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  1. Ayupmeducks

    Here it comes again

    I've got ten inch.......err sorry, thought you were on about summat else Sunny and very mild here B)
  2. Ayupmeducks

    Crimbo Present.

    I've got to order my pressie, Adobi's Audition 1.5 software. Software for "cleaning up" vinyl records and tapes. Must order it this week and get playing with my old records and transferring them to CD's B)
  3. Ayupmeducks

    Crimbo Present.

    Hey Den, mate of mine had one of them, he "round filed it". He said it ate batteries like they were going out of fashion! I use an optical mouse, got fed up cleaning my old ones balls.
  4. Ayupmeducks

    Buses in Nottingham

    My late Mother used to be a conductress for Nottm City Transport in the mid 1940's towards the end of WW2. She was only about five foot tall and on the trolley buses. One tale she told me years back was when the poles came off the rails, the drivers wouldn't get out to assist the conductors, she being short and light in weight, often ended up elevated off the ground, with a helpful passenger or passer by grabbing her and hauling her back to ground level!! Travelled on many trolleybuses or as me Mam used to call them Trackless's".
  5. Ayupmeducks

    Xmas shopping

    I've always sensed there were those on here with Aristocratic breeding! It wasn't till the early seventies that I experienced the delights of an inside convenience and hot running water, those that did must have been very lucky.. at one point when we lived at Kimberley there wasn't even electricity, the whole house was run solely on gas, with a mantle on the ceiling for the main lighting, and a seperate washroom outside with a gas boiler.. the back window faced onto an open field where a horse called Beauty was kept, and quite often her head would be hung through into the living room waiting to be fed.. the milkman delivered by horse and cart, as did the coalman, and I recall still having to produce rationing coupons at the shop for certain items.. although all this might sound like the forties era, it was in fact the early to mid fifties. The only rationing I recall was the end of sugar rationing, sometime in very early 50's. When I was a nipper growing up in Kings Lynn Terrace, there was one house up the terrace with an old lady in it, it still had it's gas lights! The terrace as probably the whole of the old St Anns area was on DC, so Mum would have to buy "universal" appliances when she did buy them. I do remember vividly, Turner Street had gas street lights, and recall the feller on his bike with a short ladder, winding the mechanical clock up on them once a week, changing mantles and testing them. I was born in 1947, to give you some idea of the time era.
  6. Ayupmeducks

    Merry Xmas Everyone.

    A very merry Xmas to everyone, and Mick.... From myself and my family!
  7. Ayupmeducks

    Xmas shopping

    News paper ayup ! we had to make do with the leafs of next doors privit hedge.. !rotfl! You were lucky then Den, I didn't know what privet was until I moved to Clifton Estate when they wanted to demolish the Medders!. No gardens in terraced houses
  8. Ayupmeducks

    Xmas shopping

    My Dad was a miner so we had a coal allocation, we had a Yorkist fireplace with a back boiler. All very fine till my dad lit the fire with parraffin and the fireplace left the wall by about 2 inches. Another time the hot water tank imploded with the heat. We had that much coal we used to keep the street going in winter. It was a great time and I wouldn't change anything. My dad died when I was 16 through working down the pit but I don't think he would have changed anything either. I loved Christmas and still do. A bighug Which pit did he work down Anne?? I served my apprenticeship down Clifton, though he would have been earlier than me.
  9. Ayupmeducks

    Xmas shopping

    Bloody hell Anne, what was hot running water B)
  10. Ayupmeducks

    Xmas shopping

    Don't forget the chats with the neighbour when on the loo!! And the little squares of newspaper we used as toilet paper.. Bloody ink these days comes off on everything, we'd all have black arses if we used todays enviro friendly newspapers
  11. Ayupmeducks

    remember him?

    Still lost as to who it is, but he is a Pete Butterworth lookalike
  12. Ayupmeducks

    remember him?

