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  1. Is there anybody that played club cricket in the 80s that didn't at some time replicate Bob's iconic run up?
  2. Both Clive James and Jonathan Miller would have made fabulous dinner guests, and Gary Rhodes would have ensured the food was excellent. The world is a poorer place for the loss of ll three of them.
  3. You might have done on 55s between October 65 and September 68, but I would have been a babe in arms and then a toddler.
  4. BK, it would have been from September 68 until November 73, when my Dad brought a car.
  5. RR, smashing photo. Brings back many memories. The Co-op had a bakery just inside the front door and on Saturday mornings I would be treated to a sausage roll before we caught the 53 to Crown Island on our way to visiting my Nan in Bilborough. (We caught the 60 from the Crown up to Burnside Green). I can also remember my parents being a three piece suite from Ideal Homes. I think that the next shop to the left, just out of shop would have been Fourbouys or perhaps Booths greengrocers.
  6. The early Notts and Derby AEC trolleybuses had a dummy radiator fitted. Certainly not bi-mode just electricity.
  7. Compo, I look forward to seeing many more of your photos (but not necessarily of otter poo) now that you have solved the glitch
  8. Dire Straits' Telegraph Road has great lyrics, telling the tale of the rise and fall of Detroit.
  9. On me Mam's side, one of her brothers, therefore my uncle, has managed to trace our family tree all the way back to 1649 when the family was based in Lambley. Meks me even prouder to know that I have roots in Notts dating back 370 years at least.
  10. 50NAU had already had major front end repairs prior to the photo shown. As you will note it has a BET style front windscreen and lower panels in the same style as Fleetlines 95-159
  11. Having watched the various obituary pieces on the news channels, I cannot help but think that the Muppets' drummer, Animal, was modelled on Ginger Baker.
  12. We went to Saltfleet, about four miles up the coast from Mablethorpe, at the end of September. There isn' t a beach just a marshy area of ground, which has a large notice warning of unexploded ordnance. Could this be the site that Willow refers to?
  13. Mercurydancer, I wonder if you know one of my referring colleagues from Northampton, Terry Whenham, as he also conducts WW1 battlefield tours.
  14. KatyJ, yes Lincolns were the round shortcake like biscuits, with lots of pimples on them.