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  1. Thanks Phil, By vest carrier do you mean the body armour that has all those pockets that the police wear, the baby carrier or something else.
  2. Fascinating. Please tell us more Phil. I was always taught that James Watson Hendry invented the first screw based injection moulder. What enhancement or breakthrough did your company make?
  3. Don't even bother with the penalties. Just have the coin toss and be done with it.
  4. When I was doing my engineering course I was really good at working out the stress and stains around a point in a structure and whether a member was in tension, compression or a redundant member. Like much of what I learned I never ever used it whilst working.
  5. In the vernacular.... Give it some welly. Trying to stroke it just inside the post will not work with the athleticism of today's goalkeepers. Hit it so hard that if they get a hand to it it goes into the net with the ball.
  6. In summer we need a higher concentration to help dissolve and get rid of all the squished bugs, we never get frost so freezing is not a problem.
  7. A gazzillion pounds a year and still don't know how to take a penalty. Pathetic at all levels, players and coaches.
  8. I guess stay with family, friends or run up mega hotel bills, I don't know but what is more important our federal government does not seem to care. The latest data indicates that there are some 34-36,000 Australian citizens and permanent residents who want to come home and the list is growing. We are only going to allow 3,035 people to return to Australia a week from July 14th. From the start of the pandemic having closed the borders the federal government has stubbornly refused to recognise that hotel quarantine is not ideal, in containing covid and that it needs to purpose build qu
  9. Beekay, at the moment we are even restricting entry to our own citizens and as of 14th July the cap on numbers returning will be further reduced. All cases of covid in Australia have their origin in returned overseas travelers Our government's implementation of the vaccination roll out has been an omni-shambles and they are still following an eradication strategy. If they want to achieve this then they need to fully close the borders. They would be far better getting on with vaccinating us all as quick as they can.
  10. This part of the process is very important as talking to others about your idea or invention could result in the patent being invalid and if you do talk to anyone have a non disclosure agreement in place before you talk to them. The patent agent will conduct a patent search to see if there is anything similar in the world that may disqualify your idea. Just because you have not seen one in the marketplace or on the internet does not mean there is not a patent in existence. Sometimes a registered design or trade mark could be better or being a fast first with a rapid product development st
  11. What about here BK? Fantastic shot of a early British Airways livery. https://youtu.be/5ALD-rI8Q08
  12. Just navigate to your icon in the top right hand corner, click on it and it will give you an option to log off
  13. I do know a limerick about a lady from Lincoln but it is far too rude for here, about as many of these ***** as words.
  14. Done it. It had a capacity of 5 litres so 4 litres of water to 1 of washer concentrate. Still remembered how to syphon water after filling with water to get the volume. Went inside and the leader of the opposition had Wimbledon. The match was between two girls one who played silently and the other whose name was Gruntalotikovavitch almost screamed at every shot she played. Painful to listen to, it's not necessary, why don't they ban it?
  15. Totally frustrated, I had to do the first between service refill of the windscreen washer bottle today and nowhere in the 711 page manual for the car could I find the capacity of the bottle. Years ago there was a page or two that listed all the capacities of the fluids tyre pressures etc apparently not so today but I do know how to change the beep when unlocking the car to a tweet or five other sounds FFS.
  16. Just seen the first Christmas advert on TV for kids toys. It urges you to lay by for Christmas now. For those who do not know what lay by is the stores put the product away for you and you pay it off a little at a time before Christmas. I seem to remember something similar in the UK but can't recall what it was called. Not Hire purchase.
  17. Darwin in the Northern Territory has gone into a 48 hour lockdown. Apparently the queues outside the bottle shops (off licenses) have been longer than those at the supermarkets. At least they have got their priorities right.
  18. Today we have closed our state borders to almost all of Australia as Covid (Delta strain) kicks off in Sydney again. They have gone into a two week lockdown. Guess what, the toilet paper numpties have stripped the supermarket shelves of toilet rolls, paper towels and tissues. Why do they keep doing this? Surely by now they know what covid is and does. Meanwhile our incompetent Federal Government bumbles along, stuffing up the vaccine roll out and failing to properly act on quarantine and relying on hotels to be effective.
  19. Good one DJ360 The Kinks, part of the sounds of the sixties. Waterloo Sunset has become a classic. Strangely enough never made number 1 but fittingly used in the closing of the London Olympics Also like Death of a Clown and Plastic Man
  20. I have no desire to return permanently, I don't think I could stand the winters. I do have one wish though, that is to return one more time to seen family that I have re-established contact with after decades and see the places of my youth and the beautiful countryside that is the UK. Bugger this Covid, it is robbing me of what may well be my last visit before I get too old to do what I want to do.
  21. If I drink too much Bodega I can't remember anything either
  22. Back in the 70's the pubs in the area where I used to live were often named with a Robin Hood theme, Forest Folk, Home Brewery, a magnificent building, shamefully knocked down to build a Tesco Jolly Friar, Holes Ales, alas, now housing The Archer Home Ales, still going The Sherwood Forester, ??? still going, The Robin Hood, Mansfield Ales, another Tesco, at least they kept the building. The Oak Tree, Mansfield Ales, still going The Little John Mansfield Ales, Just reopened
  23. Pentrich Rising absobloodylutley fantastic RR thanks for posting. I had never heard of the rising so I looked it up on the webulator. Why oh why weren't we taught this local history at school it would have been so much more interesting. When we lived in NSW we often visited Kiama where George Weightman died. There is a monument to him in Kiama. and had I known I would have taken a look at it Photo from Monument Australia . org.au