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  1. Sadly today Australia passed a very much unwanted milestone in its battle with covid, 1,000 deaths. Whilst not a huge number compared to the rest of the world every death, anywhere brings untold grief for mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, other family members and friends. This pandemic is a long way from over so get vaccinated and stay safe. The recent surge in cases in NSW has seen a change in their political rhetoric from eliminating the virus to learning to live with it. States like WA, SA, Tas and Qld which at the moment are largely free of community transmitted cases of cov
  2. Go on Phil. get a classic with some style that is easy to get in and out of, you know you want to.
  3. Thanks Phil, there used to be so many good pubs in Southwell, there is a pub that is at the end of Easthorpe where you turn right for Fiskerton and left for Upton it now shows as the Old Coach House but it used to be called something else but I can't remember what.
  4. Been in all of those except the Crown at Rolleston, can't remember that one, but I do remember the Magna Carta and the Unicorn at Gunthorpe and the Reindeer at Edingly, the Wagon at Halam, Some great pubs in Southwell too. Are the Bramley Apple and the Grapes still going?
  5. Time is Tight a true classic and Soul Limbo probably best remembered for the theme for BBC's Cricket coverage during the 70's
  6. I hate sparrowgrass, it makes my wee funny. As for LizzieM having a venison burger "Oh deer!" If I remember correctly the Cross Keys used to be a Kimberley Ales pub
  7. No Jill, Pretty Polly was on Unwin Road Sutton in Ashfield. Closed in 2005, alas long gone, now a Lidl and housing. even the Masons Arms (The Elbow) at the end of Unwin Rd looks as if it is closed for good. They say Lidl will employ 40 people, Pretty Polly employed a thousand! The flat earth economists and joe public have a lot of blame associated with the demise of UK industry.
  8. DJ360, your mention of Blues Incorporated reminded me of Sounds Incorporated
  9. Just noticed that it is now 22 years since Forest were in the Premier League!
  10. Yes Mess, I agree, It is quite likely to be a nought on the Forest side of the scorecard so perhaps the question is how many will the sheep score?
  11. A second string team hammered 4-0 by Wolves at the City Ground BBC Nottingham sports report says Nottingham Forest boss Chris Hughton: "I am incredibly proud of this young group, who would have been excited when they saw the team Wolves put out. "We had to rely on Ethan Horvath to make some excellent saves. Two of the goals were quite soft and, without those, it would have been a credible result for a side that included seven academy lads. "We held them for an hour. I am proud tonight; prouder than I was when we beat Bradford in the first round. We had to work really hard
  12. You are right BK, often heard whilst on the Waltzer or Whiplash at the Goose Fair or during Wakes Week in many of the local towns. Along with many of Johnny and the Hurricanes hits like Rockin' Goose and Red River Rock.
  13. I enjoy watching the women's cricket here in OZ, they look as like they are enjoying playing the game and in the right spirit too. The female commentators are streets ahead of the old hacks that get trotted out each season who only want to talk about their past glories not about the game we are watching.
  14. Fond memories of Cathy's Clown on a caravan holiday at Jinglebells in 1960, their harmonies were just fantastic. Don was the eldest, being born in 1937 and Phil who died in 2014 was born in 1939 Another fading of the soundtrack of my youth.
  15. T This picture is from a post by David Prickett in Past and Present Photos of Mansfield Facebook site. More info on there.
  16. Yet another loss now ten games without a win! According to BBC Nottingham only 2 shots in the whole game and none of those on target. Being able to score has long been a problem for the Reds so what did we recruit during the off season....... defenders. About time for the board and owner to be changed.
  17. 5 TV themes for old Detective or crime based shows. The Theme from Minder - Denis Waterman Eye Level the theme for Van der Valk - The Simon Park Orchestra Maigret - Ron Grainer Midsomer Murders - Jim Parker on the Theramin Vera - Ben Bartlett
  18. As Eddie Izzard says "there is always a back door" https://youtu.be/TKQzqwn-jIM
  19. Yes Ben and the blanket being carried round the touch line for people to throw their loose change in for charity.
  20. A 2-1 home loss to Blackburn Rovers, looks like they will be greasing the bearings on the revolving door to the managers office again. This time there should be a total clearout of all those that are consistently underperforming, players, staff, board and manager. As I have said before there is something fundamentally wrong at the City Ground but I can't quite put my finger on what it is. They have not won in nine games and still struggle to score. It is going to be a hard season.
  21. He was the manager when I first started watching the Reds as a littl'un in the mid fifties. His goal scoring record for Aston Villa still stands to this day. According to my 1959 Football Annual he was the the first player to score a goal at Wembley Stadium.
  22. I really enjoy Flanders and Swan clever lyrics and tunes so many gems that become ear worms. My favourites include The Hippopotamus Song and A Transport of Delight and The Gasman Cometh
  23. The new season has not started well for the Reds 2 games, 2 losses. I remember years ago the recipe for doing well was win at home and draw away. I hope this is not the start of another struggle season. Meanwhile back at Field Mill under Clough junior the Stags have started with two wins.
  24. We decided to have lamb chops, new potatoes and garden peas with mint sauce for tea last night. Fired up the barbie for the chops whilst her indoors did the vegies. As new potatoes are not in season and when they are are very difficult to get the small ones so we had tinned ones.. The lamb was local, as were the peas, the potatoes were quite nice but were marked produce of France! Here in South Australia we grow 80% of Australia's potatoes, what has gone wrong when produce that we grow in abundance cannot be processed and canned in Australia and we have to ship it half way across the plan