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  1. Ian, if you scroll down this page I think you will find a picture of big bertha https://www.pinterest.co.uk/monneilou/midland-general-group-buses/
  2. Good grief! It's not time for the Eurovision Song Contest again is it? What a load of unmitigated rubbish and since when was Australia in Europe or are we being groomed to take the UK's place after Brexit?
  3. Well said Waddo, I really enjoy looking at the old pictures and maps and getting some idea what the Queen of the Midlands looked like it before I knew it. Well done to Cliff Ton and all others that have contributed
  4. If the Stags do not wake up to themselves they could be joining the Magpies in non league football. The three teams below them all have games in hand over the Stags which if they were to win would put the Stags third from bottom and based on current form in real danger of relegation. Hope Forest can keep up their push for automatic promotion or at worst a play off spot Notts are an outside chance of getting back their league status. Chesterfield look in real danger of relegation to the National League North Lincoln look relatively safe Derby unfortunately look safe
  5. Oil leaks under cars from main bearings, rocker cover or sump gaskets. Remember the old question from the 60's ….. How do you design a British car? Answer ….. Start with an oil leak
  6. Rock and Roll Heaven by the Righteous Brothers. Saying farewell to Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Otis Redding, Jim Croce, Bad Bad Leroy Brown, and Bobby Darin. Who would you include in a more up to date version? I reckon it would be hell of a band!
  7. Marzipan has ruined many a good cake.
  8. Having had religion stuffed down my throat every morning for 10+ years via school morning assembly probably helped lead me to the beliefs I hold today, that and the logical application of science and common sense. That said, some of the songs sung still stick in my mind were mostly those that were sung at Harvest Festival time such as :- We Plow the Fields and Scatter and Come Ye Thankful People Come
  9. Loved the smell of Germolene back then it was good stuff and actually stuck to the wound not like its namesake today. Does anyone remember "drawing ointment" that you put on a splinter and covered with a plaster to draw it out of your finger or anywhere else.
  10. I'd do it all over again too Loppy Australia has given us a good life but as with anyone who has emigrated it is more about the attitude of the people that left the UK and most have done well in many countries and would probably done well if they had stayed in the UK too.
  11. Often used the ones at Blyth or Markham Moor for breakfast after an early start heading north. For the life of me I can't remember a Little Chef at the Ollerton roundabout on the A614, must have been after we left the UK. Remember the Limes café near the Bilsthorpe turn off and a café near the White Post Inn that a lot of rockers used to use when racing up and down the "ramper".
  12. kj 792, are you still in Sydney? I am a ten pound pom and in my opinion it was one of the best 10 quid that Australia ever spent. Came out in the mid seventies to Sydney and have to admit if I had have gone to one of those hostels in East Hills or in Wollongong then I would have been on the first flight out. We too left the UK in winter and the first full day in OZ was 100 deg F. The light meter in my camera went to places it had never seen before. Went to the beach VC10 legs and all except that it was a 747 My wish was to have a house with a sea view and a pool in the garden. Never could afford a sea view in Sydney but soon got a pool Bought our own place in the Shire and never looked back, good jobs in manufacturing that took me all over Australia and the world. Now retired and enjoying life, especially the family and grandkids and yes I finally got the house with the sea view and the pool. Still can't bring myself to support the Aussies in the cricket, more so after sandpaper gate.
  13. Loved the photos Compo, Thanks I wondered why the distances on the footpath were in kilometres or is Scotland already preparing for partition and staying in Europe?
  14. No interest in TwitFaceGram here either
  15. Some timeless photos along with a haunting voice, not heard that before, Thanks DJ. Of course I could not forget Gresford, The Miners Hymn oft played by colliery brass bands all across the coalfields Or this one by The Houghton Weavers about the disaster at Pretoria pit in North Lancashire
  16. Footage from Silverhill Colliery to the music of Working Man sung by David Alexander. Can't listen to this without misty eyes as I remember my dad, all my family and friends who were miners at local collieries.
  17. 43 Standard drinks in a 4 litre wine cask = 2 glasses a night for three weeks, just about right
  18. Ayup, You should get your wine in that great Australian invention "The Goon Bag" or the "Silver Pillow" I can't believe it was invented over 50 years ago. It greatly reduces oxidation as air is not introduced when dispensing and can last 3-4 weeks. If you choose carefully some of the Chateau de Cardboard is not too bad and certainly OK for quaffing at BBQ's and they are getting better all the time.
  19. Snap, as in likewise not what my dad took down t'pit
  20. Croft Original, another Christmas memory, $40 a bottle here. I remember Harvey's Bristol Cream and Bristol Milk sherries from Christmases past, apart from funerals it was the only time sherry was drunk in our family
  21. Yes Herman's Hermits had one number one UK hit single whilst the Stones had eight, The Beatles had seventeen
  22. You must have been a serious drinker Phil. A schooner of Sherry was 6-8 fl oz A schooner in South Australia is 10 fl oz or 285 ml and is a common measure of beer
  23. Yes The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band and "How Sweet to be an Idiot" Another from the soundtrack of my youth gone
  24. RR what is a dock of sherry? I have never heard that expression before.