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  1. Much appreciated Cliff Ton. Do you think Nottingham City Council would provide any useful information re: premises shown ?
  2. Many thanks to those concerned. Is there such a thing as an annual 'meet-up' by the way ?
  3. Oh, well thankyou for the threads anyway.
  4. Rarely visit this site but like to now and then. Does anybody remember a nursery of sort on Highurst Street. I was born on Bentick Road opposite the Ukranian Club and attended some such place in the early fifties but remember nothing. Moved to Forest Road East in 1954 and am very interested in this part of Nottingham as it used to be. I believe Jill and Cliff Ton may help.
  5. Thanks Ian. Did Peachy Street connect with South Sherwood Street and which years did you live there - if you don't mind me asking ?
  6. What happened to Ristes further down from the Vernon. Nice motors if you could afford it.
  7. Know what you mean Waddo but back in the day this area was referred to as Sandfield and quite a select area in which to live. Not sure that the High Schools would be situated in this vicinity had they have known how it is today not to mention the wonderful houses and two parks etc. Time waits for no man as they say. Any one got a spare screw for my Tardis - Wilko's is shut !
  8. I've got some photos of Nrth Sherwood St and Forest Road but am unable to transfer them onto this website. notfickjustdontnonote ... .. .
  9. At last! My 'Tardis' broke down and had to walk all the way back. I love this website but am fumbling and f*rting about too much. Does the Arboretum crowd still meet up - I seem to recollect that they did once a year or so. Also, could do with lessons on competence re. website usage. Don't understand this third party business for photo displays. Think there was an Off Licence top of Sherwood St called Reeves and another further up just past the Jewish cemetery Two paper shops, wireless shop, Saracens Head and Sir Charles Napier, stamp Shop on Forest Road East. I lived on
  10. Never met these chaps Ian as I moved to Alexander Park in 1964 but thanks anyway
  11. Shot Off in my Tardis is spot on. Haven't heard the nut case one since the 60's. On top of that I'm still trying to figure out how to wind up my computer. Getting together over a beer seems much easier to me.
  12. The 1954 map shows a building situated in the middle of Highurst St, Althorpe St, Montford St and Greek Street. The only wording is Nursery School. Apparently, before around 1945, Fairfield St ran right across it from Highurst St to Montford St. Still trying to find out more about Radford Local History Society. The archivist retired some years ago but they must still meet up some place some time ? Anybody know anything about the crowd that meet up and exchange memories regarding the Arboretum ?