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  1. Deepdene Boy

    The Last Nottingham Trolley Bus

    Jill, I suspect that your sister was just one of many. Dad always did this too. First pantomime that at I went to see at the Theatre Royal starred Harry Worth in Babes in the Wood, would have been 1969, 1970 or 1971.
  2. Deepdene Boy

    Notts County

    Den, yes the club's official title is Clifton All Whites FC, as per their Nottinghamshire FA registration. The FA also accepted this as they were listed as Clifton All Whites in the FA Vase draw.
  3. Deepdene Boy

    Notts County

    The way things are going, I might have to start following Clifton All Whites
  4. Deepdene Boy

    Whatever happened to......?

    Stephen Ford is still alive and well. He posted on the Old Bus Photos forum on Saturday. Incidentally Catfan has been conspicuous by his absence lately, does anybody now why?
  5. Deepdene Boy

    The Last Nottingham Trolley Bus

    Barrie, the 22 used to have its terminus at the bottom of Deepdene Way
  6. Deepdene Boy

    The Last Nottingham Trolley Bus

    Barrie, if you wear at Bilborough in the mid to late 60s, you must have known my Dad, Clive Johnson.
  7. Deepdene Boy

    All Kinds of Everything.

    Yes, one of the Willowbrook bodied Fleetlines. This batch was allocated to Bulwell in 1975 when the 35, 42, 43, 44, 46, 71, 75 and 85 were converted to OMO. Catfan would have driven this on many an occasion.
  8. Deepdene Boy

    Glapton school, Clifton

    I went to Glapton school, started in the infants in September 1970, left the junior school July 1977. Played for the school football team 1976/77, won the league, unbeaten, and we drew in the county cup final and the trophy was shared. No penalty shootouts back then.
  9. Deepdene Boy

    Buses in Nottingham

    Join the Campaign for Real Bus Liveries
  10. Deepdene Boy

    Buses in Nottingham

    Same bus, just a slight alteration to the lettering. It is due for withdrawal by the end of the year. I love to see the entire fleet repainted back into green and cream rather than the myriad of route branded abominations that they currently wear.
  11. Deepdene Boy

    Buses in Nottingham

    The Wigan link would that the bodies were built at Wigan, by Northern Counties Motor Engineering.
  12. Deepdene Boy

    Buses in Nottingham

    AEC Swift with Northern Counties bodywork.
  13. Deepdene Boy

    Buses in Nottingham

    Yes, with Willowbrook bodywork.
  14. Deepdene Boy

    You couldn't make it up.

    Didn't even know there was such a thing as a white power salute. Next thing you know the French will taking offence to our reversed V-sign salute. (Remember Agincourt)
  15. Deepdene Boy

    How's your day?

    Best news I've heard today