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  1. On me Mam's side, one of her brothers, therefore my uncle, has managed to trace our family tree all the way back to 1649 when the family was based in Lambley. Meks me even prouder to know that I have roots in Notts dating back 370 years at least.
  2. 50NAU had already had major front end repairs prior to the photo shown. As you will note it has a BET style front windscreen and lower panels in the same style as Fleetlines 95-159
  3. Having watched the various obituary pieces on the news channels, I cannot help but think that the Muppets' drummer, Animal, was modelled on Ginger Baker.
  4. We went to Saltfleet, about four miles up the coast from Mablethorpe, at the end of September. There isn' t a beach just a marshy area of ground, which has a large notice warning of unexploded ordnance. Could this be the site that Willow refers to?
  5. Mercurydancer, I wonder if you know one of my referring colleagues from Northampton, Terry Whenham, as he also conducts WW1 battlefield tours.
  6. KatyJ, yes Lincolns were the round shortcake like biscuits, with lots of pimples on them.
  7. Getting back to biscuits, I really miss Lincoln biscuits. They haven't been made since Crawford's factory, in Carlisle, was flooded in November 2009. Anybody want to join me in starting a campaign to brink back the Lincoln biscuit?
  8. Best chips are cooked in beef dripping
  9. Lived the first three years of my life on Deepdene Way.
  10. 120 years ago today, my Maternal Grandmother was born
  11. I never realised David Pleat was a Nottingham lad.
  12. Yes, but he runs the USA!!!
  13. Ah, the Darwinian death theory. Stops the idiots passing their genes on.
  14. Beekay, I don't have any photos that are easily uploadable at the moment. However given that this thread relates to Aspley Lane, you might remember an accident in 67/68 involving Regent V , number 270, (apparently not a popular bus). Dad was running light after a schools run to take up a 53 on Western Boulevard, when a car pulled out of a side turn just by the dentist's. He managed to avoid the car that pulled out on him, but badly damaged a brand new Volvo, much to the chagrin of the owner who was having some dental work done at the time.