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  1. Buses in Nottingham

    Mick, Trent had Leyland Olympians whilst they were still part of the National Bus Company. Once they were privatised via a MBO, Trent's next double deckers were Volvo Citybuses, with underfloor mid-engines. These were the same chassis that NCT had on their fleet numbers 301-346, and also the experimental pair 398/399. Northampton Transport also had a sizeable fleet of these and they were very well liked by the local drivers.
  2. More trolley buses:

    Jonab, they would have been Bell Punch Ultimate tickets, and they were also used on the motorbuses. The last ones were finally phased out in 1985 when the Clifton Estate services became one person operated.
  3. More trolley buses:

    Yo u can't beat that wonderfully melodious AEC transmission whine, from the Renowns and Regent Vs from about 1:55 onwards
  4. Sucky Bogger!

    Yes we lived at 54 Deepdene Way, but only until just before my 3rd birthday, then we moved to Clifton
  5. Sucky Bogger!

    Katy, that fits in with some of the other posts, as Mum was born in Dunkirk and moved to Bilborough when she was seven.
  6. Sucky Bogger!

    Katyjay, that's the definition that I knew as a kid. When I lived in Clifton, I remember being with my Mum and passing a girl with just the look you describe and Mum saying: " She's a sucky looking so and so"
  7. Midland station

    Surely the Council House is a notable piece of architecture
  8. Nottingham transport

    Clive Rice surely deserves this honour
  9. Buses in Nottingham

    Trent Barton had some
  10. Nottingham & Notts Books

    Geoff Atkins was the doyen of Nottingham bus photographers
  11. The Villages Of Glapton and Clifton

    How interesting, I lived on Glapton Lane for nine years and attended Glapton Infants and Junior School from September 1970 until July 1977
  12. Catfan's Blog.

    Mick, pleased to see your back home and firmly on the tramtrack, sorry, road to recovery.
  13. North or South

    Margie, I am proud to say that despite leaving Nottingham over 40 years ago, I still have my Nottingham accent, granted that it does become broader when either back "home" or speaking with relatives. Also when referring in local football here in Northants, I do get some funny looks when telling players to Gerronwithit, or when not giving them a free kick, telling them "There's nowt there".
  14. North or South

    Going by accents, I would agree that the south starts as you leave Leicestershire, into Northamptonshire. Market Harborough, Leics has a definite East Midlands flat vowel sound as in grass, path, bath etc. Yet just two miles south on the A508 you come to the village of Great Oxendon, Northants and its all long vowels (barth, parth etc)