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  1. Seeing these comments reminded me of my favourite cartoon strip Dilbert by Scott Adams. Google Dilbert Consultants or Dilbert Quality and have a laugh. He has it spot on.
  2. LEARNING and leaning more as I get older. It may have been around for centuries but I had never heard of it before yesterday. Being brought up in a colliery village i was not wise to the ways of you country folk Ooo Aarr!
  3. Not just Fords, here in OZ many cars including expensive ones suffer from peeling clear coat paint. It became more noticeable with certain silver and blue GM Holdens and other makes particularly of a certain era. Maybe the water based clear coat broke down under our harsh UV light.
  4. MRS B, As you say you never stop leaning, until a day ago I had never heard of a Medlar in any form, now I find you can use the jelly for any number of things. Apparently it is very good on cold meats and with cheese and it even "starred" in an episode of Midsomer Murders, must have missed that one! I enjoy Quince jelly with cheese and if I see some Medlar jelly I'll give it a go.
  5. I've never heard of a Medlar Tree so I went to Mr. Google and he said in the south west of England it has nicknames such as open-arse or monkey's bottom no wonder it did not taste very good.
  6. We have just had our Queens Birthday long weekend. This brings out the customary awarding of Australian gongs (medals) such as OAM, AM and AO being the most common. I have no problem with the average Joe of Jill getting an award for work they have done for their locality or charitable cause etc and fully supportive of them getting recognition. I do however have a serious problem with Civil Servants, Defence Personnel, Politicians, TV and media, sports persons, pop stars getting awards for doing what they are bl**dy well paid to do. As for the media sports persons and pop stars and their
  7. In days of yore when we had the first digital clocks in cars people only ever read the handbook to change the clock for daylight saving
  8. Yes and my dad, brother and most of my uncles as they all worked at the local collieries. They also had a dudley for their water. When the miners came to the Notts coalfields you would hear the word bait instead of snap. My dad's snap tin always had jam and Caerphilly cheese sandwiches, he said that Caerphilly cheese did not sweat when working in the hot parts of the mine. I never did work in the mines and took my snap in a plastic Tupperware container which we still have, now almost 60 years old. Snap tin Dudley
  9. Brew, it was Rambling Syd Rumpo that nadgered his splod. Round the Horne was classic radio. I still listen to it as it was humour on so many levels.
  10. We tried watching it here in OZ on FTA TV last evening. It started off well as no-one does pomp and circumcision better than the British but later there were just as many adverts as program so we gave up.
  11. Sounded like a very scrappy game and in the end settled by an own goal! Look at the scoreboard as my old coach used to say. Forest promoted Yaaaaay!
  12. I am exhausted after listening to the Stags game last night between 12:30 and 2:00am, not the outcome we all wished for. Going to do the same again tonight, it is half an hour later kick off. Let's hope the Reds can do better and gain promotion back to the Premier league. Just seen news about a crash closing two lanes southbound on the M1 between junctions 23 and 22 for the Lurgerburger area. Hope no one is seriously injured and that it does not result in people getting delayed.
  13. All over for the Stags, comprehensively beaten by Port Vale. No promotion this year. Been listening on a local radio station and will be doing the same tomorrow. it is 2:30 am of to sleep now. Come on you Reds
  14. It is a BIG weekend for local football with two of the local teams playing for promotion at Wembley. On Saturday the Stags take on Port Vale. They drew 1-1 at Field Mill in October, lost 3-1 away in March. On that form Port Vale have to be favourites but I hope the Stags recent form holds them in good stead. On Sunday Forest take on Huddersfield. Forest beat Huddersfield 2-0 away in the league in September, lost 1-0 at home in December and beat them 2-1 at the City ground in the 5th round of the cup. It is going to be a close one and I hope Forest come away with the win that takes th
  15. Who remembers Monkey the Japanese TV series of the late 70s or Micky Dolenz of the Monkees fame in playing Corky in Circus Boy in the early 60s?
  16. Sadly all over for the Magpies with a 1-2 extra time home defeat by Grimsby Town. It is up to Forest and the Stags to fly the Nottinghamshire flag high at Wembley. Anyone going?
  17. A great 0-1 away win at Northampton takes the Stags to Wembley for the play off final. That's Forest and Stags there so Come on You Maggies.
  18. Definately a bit lucky, three missed/saved penalties. Sorry but are going to have to do much better against Huddersfield but here is hoping. Professional footballers missing three penalties to some extent shows what is wrong with todays game. Good luck to the Stags in their second leg against Northampton, it is going to be a tough one too.
  19. Wow Mary. You got to worship the cricket gods at the MCG on Boxing Day, something that so many Australians aspire to do. It is a fantastic stadium when filled to capacity. I put that on par with watching the Sydney Hobart yachts sail out of the Heads at Sydney, also on Boxing Day, from a vantage point on South Head with some crisp white wine or a beer and some prawns.
  20. It certainly was Mary1947 on my wives side of the family she had two aunts who played for Notts womens team one as a wicketkeeper the other as a bowler. They both worked at Players and lived in the Lenton area of Nottingham.
  21. I'd have to say it is the same for womens' cricket too Ben, played in the spirit it was intended to be and the female commentators are so much better than the old has beens telling war stories and ignoring the game.
  22. and sing instead of shouting and screaming and dressing up like pratts.
  23. Did anyone actually watch it? Anyone could have guessed that Ukraine would win with a massive sympathy vote regardless of the quality of the song. Don't know how good it was because I have not heard it. Australia in the Eurovision song contest???? A bloke in a costume that weighed 40 kg and a chain mail veil. Only seen bits on the news, it looked more like an old fairground freak show than a song contest.
  24. Good result for the Reds away against the Blades, should stand them in good stead for getting to the final Stags had a 2-1 win at home against Northampton might be a bit sticky for them in the second leg, good luck to them County, yet to play the final game of the season. I remember when the FA Cup Final was always the last game of the season. The game was nowhere to be found on FTA TV here in OZ. Another final settled by a penalty shoot out, what a load of ballcocks. Another Americanisation of our great game, wont be long before they introduce time outs for the morons with limi