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  1. Margie, all of the Arnold services were re-numbered into the 55- 59 series in March 1983
  2. Mess' post says that he used the 40 motorbus to get to his first job to Wilford in 1967. In that case it would most certainly have been a motobus as the last trolleybuses ran on the 40s and 47s on Saturday 9th October 1965 (coincidentally the day that my wife was born)
  3. Not forgetting the Manchester front as fitted to the Daimler CV/CS/CC series
  4. Replying to the Pianoman. It was called the St Helens front as St Helens Corporation first specified the scalloped front nearside wing on the so-called "new look front" to give better kerbside visibility when drawing up to stops. Notty Ash is correct in his assertion that this was the last Albion/Leyland Lowlander built. IIRC I think that this bus was either badly damaged or destroyed in the same arson attack at Ruddington that destroyed NCT's AEC Renown 370 and Leyland Atlantean 523, along with South Notts' 117,the last Leyland Fleetline to be built.
  5. NCTs excellent maintenance standards have always made their buses popular buys on the second hand market.
  6. With regard to the picture of the East Midland Leyland Atlantean operating in Oxford, this would have been in 1973 when City of Oxford Motor Services were suffering from a severe vehicle shortage. They had to hire in a large number of vehicles including a number of NCT's Northern Counties bodied Daimler Fleetines from the 64-94RTO batch.
  7. Can't say that I am a fan of route branding, as no matter how hard an operator tries a wrongly branded bus will eventually end up on anincorrect route, causing needless confusion to the travelling public. Green and cream buses with red wheels, and properly set destination blinds, is how NCT should be.
  8. I remember playing in a school football match for Glapton against Stanley on a pitch close to Gerard's soap works. The air was thick with the smell of the soap and by the end of the match you could taste nothing but soap.
  9. Hi Mitch. I think that the protection point being at Woodland Drive dates back to when Notts & Derby operated trolleybuses through to Ripley. N & D and NCT had co-ordinated services as far as Cinderhill Island and it may be that the Act of Parliament that granted trolleybus operating powers stipultated that the protection point was Woodland Drive.
  10. Milton Jones is the best of the current crop. Some may find his humour "off the wall", but he had me in stitches dt Northampton's Derngate Theatre back in 2012/3 and he didn't need to swear to do so. (Not that swearing bothers me).
  11. Hi Barry, it was all the West Bridgford services that went from South Parade, 11, 12, 14, 21 & 24 uses it as their town centre terminus
  12. The engines were 8.2 litre (510 cubic inches) turbo charged. They suffered with being too light on the front end, which caused understeer and braking problems on wet or icy roads.
  13. Fellow Nottstalgians, I require a little help. We are in the process of clearing my late Father's house and I have come across a small medal engraved N.G.W.H.S.C. 1927-8 followed by the name of my maternal grandfather. Can anybody throw any light on to what these initials may stand for? I believe that my grandfather may have ben a keen gardener.
  14. I remember as a mkid in thearly seventies getting a Bontempi "electric" guitar one Christmas. It was only last night when I saw Hank's Stratocaster that I realised that was what it had been based upon.
  15. Just a quick heads up. Interetsing looking programme on The Shadows at 9.30 this evening on BBC4
  16. Bk, you're correct. Red Kites take carrion and don't predate on live animals. Since John Paul Getty III re-introduced Red Kites on his estate down in the Chilterns, thay have been one of the great success stories. Where I live just north of Nothampton it is very common to see them soaring on the thermals.
  17. Sue, you have my sincere condolences
  18. Rob, you have my thoughts and condolences. It certanily sounds as if your wife's aunt had a life lived to the fulllest.
  19. Lest they never be forgotten. Nottingham will always stand shoulder to shoulder with Liverpool. YNWA
  20. Thank you to everybody that has taken the time and effort to over their condolences. It is a source of great strength to the family and will help us to move forward, as Dad would have wanted.
  21. Not a great day, as my Dad (Clive Johnson) passed away at 1030 this morning. Dad would have been known to some of the members on her and also some of the casual visitors as he worked for NCT from 1963 through to December 1976, when he left to take up a full-time position with the TGWU in Burton-on-Trent. He started as a conductor on the trolleybuses at Bulweel depot and transferred to Bilborough depot once he passed his PSV test in 1966. Following our move to Clifton in September 1968, Dad continued at Bilborough depot, until the spring of 1969 when he was able to transfer to the spare rota a
  22. One of the best "shot stoppers" of the past 60 years
  23. Nonna B, can't say I have alot of sympathy for the majority of Americans. After all, they voted Trump into power
  24. Cold roast pork cobs, using dripping pork dripping as a spread instead of butter. Food of the gods.