Gladwrap which kept it dry but still left you with the problem of getting it flat. These days it is folded inside a sealed plastic bag, much more practical but still the problem of disposing of even more plasti
  13. Yes they are gas powered cannon used extensively in the vineyards and orchards around here, starting to fall quiet now that the vintage and harvest is coming to a close. (photo by Australian Gas)
  14. As per usual DJ360. The same here too. I hate to think how much money the software and app developers have made from programs that were next to useless. It was apparent early on that they were useless yet the stupid government continued to throw money at them. One company with links to the Liberal Party (Conservatives) was paid AU$3.8 million to help develop the Federal Government's coronavirus information app and then a further AU$6 million to develop the Covid Safe contact tracing app. An additional AU$64 million was spent on advertising the app. The government has not provided details of ho
  15. Exactly a year ago Australia effectively closed its borders to all incoming passengers and those that were let in under special circumstances were required to undergo 14 days quarantine in a medi hotel with regular testing until proven to be covid free. I think this is the main reason we have not had the number of cases seen in many other countries. The government has done a good job in that regard but is making a right balls up of the vaccination program. In 24 days since the vaccination program started we have only managed to give a total of just over 14,000 injections. The government set it
  16. Enjoying an Indian summer here weather readings a bit strange though. Top temp expected today is 27deg, relative humidity 1% and dew point minus 38 deg, don't really understand these strange figures but looks like a really nice day.
  17. Our Federal government have announced that vaccinations for the over 70's will begin next week for anyone with a pre -existing medical condition. Apparently a liking for single malt scotch is not an allowable reason. One slight problem is that instead of setting up special clinics they have decided to do it through GP surgeries. A great idea but you cannot get an appointment at many surgeries for any non urgent illness in under 4-5 weeks. Another example of politicians being totally divorced from reality.
  18. Yes Ben, His dad played for Forest just before and after WWII and by all accounts he was a very good footballer. Another one of the best Forest team ever gone to play with Pearly Gates Wanderers
  19. I used to love the storming wing runs of Tank, part of the best Forest team ever. Thanks for the memories RIP Tank
  20. Or Morning Mood from Peer Gynt, by Edvard Greig or the Hebrides Overture, perhaps Fingals Cave, or something from the Planets Suite by Gustav Holst, at least he was English.
  21. One of those voices that you will always remember. You only have to hear his voice and you can immediately hear the engines screaming with Murray painting pictures with words. Other voices I immediately associate with sports are, John Arlott and the cricket, Whispering Ted Lowe with snooker and Eddie Waring with Rugby League.
  22. Fat men and women screaming in a foreign language. Not for me thanks, but good for those that enjoy it
  23. According to the ratings in the USA 17.1 million people watched the Oprah Harry and Meghan expose. To put that another way and given that the population of the USA is 327.16 million means that 310.06 million did not watch it