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  1. Yes its really interesting reading. Would love to find more pics of there and the schools.....Thank you
  2. Hi yes i remember now Pat was the cobbler he went in the pub across from his shop.
  3. Hi I am newish on this site and enjoying finding my way around it. Does any one remember Elsie the milk woman who would bring the milk around the houses and leave it on the window sills for us.... can't believe it now !, The milliners on the corner of Orange St. and Arkwright St. then the cobblers theen the chip shop if I remember right. I left trent bridge Girls in 63 Pattycake
  4. Hi has anyone got photos of class of 63 pupils from Trent Bridge Senior Girls school when Miss Presley was the head teacher. Pat
  5. Hi I lived on Kirkby st and would walk along Bunbury St. to Trent bridge school can you remember the shops on the street ?. I left in 1963. Pat
  6. Hi there, was it just TRENT BRIDGE JUNIORS or SENIORS. as i went to them both and COLLIGATE INFANTS before that we may know some of the same teachers. Pat
  7. ​Hi Everyone I'm a new on here having given up the ghost on FR well its finished now anyway. Was wondering if any one who was schooled at Trent Bridge schools between 1954 64 has any old school photos for me to have a look at or info .​ ​Pat
  8. I walked from Kirkby St. along Bunbery St. to School ......Happy days anyone else out there do similar ? Pat
  9. Hi I also went to same schools as you but left at age 15 in 1963. I was in the A stream always and wonder if any others were there when I was. Pat