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  1. Cold roast pork cobs, using dripping pork dripping as a spread instead of butter. Food of the gods.
  2. Hi Lizzie, the Branston pickle shortage has been caused by a product recall, as a batch has been found to have bits of plastic in it.
  3. Margie, I remember watching Survivorrs back in the '70s.
  4. Given the current sate of the world, Kenny Rogers certainly knew when to fold 'em
  5. Mess, which village was this. I am not afraid to name and shame.
  6. It didn't all go smoothly with the Bulwell OMO allocations. The original plan was that Bulwell would get some of the older Fleetlines, whilst the deopt chairman of the TGWU was demanding an allocation of new Atlanteans, 586-611. There was much toing and froing between management and the TGWU, I know,as I heard one half of the many eveinng phone calls in the spring of '75, before the compromise was struck and the entire batch of Willowbrook bodied Fleetlines went to Bulwell depot
  7. Hi Totongirl, the Hucknall Road routes you mention were on the "Bagthorpe" rota and were the first to be converteed to OMO (One Man Operation) in January 1970. Hence the reason for the Fleetlines and Atlantans being used on them. As at that time the drivers were still handling cash and issuing tickets from "Ultimate" ticket machines they couldn't leave their cabs to change the rear blinds. To my eye the OTO-M batch of Atlanteans were the finest examples of the Nottingham Standard.
  8. Ben, sorry but that Forest programme would be about 18 months before the Cup Final win over Luton in 1959
  9. Fully agree with you Mess, but does anybody else see the irony in a thread entitled Litter being started by Mess
  10. Mention of Arnold Lane, reminds me didn't he have a strange hobby?
  11. My Dad certanly thought so back in the early seventies when she was at GEM in West Bridgford for some reason, and he was driving the GEM bus. Had his photo taken with her, and was like a dog with two d***s for weeks.
  12. an old fashioned millionaire. Wasn't that sung by Eartha Kitt?
  13. Hi Bing, I remember mi Mam buying all of my school shirts and trousers from Fords, Clifton from 1970-77
  14. Ben, I have to agree that Northampton is a good place to live, but its still not a patch on Nottingham.