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  1. July 6th saw the death of Charlie Daniels aged 83, best known for his hit country classic "The Devil Went Down to Georgia"

    Other hits included Uneasy Rider, (What this world needs is) A Few More Rednecks and Long Haired Country Boy

    He was an accomplished guitar, banjo and mandolin player but an awesome fiddle player as can be seen on many of his recordings.

    RIP Charlie Daniels.

  2. On the 6th July we lost one of the great composers of scores for film and TV, Ennio Morricone aged 91.

    Who can ever forget the theme from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, or those from the other spaghetti westerns.

    If you look at what he has composed you will be amazed at the number of films he has written the scores for.

    Ennio Morricone, a prodigious talent, thank you for the music. 

  3. nonnaB Greensborough is not in any form of lockdown so your cousin is free to come and go at will.

    We have received another batch of ex pats returning from Malaysia and they are now in lockdown in hotels for two weeks with regular testing.

    The restrictions have been relaxed further and we can now stand at the bar and have a beer, restaurants are fully open provided they abide by the latest social distancing rules of one person per square metre. We are still "cautious" but had our first meal out last week so a better form of "normality" is slowly returning. I can assure you that I have no intention of going to Melbourne at the moment. You keep safe too.

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  4. Following an upsurge of cases in Melbourne (Victoria) the state government has put 3,000+ people in nine public housing high rise towers into what they are calling "hard lockdown". At the moment it is expected to last 5 days whilst everyone is tested for Covid 19. They cannot leave their units for any reason other than a medical emergency. The government has allocated 500 police to enforce the lockdown by actively patrolling all floors of the units some of which are 20 storeys high. The residents are saying that they are feeling like criminals and unless this is handled very carefully it will not end well.

    I hope that the opening of the pubs, and restaurants over this weekend in the UK does not lead to a spike in cases, this pandemic is far from over,

    take care everyone.

  5. Here in South OZ we have had three new covid 19 cases after having none for around a month. The difference this time is that they have a source that is from 280 repatriated Aussies that returned from Mumbai on a "mercy" flight and have been put in mandatory quarantine with regular testing.


    Victoria (Melbourne) is still struggling with new outbreaks and have locked down at suburb level in a bid to control the spread. Our borders with Victoria will remain closed beyond the promised reopening date due to the current situation.


    Keep safe everyone, this is not over yet and I hope that the opening of pubs etc on Monday does not result in a spike of new cases.

  6. When we downsized on retirement around 4 years ago we bought a Dyson V10, the latest model at the time and have to say it has been brilliant, used two or more times a day after visits from the dogs, grandkids or me bringing in lawn clippings on the bottom of my boots. We have a mix of carpets and tiles and get a run time of 45 mins on normal and 15 on max power. When finished empty it and plug it in to the wall mounted charger. Just had to invest in a new battery so no complaints here. You just have to clean the filters periodically which you should do on mains powered machines any way

  7. I have decided to go electric cordless wherever possible, no more extension leads that somehow manage to tangle themselves up whilst hanging on a hook. They always get caught on the slightest lump or obstruction and if you have to use more than one to get to far flung parts they are forever coming apart at the join. This does not include them tangling around your feet and being in the way of what it is you are trying to do. No more difficult to start mowers, trimmers, chainsaws etc or getting everything ready for a job and find you have no fuel or have plenty of fuel but the wrong sort, 2 stroke vs 4 stoke. Just clean it down and plug it in to the charger when finished, jobs a gud un.

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  8. According to the latest data Covid 19 has infected almost 10 million people, killed almost half a million and economically has brought the world to its knees.

    The UK (Hong Kong) flu epidemic of 1968/69 and 70, which many of us lived through, is estimated to have killed somewhere between 1 and 4 million people worldwide. It too started in China and persists today as Influenza type A, a seasonal flu, and it killed 30,000 people in the UK yet we did not shut the economy down as we have done this time we just got on with life. During the Hong Kong flu epidemic in the UK sickness benefits claims for influenza peaked at 500,000 claims and around 800 deaths per week with an infection rate of 200 per 100,000 of the population. Between 2014 and 2019 average deaths from flu in the UK were 17,000 per annum.

    The UK has had 310,000 confirmed cases of Covid 19 that has resulted in 43,500 deaths with a population of 66.65 million a 0.47% chance of being infected and a 0.065% chance of dying. In 1970 the UK population was 55.56 million and with 30,000 deaths a 0.053% chance of dying, Covid 19 therefore is more likely to kill you if you get infected, but if you take off the average yearly number of deaths from flu then the impact of Covid 19 is very little different to the Hong Kong flu of the late 60's and early 70's

    In 2017 Australia had 1255 deaths from the flu and in 2019, 902 died from just under 313,000 cases. In 2020 Australia we have had only 7593 cases of Covid 19 and 104 deaths 

    I don’t know about you but to me this begs the question why has this strain brought about economic chaos that it has and what has changed in our psyche that has caused governments to react the way they have particularly here in Australia given that it is far less than a normal flu year. In previous years the level of flu deaths has not raised concern yet this has? What is happening and why have we hit the panic button on this one?

