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  1. The 3rd Test from the MCG and England have come out with their concrete wellygogs on again and can't move their feet. England 14 for 2 poothetic again.
  2. Now that it is Christmas Day down-under I'd like to wish you all a Happy and safe festive season with those you hold dear and share this classic Aussie version of Jingle Bells. https://youtu.be/OnJ8jsw4BSo Bugga, the link thingy is not working
  3. A Nottingham version of the Twelve Days of Christmas On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love sent to me… Twelve Mardy Boggers Eleven Robin Ud hats Ten pairs of Boowits Nine Osses Neighing Eight Maids a Mashin’ Seven Pints of Shippos Six Guzzgogs Five Nobby Greens Four Sausage Cobs Three Snap Tins Two Ralleh Bikes And some Mint Sauce wi’ Mushy Peez
  4. Sorry Beekay, watching the Boxing Day test match from the MCG in Melbourne and the start of the Sydney to Hobart yacht race with a few beers, wine or spirits is a Christmas tradition in OZ so i'll have to suffer a bit longer. Don't think we've got a Monopoly set any more so will have to do with a game of Squatter in the evening. Squatter (game) - Wikipedia
  5. 2-0 down in the series. England lost by 275 runs Poothetic I call it. Time for a clearout, bring in some young blood who might have a bit of pride and fight.
  6. Great team that one Ben. I'd think about including another great Yorkshireman Brian Close as captain. Captained England seven times for six wins and a draw. He was not frightened by intimidatory pace bowling. What about William Sampson, The Wolf of Kabul with his Clicky Ba from the Hotspur comic to crack a few heads.
  7. Yes but Poms! If the team was getting a bit desperate on the field I would have a bit of sympathy for them but they look disinterested as though the whole thing is beneath them. Bring back Boycott, make them earn their wickets, not give them away.
  8. Grandsons of players that we used to watch, scary! Yes I can't believe where Forest are in the table at the moment, let's hope they keep it up over Christmas and the rest of the season. Who knows what will happen?
  9. Another good stand from Root and Malan but with Root out for 62 and Malan shortly afterwards for 80, collapso cricket takes over again. Pope out for 5 and Buttler who is having a shocker of a test out for a duck I am afraid I can feel another innings defeat coming up as at tea England trail by 276 and only have 4 wickets in hand.
  10. DEMS, Defence Explosives and Munitions School? Bl**dy heck what a job, brave man.
  11. One thing that always amazed me in India was that at whatever time you traveled on the roads there were always throngs of people about, even at 3:00 am when going to catch a flight, people everywhere and roadside hawkers plying their wares. Yes Jill, Freo (as the locals call it) is a beautiful city at the mouth of the Swan River, a suburb of Perth but a city in its own right. Was your father in the navy? as Freo was the largest submarine base in the southern hemisphere during WWII. The city has done a great job of preserving its Victorian and Edwardian buildings. It has a very pleasant cl
  12. Yes, and cows being a sacred animal have absolute right of way and woebetide you if you give them a clonk or a nudge to get them to move out of the way. Motorbikes with six people on board are another hazard. It is also not unusual to have people fall off a bus in front of you too.
  13. They certainly need some practice and leadership. I have never seen such a lacklustre fielding effort. It was 38 deg, 100 in the old money but a wicket keeper that didn't encourage his bowlers and fielders and a captain that wandered around like a stunned mullet is not what they need. Already one wicket down for 12 runs. Still haven't grasped the concept that you don't have to play at a ball that is 18 inches above the stumps.
  14. Yes, you could always tell which team had won from that inflection. Forfar 4 - East Fife 5
  15. It is common to drive with dipped headlights on country roads here in OZ as it improves the visibility of your car to others. Nowadays of course they all have daytime running lights which are a great invention. Worked in India for a while, never game to drive there, I did learn that road markings and traffic lights were for decoration.
  16. Who remembers this? It's Saturday, it's five o'clock, it's Sports Report with John Webster and then the great James Alexander Gordon
  17. I did not know that. End of play for today 2 for 221 Labushagne not out just short of his 100. According to the statisticians 95% of the balls bowled by England would not have hit the stumps??? WTF is the captain and the coaches doing they were bowing way too short.... again.
  18. Ben, What about Fiery Fred Truman? Who would you have as captain? All we have to do is shout down the shaft of one of the local collieries and up will come a world class fast bowler. Oops! I forgot, we don't have pits any more do we. Still watching but it is painful, Australia are doing it easily. Warner has just got out on 95, Labuschagne looks very comfortable on 70. Australia 2 for 176 This English bowling attack would struggle against Bentinck Colliery reserves. Some of those lads would put them into the pit sidings.
  19. Back in the sixties a mate of mine had a two stroke SAAB 96. When we were at tech, one night after a few beers he was a bit worse for wear and asked me to drive him home. I'd never driven a two stroke car before and when approaching a greater than 90deg corner somewhat faster than I should have done I confidently dropped it down two gears to slow the car and nothing happened except that the rev counter nearly went off the scale. A rather panic application of the brakes and the fact that there was nothing coming the other way served to help save the day. Apparently he told me later that it had
  20. Here we go again, one early wicket and now the Aussies are looking very comfortable against a rather pedestrian English five bowler? pace attack. The whole of the English cricket system, including the English Cricket Board, the selectors, the management and advisers, the coaches and lastly the players need putting in a bag and giving a good shake up. If this is the best team England can put out for an ashes test match series then English Cricket is in a sorry state. Joe Root looks out of his depth as a captain and to go into a test in Adelaide with no specialist spinner is unforgivable. T
  21. Is it just me or does Tell Me When sound a little bit Freddie and the Dreamersish.
  22. What is the most useless Christmas present in Australia this year? A ticket for the 5th day of an Ashes Test.
  23. What a great weekend for Nottinghamshire football. It really is starting to go right for the reds, a 4-1 away win at Swansea now leaves them only four points from a play off place. It makes a change from struggling at the wrong end of the table. C'mon you Reds County with a 4-1 win over Southend sees them further consolidate their play off position. Their next league game is away at top of the table Chesterfield. I hope it is a good game with no trouble from the fans. It will certainly test them and a win will help their chances of securing the automatic promotion spot. Go the Maggie