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  1. 1 hour ago, mary1947 said:

    Never Ever say kaffa to a black person it is very bad word.

    I did some tooling work in Port Elizabeth and was invited by one of the management to a braai (BBQ). During the evening the houseboy brought me a beer and I said "Thank You". The host took me aside and said "You don't say thank you to a kaffa or they get ideas above their station" I said "If any one does something for me I will say thank you regardless of who or what they are" The host never spoke to me again all evening. Was I upset, not on your life.

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  2. Here we go again. On a monster greentop with overcast weather and the ball swinging England had Australia at 12 for 3 wickets with his boot firmly on the Aussies throat. Then our useless plonker of a captain, Root, brought on Wood and persisted with him and totally wasted the opportunity that the green wicket and cloud had brought. Apart from the farcial dismissal of Labuschagne Australia are romping away from England at 204 for 5. Travis Head has just got his hundred and has been caught for 101, Green has 47.

    Joe Root is not captainship material, it is Billings who is providing the encouragement not Root who stands unanimated and mute in his position.


  3. Talking of cars, MG Motor Australia owned by Chinese auto giant SAIC (Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation) Motor Corporation Limited  Owned by the Chinese Government is advertising its' cars during the 5th test with the tag line of "Value Since 1924" What ballcocks the first Chinese manufactured production cars were not manufactured until 1956.

    Surely this is blatant false advertising?

  4. As the test cricket season draws to a close and the tennis season ramps up for the Australian Open our FTA TV stations have saturation coverage of of no hopers playing in warm up competitions. Surely they realise that there are viewers out there that do not like tennis. The fracas about Novax Plonkervich does nothing to improve my view of this pathetic excuse for a sport. Two players, six ball-persons and goodness knows how many lines people, a chair umpire all backed by "Hawkeye" electronic line calls. Having a sit down and a drink every few minutes. What a joke. Even worse the Aussie Rules season has kicked off with the women's competition hijacking prime time on another network. Not a comment on women playing the sport but another winter sport encroaching on summer sports led by the great AFL God$. Football my ar$e, kick it with your hand and we will give you a point for missing.

  5. Listened to it on the radio.

    A win for the Reds and a draw in the cricket what a great weekend.

    Leicester at home in the 4th round should be a cracker. Do't think I'd want to be any where near the City Ground on match day

  6. 2 hours ago, benjamin1945 said:

    Another popular New Zealand butter in the 60s was 'Anchor''............

    Yes Ben I'd forgotten about that, just remembered Irish Kerrygold butter from the 60s too. You can get it in Woolworths here at $A5.50 for 250 grams about twice the price of a local brand

  7. About 4:00am our time. If we could get it I'd be watching. Might get some coverage on BBC 5 live on the radio otherwise I'll just have to settle for looking at the score when I wake up.

    Apparently no replays this year just extra time then penalties. Go You Reds!

  8. All in all a creditable draw and saved the whitewash. As the saying goes "Catches win Matches" and Australia dropped a fair few today which allowed England to scramble the draw.

    I really hope the England selectors wield the axe for the Hobart test.

    Remove Root as captain and allow him to concentrate on his batting. If fit suggest Stokes

    Drop Hameed he has been an abject failure, there must be a Pom going round in our T20 that could fill the spot Suggest Notts player Joe Clarke or Alex Hales

    Drop Buttler he is not a test class keeper and not performing as a batsman, Bairstow if fit, if not Sam Billings

    Drop Leach, largely ineffectual except for the second innings in this test. Liam Livingstone would be my suggested replacement.

  9. HSR It is the last we shall see for a while as the 1931 Census for the UK was destroyed in a fire. The Scottish Census Data was OK as it was stored separately in Edinburgh.

    Due to the WWII there was no census conducted in 1941. I will make an appearance when the 1951 census is released.

    Good luck if ever my descendants try to find me as ever since I had to fill my own census if have consciously not participated in this giant waste of public money.


  10. Apart from giving England a beating in the Ashes we have now taken over the lead in the covid stakes.

    If we adjusted Australia's population to that of the UK our covid infections would be running at 303,000 per day.

    All due to the State Premiers following the Prime Ministers mantra of "for the sake of the economy we must open up". Well, hospitals are really struggling, cases in ICU are growing, increasing numbers are on ventilators and sadly more are dying.