    Got him, Peter Butterworth!!
  13. Ayupmeducks

    remember him?

    Damned if I can put a name to him, Peter something or other comes to mind. He was in a few Carry on films though and many Beeb shows years back...
  14. Ayupmeducks


    Sincerest condolences on your loss Dennis. John
  15. Ayupmeducks

    Listergate 1950-60's

    This isn't Brian Draper by any chance, is it??
  16. Ayupmeducks

    Another posting by SimonPillock

    Just a useless wanker!
  17. Thanks for the correction Tony, it was Grove not Drive as I posted. Been a long time! I have searched high and low for John Booth, he seems to have gone into the woodwork. Maybe he migrated to another country? His Brother in Law, Bill (Lou) Blair, who married Johns Sister, lives somewhere on the Cotgrave Estate. An ex Cotgrave fitter contacted me and said he would ask his Dad who lives near Lou, to ask Lou to email me. The feller let me down! I have searched the telephone white pages for both "Lou" Blair and John Booth to no avail..
  18. Ayup Foxy, yep, your talking about all my old teenage mates, drinking buddies. There was also Stu Stenson who lived off London Road too!! John moved to Wilford as Tony posted, his Dad had an wholesale Sunday Newspaper business there and Johnnie worked with him delivering to all the newsagents shops around Wilford, Clifton and West Bridgeford when he wasn't working overtime at Cotgrave pit. I lost contact with Glen and Stu after I married the first time around, kept in touch with Boothy though. He married a girls we all nicknamed "Clarence" after the cross eyed lion! They eventuall went to Zambia, where John worked on a contract for a few years. He and his wife tried hard to persuade me and the first wife to go with them. He dropped by after he had returned, around 1972 or thereabouts. Then not long after that my ex and myself and kids moved north to North Yorks to live and work, I lost contact with him after that. He used to live on Lamorna Drive in Wilford when I first knew him, I'd love to make contact with him, if he's still alive!!! Been many years now! I had a letter from Clem a couple of years back now, his son Jason passed a message on to him and his wife Sheila for me. They still live in Cotgrave, though not at the house where they first lived after they got married!
  19. Ayupmeducks

    Where is she folks?

    Mild days cold nights Caz! Hope thats a bottle of Mt Markey your drinking!!! Me Cuz Howard makes a bonzer Chardonnay!! Won some medals for it! Been pretty busy Caz, plus spreading myself a bit thin on different forums t'old luv!
  20. Ayupmeducks

    Where is she folks?

    They get a winter Mick, believe me!! The coldest temperature ever recorded in the lower 48 was recorded in California! It's the start of the rainy season there now, cold wet dreary days with thick fogs in the Sacramento Valley!
  21. Ayupmeducks

    Old Pubs in the Meadows

    The Rifleman, Kirkewhite Street East, my old haunts, The Sir Richard Arkwright on Arkwright Street and the TBI at Trent Bridge. There was a pub on the corner of Bosworth Rd and Briar Street Clifton Inn??? Then just up Bosworth Rd was the "Stute" not technically a pub, but still a watering hole for me sometimes working at the pit. Across the road and a little up towards Trent Bridge on Arkwright Street was a Shippo's pub, can't recall it's name, and on the corner of Kirke-White Street and London Road was another pub thats name elludes me.
  22. Ayupmeducks

    Problems booting my computer

    Sounds like a re format is on the cards Den!! Cures all your problems in one foul swoop, or should that be fowl swoop, Oh well, you gets the piccie. #1 Rule always back your files up after each session. #2 Rule, back up all your files. #3 Rule, back up all yer friggin files before you lose the friggin fings! !rulez!
  23. Ayupmeducks

    Angels Back

    You love living dangerously Den!
  24. Ayupmeducks


    I'm gerrin pretty close Caz crazy
  25. Ayupmeducks

    Goose Fair is here again

    Just an excuse for a pub crawl in my late teen days! :D :D :D :D :D