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  1. Hi Carni A few corrections and after thoughts. The lads i had trouble with between Balls and Hardys were the Simms, the Woods, two brothers i think,lived at the set back house next to the Memorial Hall. It was always good going around there. The dolls hospital was on the corner at the bottom of Westdale. It was a old derelict house,inside the rooms were full of dolls legs, arms etc. I presume thats where it got its name from. Peppars? chemists down towards Chesterfield Arms had thick soft rubber matts you sank in to.Ithink they were a dak red? Up past the CO-OP there was a hardwear shop set b
  2. You are testing my memory now! Hardys Drive, it was a unmade road then.The first house on the right going down my sister in laws sister lived there.Cath or Kath. i think. At the bottom of the road was a big gate? leading to a big house? the doctors house ? I seem to remember going down there so i presume i must have known someone down there. Between Hardys and Balls there was a family with two lads, possibly Michael Wood and a older brother. The younger one{my age} decided he wanted to fight me ? after i had dealt with it his older brother chased me.Luckily i was a good runner.There was a
  3. Hi Carni Lived on Main Rd, no 18. Front room used to be a green grocery shop. Next door was Leafs the butchers, then Duncroft Ave. Skellingtons the barbers, then Horsepools green grocers. Further down twds. Chesterfield Arms a chemists, Peppars? Across the road from us Richardsons paper shop, i think they moved further up towards Marsdens into a bigger shop There was another small shop across the road from us, Balls, a little old lady, sold sweets. Worked for a short time at Co-Op in the grocery dept. My mate worked round the corner at the mens hairdressers.Co-Op had old wooden counters the
  4. Hi Carni Sunday school in the hall, made to go until i was 15. A cousin was the teacher, was one of the most boring things i can remember. The house next to it had a good apple tree in it Wire fence around it, and a big Pig inside it, someone had to get the Pigs attention then you could run in and get apples. You had to be quick, the Pig did bite. Sunday school at church was better you could sneak off and climb up to the belfry.Cant remember a Xmas tree in Gedling What thread? Apple Tree Lane nearby, and the field next to it used to be good for sledging. The lamp posts on it accounted for qu
  5. Gedling pit gate. Memories for me as well. My Dad worked there and i used to walk up with him to fetch his wages. Never had a meal there, just a giant jam tart, and a huge mug of tea.Walk back down bursting for a wee! Used to go swimming in pit top lake. We had a raft up there. Nearly got into trouble once diving in with all my clothes on, and had trouble getting back on the raft. I also had a packet of Park Drives in my shirt pocket. Had bought them for my sister in law who had supposed to have packed up. Dad used to sing take me back to the black hills as we walked up to the pit.Sitting
  6. Probably the last year at Priory Road Junior School was my first caning.. We had a tennis ball on the ground and were throwing stones to hit it. I hit it and the stone shot up and broke the class room window. There was a more painful one at Priory. Hold your arm out,clench your fist, and you were hit across your knuckles with a ruler. There was a boy there,Robert Pilsworth who kept moving his hand out of the way, cant remember the outcome. The teacher was a woman,probably a Miss Peachy, but i am not sure. Chandos just once {already on one other forum}. I can remember the public executions h
  7. I was questioned about the " pretty windows murder" Had to go to the police station opposite Victoria Baths. I had been at my girlfriends,and was reported as not at home by my dads partner!! About my only claim to fame!
  8. Went to the Gay Cafe a lot in the late 50,s. Lets see what i can remember. Two table tennis tables, one dartboard,used both a lot.A jukebox,can remember playing Eddie Cochran a lot. We even had a word with the bloke who changed the records to make sure he stayed in.Dancing! NO, despite what i have told my children i was never born to dance. Used to regret it then, and still regret it now.To much to drink and i could manage a quick grope that was my lot.I seem to remember the cafe got hold of a bus, and went to see Bantam racing at Mallory Park.One of the lads from the club drove it. Also see
  9. I can remember going to this picture house and staff walking down the aisles and spraying something around!!