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  1. Deepdene Boy

    Buses in Nottingham

    I am not certain but it looks a bit like the depot that Trent took over in the early 1970s, just down from NCT on Parliament Street.
  2. Deepdene Boy

    Whatever happened to......?

    Ben, no I left Nottingham just before my 12th birthday. I have done all my reffing since I have lived in Northampton. Closest I get to Nottingham is Melton Town and Holwell Sports, both of whom play in the United Counties League
  3. Deepdene Boy

    Whatever happened to......?

    Ben, it is generally accepted that as long as the ball passes through the vertical plane, rather than having to go right behind the players head then the throw in is deemed to be legal. Who wants to see numerous throw ins being retaken, rather than just getting on with the game.
  4. Deepdene Boy

    British Film Institute NEP article and links

    More Derby and Burton on Trent, than Notts.
  5. Deepdene Boy

    Whatever happened to......?

    Ben, Radford Red, as an active referee, I can answer your questions regarding the Laws of Association Football. Indirect free kicks are only awarded for technical offences, such as offside, impeding an opponent's progress with out making contact with an opponent (any contact results in a direct free kick), dangerous play, such as a high foot (again when no contact is made with the opponent). All penal offences are punished by direct free kicks. Regarding the kick off, the June 2016 FIFA IAB law changes, remove the need for the ball to be played forward at a kick off.
  6. Deepdene Boy


    Make it legal to machine gun middle lane hoggers on motorways
  7. Deepdene Boy

    Buses in Nottingham

    Ian, I think that the picture of Fleetline 110 on 39s is actually at Carlton.
  8. Deepdene Boy

    Buses in Nottingham

    Roy Marshall did indeed take the photo, alas he passed away 2/3 years ago. I believe that he bequeathed his huge photo collection to be made available to publishers for use in future books.
  9. Deepdene Boy

    Then and Now

    Mick, my records show the 46 as a short working between Trent Bridge and Beastmarket Hill only
  10. Deepdene Boy

    Then and Now

    Mess, the 42 was essentially a short working of the 43, which operated at peak periods to enhance capacity between Northern Baths and Beastmarket Hill/Processional Way.
  11. Deepdene Boy

    Things our parents used to say

    Compo, haven't heard that in years, but my Mum, who originated in Dunkirk and then move to Bilborough would often say to Dad, "You feeny bogger" when he was annoying her.
  12. Deepdene Boy

    Maid Marian Way

    One of the Park Royal bodied batch 46 - 63 (46 -63 NAU)
  13. Deepdene Boy

    Three words to sum up your day

    British Grand Prix
  14. Deepdene Boy

    Buses in Nottingham

    Mick, would love to hear your memories.
  15. Deepdene Boy

    Buses in Nottingham

    Mick, thanks for the info. Given the peak time frequency of the 31s and 50s, my April 1975 timetable shows every three and three quarter minutes, it would have been hard not to be following the service bus