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  1. Yummo, I'll have some of that nonnaB, just needed some scallops. Is that Marie Rose sauce I spy on those prawns?
  2. Not too many people can tell the difference between the Oz and NZ flags, Hawaii will have to change its state flag too.
  3. Vegemite, disgusting stuff, only good for putting in the dust caps of the trailer bearings. The stuff is around 8.6% salt. High blood pressure alert We tried it with our kids, they took one lick and put it in the bin
  4. My "old" red British license said "All Groups". When I applied for my Australian license the guy in the office looked at it and said "You don't need to do a physical driving test but I will have to ask you some road rule questions". I said OK as I had read up on the rules. He then said "What side of the road do we drive on in Australia" I said "Left" and he said that's correct and issued me with a license.
  5. My dad went to Sicily in July 1943 in a tour group led by General Sir Bernard Montgomery In September 1943 he toured Italy, again led by Montgomery, the tour started around Salerno.
  6. I agree WW a beautifully styled car, there is a red and grey one for sale here at $16500 that would suit me.
  7. Do you remember Winifred Atwell and Black and White Rag, the Theme from Pot Black'
  8. First project I worked on after arriving in OZ was the steering and suspension of the P76 for replacement parts. Built by Leyland at Zetland, one of their two plants in Sydney. It was generally renowned as a lemon, early cars had major build quality problems and reliability issues. Surprisingly it won Wheels Car of the Year in 1973, when it ceased production in 1976 they had built 18,000 of them. Its main claim to fame was that you could put a 44 gallon drum in the boot. (photo from wiki) I learned to drive and passed my test in a HB Viva The LJ Torana in Australia,
  9. Yes Ben, my grandad was a Shippo's drinker and like you as young un I was often sent up to the local offy for a jug of Shippo's bitter. Tasted it once, never again.
  10. M&B Brew Eleven and Home Brewery 5 Star certainly but I cannot remember having any Shippo's beer that I could finish, ugh awful stuff. Luckily only one Shippo's pub in our village.
  11. Good one Ben This is my favourite Hollies track, interestingly it names the members of the group at that time.
  12. Phil, I am not talking about the high end stuff that is made under the control of multi-nationals. They cannot afford to have their brands compromised. I am talking about most of the clothing, poorly sewn together, loose threads everywhere, buttons that fall off at the slightest provocation and not to mention sizing. A properly made Australian shirt is only in the single dollars more expensive. General hardware items nuts, bolts, screws etc that the head comes off or threads strip when tightened with a bit of force. Stuff supposedly made from "stainless steel" that rusts overnig
  13. Re my post above on the same trip I purchased a new 5 litre garden sprayer as I needed to spray the roses and the old one had given up after 10 years. Joy of joy, miracles of miracles I bought one that was not 'Made in China", it was made in France! My mission in life is now to only buy stuff that is made in China as an absolute last resort. I have decided to not feed the dragon that appears hell bent on eating us. Shops should have areas for products that are not Made in China.
  14. Banging on about a pet peeve of mine again, excessive packaging. Went to my favourite hardware emporium today to get some cut off wheels for my angle grinder. Saw a little round tin of twelve for a good price. Got home and found that the tin was fully enclosed in a fairly thick clear plastic, got the Stanley knife to remove that. I then found that the twelve wheels were wrapped in shrink plastic. Removed that and then found that each individual wheel had plastic around the rim. It too me longer to get the packaging of than cut through the rusted bolt I wanted to remove. FFS it's
  15. Good to hear of the UK's success in its Covid vaccination program. We are still bumbling along with our vaccine roll-out we have administered 4,642,703 doses against the government set target for this phase of 13,600,000. If we continue at this rate we wont all be vaccinated until May 2022. Please send us someone that knows how to run a vaccination program as no one in our Liberal (Conservative) led Federal Government appears to know how to do it. In an astonishing revelation the Aged Care Services Minister revealed yesterday that the government did not know exactly how many aged care wor
  16. I agree nonnaB, there are far too many bad pizzas for every good one. My favourite nosh in order of preference is 1) Any form of seafood except whelks, abalone and eels. I'd put prawns and oysters way above lobster. I love any sort of fish and what I wouldn't give for a nice piece of British cod or haddock. 2) Steaks and roast beef come a close second (roast beef and all the trimmings tonight) 3) A good Indian or Chinese dish with a bit of spice to it.
  17. It has kicked off in Melbourne Victoria again with 30 cases that had their origin in a medi-hotel in Adelaide. Some food was delivered to a room with a covid positive guest in it. Shortly afterwards food was delivered to a room close by to a a covid negative person and apparently they caught it from aerosol droplets from the other room. As they were covid negative they left quarantine and flew to Melbourne. Two days later they developed symptoms and tested positive. Melbourne now has 30 cases and has entered a 7 day lockdown. The plonkers that hadn't thought about being vaccinated before are n
  18. Just been on a houseboat on the mighty River Murray with a group of friends. One of the girls made me a gaelic coffee. Took me straight back to the days of Berni Inns. The Sawyers, The Cricketers and the Grosvenor were our favourites.
  19. Played as the Reds ran out onto the pitch in the sixties led by the great Bobby McKinlay Do they ever play this at the City Ground now or is it Mull of Kintyre which is a bloody long way from Nottingham?
  20. Ben, Affer, Trogg and Siddha, I'd be in that, might be a bit slower than last time getting up there. I just wish these brain dead anti-vaxer numpties would get themselves vaccinated so we could all get on with life. Remember walking around Snowdon singing Men of Harlech to these words... March up Snowdon With your woad on Don't give f*ck If you get rained or snowed on.
  21. Ben, another group called The Spinners with some fantastic shots of the UK. The song was all about the "Right to Roam". Written by Ewan MacColl I've walked and climbed in most of the places in this video. I really hope to see some of them again on one last trip to the UK. Stuff this bloody Covid, it is taking away time to do things before I get too old to do them.
  22. Yes they still are but way too expensive for my meagre means, they are actually Swedish. Their iconic 500C was legendary among pro photographers. I'll stick to my Nikon
  23. Skegness for us was only ever the pit trip or day trips as we got older. Mablethorpe/Golden Sands was for proper holidays. Always liked Scarborough