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  1. Colin Slater, the voice of Notts County has passed away at the age of 87. Along with Jimmy Sirrel and Jack Wheeler, Colin will be forever remembered by all of us who "worship" at Meadow Lane.
  2. I can't understand why vegans want their food to look like meat. If your vegan, fine, but don't pretend you're not by tarting your food up as something that its not. You wouldn't want us meat eaters disguisung a steak as a carrot.
  3. Lizzie M, the Nottingham Chamber of Commerce should be able to notarise any documents that you need.
  4. Trolleybuses were certainly exempt from road tax
  5. It was never taxed/licenced as 73RTO, so the registration was surrendered. Its first use on public roads was in 1964 so it did not need taxing until that date and it was thus eligible for the B suffix registration, ATO73B
  6. Fleetline 73 did not eneter service until 1964 as it was used to develop a new and improved heating system, hence its B suffix registration.
  7. LIzzie, it was where my Mam and Dad met in 1962, so without the Palais, in all probability, I wouldn't be here now.
  8. I've got a lot to be thankful for from the Palais. I wouldn't be here without it
  9. Why is it the so many Nottinghamians can't spell MAID MARIAN WAY correctly, its an A not an O!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. An absolute menace. Here in Northampton they are ridden by people with absolutely no road sense.
  11. Margie, all of the Arnold services were re-numbered into the 55- 59 series in March 1983
  12. Mess' post says that he used the 40 motorbus to get to his first job to Wilford in 1967. In that case it would most certainly have been a motobus as the last trolleybuses ran on the 40s and 47s on Saturday 9th October 1965 (coincidentally the day that my wife was born)
  13. Not forgetting the Manchester front as fitted to the Daimler CV/CS/CC series
  14. Replying to the Pianoman. It was called the St Helens front as St Helens Corporation first specified the scalloped front nearside wing on the so-called "new look front" to give better kerbside visibility when drawing up to stops. Notty Ash is correct in his assertion that this was the last Albion/Leyland Lowlander built. IIRC I think that this bus was either badly damaged or destroyed in the same arson attack at Ruddington that destroyed NCT's AEC Renown 370 and Leyland Atlantean 523, along with South Notts' 117,the last Leyland Fleetline to be built.
  15. NCTs excellent maintenance standards have always made their buses popular buys on the second hand market.