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  1. Ah, the Darwinian death theory. Stops the idiots passing their genes on.
  2. Beekay, I don't have any photos that are easily uploadable at the moment. However given that this thread relates to Aspley Lane, you might remember an accident in 67/68 involving Regent V , number 270, (apparently not a popular bus). Dad was running light after a schools run to take up a 53 on Western Boulevard, when a car pulled out of a side turn just by the dentist's. He managed to avoid the car that pulled out on him, but badly damaged a brand new Volvo, much to the chagrin of the owner who was having some dental work done at the time.
  3. Beekay, my Dad is Clive Johnson. He started as a conductor on the trolleybuses from Bulwell in 1963 and moved to Bilborough depot in 1965 when he passed his PSV test to be a driver. He would have been 23 when he moved to Bilborough depot, his first regular conductor was a lady called Jackie, and then he was paired with a bloke called Keith. He transferred to Parliament St in 1969 after we moved to Clifton. Do you remember him?
  4. At least we've still got a club to support, unlike the poor boggers that follow Bury, who may well go to the wall by the end of next week.
  5. Spent many a Sunday morning up there in the early 70's watching Dad play for NCT.
  6. Compo, the bus in your photo is an AEC Regent III, with Park Royal bodywork. I think the only NCT buses with Weymann bodies were AEC Renowns, numbered 351 -385. In the timetable the official listing for the 22 terminus was Bells Lane Estate (Deepdene Way).
  7. Beekay, Totongirl is correct, Bulwell depot were allocated Fleetlines 79-94, once the trolleybuses finished along with Atlanteans, from 420 - 444.
  8. Oztalgian, thanks for the clarification. I got the wrong end of the stick. (Hopefully the Aussie batsmen will do the same come Thursday).
  9. Shameful that the Royal Flying Doctor Service is not supported by the Aussie government.
  10. The one charity that I support is the RNLI. Considering that we are a maritime nation, it is scandalous that this service is not founded by government funding in the same way the the ambulance, fire and police services are.
  11. Now we can concentrate on regaining our League status.
  12. Victoria Wood's "Two Soups" sketch is comedy at its finest. When we are out for a meal and I hear a waitress repeat back "Two soups" I always have to stifle a giggle and it normally means I get kicked in the shin by Mrs Deepdene Boy.
  13. We used to transport our criminals to Van Diemens' Land, so it would just be carrying on a centuries old tradition
  14. Oz, perhaps you could invite all three of them down under and then send them on walkabout. Would be doing the rest of the world a massive favour.