    Is it

    • Governments responding irrationally to media hype

    • Government thinking that it must do something

    • The impact or social media and misinformation

    • Part of an icreasing anti-China sentiment fuelled in part by Trump

    • Ultra-cautious medical and scientific advisors

    • The risk of litigation

    I would be interested in your views



    8 hours ago, Max B said:

    Apparently, it was presented on the pub car park???

    I do, it was on the Dale Lane side of the pub opposite the El Rico café and Madge Duggan's fish and chip shop. The Waltzer, dogems and whiplash always seemed to be there along with the usual side shows, shooting range, coconut shy, hook a duck and some kiddies rides.

  10. Due to an increase in Covid 19 cases in Victoria people have again started panic buying toilet rolls and paper towels. Coles and Woolworths our two biggest supermarkets have imposed limits on purchases across the whole country.

    Idiots who panic buy toilet rolls should be compulsorily sterilised so they cannot pass their genes on to another generation.

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  11. Here in South Australia as of Next Monday social distancing is being reduced to 1 person per two square metres effectively allowing 50% capacity at venues.

    Unfortunately there are still active cases in Victoria and the South Australian government has introduced on line pre approval requirements for all "essential" travellers wanting to come into SA from Victoria. We have opened or borders to all other states.

    Our last confirmed case was almost a month ago and we have only had two cases since 23 April so things are looking positive. However 800 Australians from overseas will be allowed to land in Adelaide soon and taken into supervised quarantine. I hope they manage it properly or else we could have restrictions re-tightened.

    Keep safe and well everyone where ever you are

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  12. Her voice and the words of her songs are writ large in Britain's history and may they never be forgotten. She used these words in her last performance

    "To the brave boys and what they sacrificed for us. They left their families and homes to fight for our freedom and many lost their lives trying to protect us and our liberties."

  13. What you need are Cactoblastis cactorum moths they were one of the most successful biological controls ever used.

    Ben would know where to get them from and how much they cost. 


    Prickly pears were introduced into Australia in 1926 and pioneered by a laboratory (here comes the Nottinghamshire connection) in Sherwood, Brisbane.

    At the time of their release NSW and Qld. had 60 million acres covered by this pest species making it unusable. By 1933 the little moths had done a brilliant job as Qld. had cleared 80% of their cacti and NSW around 55%.

    A really successful application of a biological control unlike the introduction of the Cane Toad which was introduced to control the cane beetle and has become a pest in its own right.

  14. Just had a look at that one philmayfield and I agree it looks stunning but the price is definitely way over the odds. You can get one here in top nick for about the same amount in OZ dollars. RMA, RMB and RME's are quite common collectables here, I'd love one, would have to have two tone paint.

  15. I find the history of rail gauges fascinating. It was only in 1995 that all mainland capital were joined by the standard gauge railway.

    Even today in South Australia the interstate trains (standard gauge) cannot get into the main station in Adelaide as the suburban network runs on "broad gauge" 5 ft 3" and even more stupidly when they do upgrades and build new lines they do not convert them to standard gauge. I do notice that the new lines have sleepers that can accommodate standard gauge.

  16. 10 hours ago, radfordred said:

    Big fan of Lea & Perrin's Worcestershire sauce

    I am too with a dozen plump Coffin Bay oysters and some streaky bacon pieces.

    Oysters Kilpatrick and red wine comprise one of the essential food groups.

  17. 3 hours ago, philmayfield said:

    Apparently chicken salt is a peculiar Australian delicacy made from salt and chicken skins and lots of other disgusting things. I think we should send them missionaries!

    Peter Brinkworth was the first person to make chicken salt back in the 1960's. His original chicken salt included onion powder, garlic powder, celery salt, paprika, chicken bouillon and monosodium glutamate and the yellow colour came from curry powder.


    Modern "chicken salt" does not contain any chicken it is made from  lots of salt but no chicken. There can be paprika, onion, citric acid, garlic, rice flour, pepper, celery seeds and something called "chicken flavour". This is generally made from hydrolysed vegetable protein.

  18. As our Covid 19 restrictions continue to ease we had fish and chips at the beach and on the counter at the chippie was white vinegar and malt vinegar and as usual the choice of plain or chicken salt.

    Do any of you afishianados know which is the "correct" condiment, white or malt vinegar. Definitely not chicken salt, only plain salt and plenty of it.