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  1. Chulla, Very nice of you to post the photos. I haven't been back to this site for a while now and just saw your posts. It's well after the time my mom would have been here but I had a keen look at the names. By the way, I contacted the school and asked if they had any records of my moms from the 1940's and they replied with one piece of paper that they had in a folder which mentions 11 students names and their birth dates. All the birth dates are in the '36 to '37 time period. Also on this paper is their ranking in the class... Tony Brown Pauline Owen (my mom)
  2. Thanks very much RGR. We were also among the last to leave Langar and went to Moose Jaw!
  3. I am looking for anyone with copies of the "Langar Log" a Royal Canadian Air Force magazine or journal publised for Canadian military members located in Langar, Notts.This magazine was published from 1953 to 1963 monthly. I would like to scan copies of them and publish them online for people to freely view them. I could pay postage both ways for me to scan and return them to you or purchase them outright from you. Thank you very much for any help you can provide me with this project. I was born in Nottingham in 1961 and my father was a member of the RCAF in Langar from about 1958 to 1963. R
  4. Thanks very much for the comments people have made... I could well be wrong on the dates and my mother may be younger in this photo that I thought. I always remember my mother talking about a teach named Stone and another name Pool... Kevin
  5. Does anyone remember anyone in this photo? My mother is second row from front fourth from the right, Pauline Owen (now Kibbe) photo would have been taken arounnd 1949. My mom was born in 1937 and I 1961 in Nottingham. Regards, Kevin Kibbe