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  1. This evening our Prime Minister has announced that as of Monday midnight all gatherings indoor or outdoor will be limited to two people. This includes private properties.

    Technically it means that you can have no more than one person over to your house. A family of more than two people can take the dog for a walk but they must all live in the same house. If you want to exercise with a friend it can only be two people.

    You can go and visit your parents or siblings but social distancing guidelines are recommended. It is not surprising there is some confusion about how this rule applies

    It is strongly recommended that anyone over seventy should stay at home and self-isolate. if we have to go out we should limit contact with other people as much as possible.

    Here in South Australia we have had 257 cases or 17 per 100,000 residents and luckily no deaths as yet although 6 people are in intensive care.


    My thoughts are with all that have been affected by this virus wherever they are.


    Keep safe everyone

  2. I know we have to take some of the media reports with a pinch of salt but this headline surprised me "Bail out for EFL clubs"

    The media is saying that division one and two players may be put on furlough and be entitled to government help to supplement wages to a maximum of 2,500 pounds a month. I really hope than no taxpayer funds go to the Premier and Championship league prima donnas that get mega money. They should have stashed enough away from their multi million salaries to look after themselves. The should be no money going to the oligarchs that own the clubs either. It also seems that many clubs are laying off their non playing staff, (those who are probably paid the least)

    I believe it would be a good time for many clubs to get rid of their non performing players first. Would they have redundancy agreements in the players contracts?

  3. This is the Aussie version, made from artificial sassafras flavouring liquorice root, vanilla beans and molasses.

    Sarsaparilla is popular here

    None of them are to my taste.

    Much prefer this companies rum

    Image from the Australian Beer and Wine guide

    Bundaberg root beer

  4. Brew and DJ360 In Adelaide as of midday today(6 hours ago) all pubs, clubs, licenced areas of hotels, cinemas, casinos, night clubs, indoor places of worship, gyms and indoor sporting venues are closed, cafes and restaurants can only offer a take away service.

    The politicians say they have done this because people are continually ignoring the social distancing rules. In our part of the state this morning there were groups of people in cafes all sitting close together in ignorance or deliberate flouting of the rules right up to midday.


    I have a solution...……… just shoot one of these morons and one of those hoovering up all the stuff in the shops before anyone else can buy anything, problem solved.


    At least we have bi-partisan political agreement on the actions being taken


    Keep safe and well

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  5. 2 hours ago, AfferGorritt said:

    Did you ever do Chequers Buttress on Froggat

    Very few climb names come to mind after all these years Affer but two that do are the right hand impossible? on Stanage Edge, I tried this on a climbing course with the great climber Joe Brown. It was my first climb in my new Cletts Masters climbing shoes, thought I was the bees knees but the climb was a real struggle and I came off a number of times. Then Joe climbed it, he looked like he had a ladder propped up against the rock face, made it look so easy. The other was at Black Rocks Cromford, the Railway Slab, the challenge there was to climb it in normal hiking boots, it was a doodle in Cletts but a bit of a bugger in hiking boots.

  6. 3 hours ago, trogg said:

    Nice countryside.

    Brilliant photo Trogg.

    That brought back many memories of climbing on Curbar and Froggat Edge and finishing the day with several pints at the Devonshire Arms in Baslow before heading home.

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  7. Thanks for the tip Mess, from now on I'll double my intake of quinine via two large G&T's a day only to help improve my immunity you know.

    Next thing we know the numpties will be panic buying tonic water.


    I am sure that technology exists to stop these greedy selfish people doing multiple visits around all the shops in the area. We have had people driving 300+ kilometres to shop in regional areas, failing that I'd shoot the idiots that are panic buying it would improve the IQ of the planet.

  8. Just been looking at the photos of Maid Marian Way construction on the Post website.

    I only have two words for what the cretins in the council did bloody vandals.

    Definition of a vandal "A person that deliberately destroys or damages property belonging to others"

  9. Woolworths here have announced that they are having dedicated shopping hours for oldies between 7:00am and 8:00am, nice gesture, but if they think I am getting up at that time to go shopping they must be feckin mad.

    Current Australian stats 298 cases, 27 recovered and unfortunately 5 people have died.

    This is out of a population of 25 million. The hotspot appears to be NSW, (Sydney?) with 134 cases not surprising given that it is the state with the largest population and the density of people in Sydney.

    In our little corner of Oz we have 20 cases out of a population of 1.75 million.

    Take care and keep well everyone

  10. I think it may be time to provide some data.

    I admit that * may be distorted by under-reporting or limited testing.

    Our thoughts should be with Nonna and Italy in general as for some reason they have been badly affected.

    Yes we need to be sensible/cautious/careful based on our individual circumstances but absolutely no need for panic buying (and why toilet rolls)

    Country                 Total Cases                Cases per million of population

    Italy                          17,650                            292         Posn 1 out of the top 40 and by far the worst

    China*                      80,817                            56           Posn 13

    France                      3661                               56           Posn 14

    UK                            798                                  12           Posn 27 

    Australia                 199                                   8             Posn 34 

    USA*                        2269                                7             Posn 36 

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  11. Thankfully my wife's mum always wrote on the back of the family photos who, where and when.

    We should do the same with our digital memories by changing the file name from jpg**** to who where and when as they are archived.


    Strangely enough we often get out the old albums but rarely look at the photos on our computer drives

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