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  1. Trickymicky, I'm glad you've remembered cos I've bin racking my brains trying to remember you, but I remember quite a few from your list, The other bit I couldn't get my head round was that I was in the EDE side and you were in the EDM side, but at least we know now
  2. Actually Lizzie I think he was injured at the time of the photo.
  3. Ha Ha you're right there Mick you def don't want to look like that. Lizzie this s the photo I was talking about It's ROF football team taken around 1970/71 I'm on the front row first on the left and I think Steve Button is directly behind me.
  4. Hi Lizzie I knew Steve Button used to play footy for ROF with Him. I've got a picture of the team I'll try and find it and load it up if I can.
  5. Tommy Hall, he was like the proverbial brick s**thouse. I had Denis Daft / stephens. I think there was only Stu who dint have long hair then, he was going thin in his early twenties Yes trickyMickey thats me what year did you start.
  6. Hi again lads, Hi tricky Micky, like BeestonMick sez we were both on Maintenance in the late 60s and 70s. I left in 77 and went to work at William Watts at Lenton Ind. estate, does any of that ring any bells.
  7. excellent Mick, just make sure you have a good internet connection, I'm watching the footy at the moment in HD, triffic picture and no buffering.
  8. why don't all the unemployed people who want a job really bad go to that place called jeopardy I've heard there's loads of jobs there.
  9. They're the ones Lizzie L shape room was brill. You're right there Mick
  10. # 14 you've got a good memory Lizzie I couldn't remember the name
  11. god that green cortina,somebody nearly wiped it out when i was driving down kings meadow road, n he just drove straight across midland terrace I think it was called, only a year old it was. I remember you having that NSU then you had a fiat 124 I think cremorne at dinner time three pints then back and try to act like we were sober, I remember Mick Pike he got up to some things I used to love it down the dungeon, I was only on about it to my sister cos she went there as well last week,things we used to do getting a pass out to go to the sawyers arms or the sal I remember jumping in somebodys m
  12. Dave Michelle, theres another name,he left ROF quite early I remember we used to go to the cafe at the top of Griffin & Spalding when we were at college wonder what happened to him.
  13. Barry duberry that was his name yeah he sprayed my LI. Used to go to skeggy with him and some girls on the back Luckily no relation to prescott he stole my handle
  14. Hi Mick Its an SX 200 mate I bought one last year to restore nearly there with it
  15. Ayup you lot,Ive bin lurking for a long time on this site,so I thought I'd say hello. I grew up in sneinton went to Greenwood Bilateral, worked at ROF Then William Watts before moving away,now living in mansfield but my heart still belongs in Nottingham