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    Art, singing, playing music, Nottingham history ( specially Broxtowe/strelly and places I worked in) gardening, photography, biographies, WI, Cuppa Club.
  1. Am so sorry Stu, I typed on the wrong name to your reply re- nativity.... Oops !.:-D
  2. That's the one!. Giga nottsagian. The Nativity was wonderful to us youngsters.
  3. Hi I remember a Mary Booth and John Booth, and Oldhams on Westleigh road, next to the allotments entrance they lived.
  4. Who remembers the nativity scene that used to be out side the church at the top of Mansfield road. It became a tradition in our Family for our parents to take us to see it.
  5. Hi Iandawson, that would be a different Wagstaff, ours had no e at the end of it. However, there were Wagstaffes ( with an e) living down Woodfield Road ,Broxtow.
  6. Have just read through all your kind and interesting welcome messages. Thank you all so much,so here goes with who I am/was. I was born Sheila Wagstaff, from the meadows I moved to 64 westleigh road Broxtowe in 1952. Moved to Wales in 1983, in 1984 changed to my new name (Siwla Virago )by deedpoll.I found myself as they say !. So, does anyone here remember the 'Waggys' off Westliegh Road ?. Be nice to here from folks that duz.
  7. Just saying hello as a new comer to Am finding my way around the site, a bit like being in a new school or in a new town at the mo.

    1. Banjo49strelly


      I was born May 6th 1949.

  8. Does anyone remember a children's drama called 'The Silver sword ' ?.
  9. Hi, am new to this. I was born down the meadows, I lived on Goodhead street, went to Bosworth road school till I was three then moved to Broxtow in 1952.Went to seagrave infants then player school. Am hoping to maybe find some old school friends on here and also do some reminiscing about Nottingham.