    Many are now scrambling to try and get the genie back in the bottle by re-imposing restrictions that should not have been taken away in the first place.

    Not one of these bastards has had the decency to say to those who have lost loved ones "Sorry we got it wrong"

    West Australia which still has its' lockdowns in place had 1 case yesterday not the 50 or 45 thousand that some states had. Please don't comment about WA's isolation as it is not relevant as Tasmania who had all but eliminated Covid as it was isolated by the Tasman Sea now has over 2,200 cases. It will be interesting to see if WA opens its borders on FEB 5th as planned.


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  11. Having had appropriation bills passed by the House of Representatives Fraser used his numbers in the Senate to continually block supply unless Whitlam called an election for the house of Reps and urged the GG, John Kerr, to dismiss Whitlam if he did not call an election. Whitlam went to the GG to seek his approval to call a half senate elction in a bid to resolve the deadlock. The GG denied that request and dismissed Whitlam and appointed Fraser as caretaker Prime Minister. Agreed, the following election was a landslide for Fraser.

    The Senate still retains its power to block supply and the Governor General still has the power to dismiss government ministers but has not been used since that infamous day.

  12. 3 minutes ago, Brew said:

    And what advantage would Australia have that they don't have now?

    Not having to seek approval of the queens representative in the event of a political crisis e.g. the dismissal of the Whitlam Labor Government.

    We would also save a lot of taxpayer money by getting rid of the Governors General and their hangers on at national and state levels.

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  13. Going to get our booster shots today amid Omnicron running rampant throughout Australia except WA who kept their borders firmly shut. Due to the failure of the Federal Government to plan and act in a timely manner they have decided that a rapid antigen test (lateral flow) positive now does not need a confirmatory PCR test. One outcome of this is we will not know how many people are infected as there is no system in place for reporting positive rapid antigen tests (RAT)

    There is a shortage of RAT test kits as our Federal polliewaffles in Canberra have yet again failed the people of Australia. Luckily? Omnicron  appears much less severe than the Delta strain. Regardless of this it is another Omnishambles brought to you by our conservative Federal Government, this time aided and abetted by many State Governments who had previously done so well followed the mantra of "we must open up" and now have morphed into "Let it Rip".

    To all those who catch covid I wish a speedy recovery and to those who have and will lose loved ones my heartfelt condolences.

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  14. 9 hours ago, Ayupmeducks said:

    I was a "Republican" during my time in Oz, 100% in favour of pulling Oz out of the Commonwealth and having a President.

    We would have been a republic now except that the November 1999 referendum proposed a President elected by parliament. Australia's distrust of our political elite was reflected in the poll. 55% voted No in a 95% compulsory turnout. Strangely enough Queensland led the No vote with 63%. The Yes campaign was led by Malcolm Turnbull who later went on to become our Prime Minister, subsequent poor polling led him to be ousted and our current incompetent bumbling buffoon became Prime Minister in 2018.

    If they had opted for a citizen elected President we would have been a Republic then.

  15. On 1/3/2022 at 10:30 AM, DJ360 said:

    I do think that the 'Honours' system needs a dose of looking at and like everyone else here

    We have a similar system here too. Caused uproar when our then Prime Minister Tony Abbott awarded Prince Philip an Australian knighthood WTF.

    Awards should only go to Joe Public who volunteer their time freely in support of a cause they believe in.

    Certainly not public service mandarins, MP's, members of the armed forces etc. and any one else who got one for doing the job they were paid to do. They should never ever go to celebrities no matter how good their "charitable works" or how much they donated from their gazillions, they do not miss it no matter how much it is and anyway it is tax deductible.

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  16. In words similar to those of the late great John Arlott. "Its a cloudy day here at the Sydney Cricket Ground, Australia have won the toss and elected to bat"

    It looks like the weather will intervene quite often in what has become the "Pink Test" which supports the McGraw Foundation for breast care in memory of Jane McGraw.


    I do not understand the thinking of the selectors having picked essentially the same team which has been obliterated by the Aussies in the previous three tests. Joe Root has started in his usual incompetent manner by not opening the bowling with Wood who at least has speed on his side and has used Broad and Andersen who have been great servants of England but are now little better than medium pace and showed no signs of troubling the opening batsmen