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  1. To give an accurate position, you'd need two different satellites at one time, bit like fixing a radio station to track it down by "triangulation", only in that case on the same frequency.

    GPS uses two frequencies, one in the 1.2Ghz region and the other at 1.5Ghz region, antennas would be around 1/2 inch long.

    Yes satellite tv and radio uses one satellite per service, They are all in geosynchronous orbits, whereas GPS uses low earth orbiting satellites, better known as LEOS.

  2. Steve, if you use a computer to access the internet, you will find a few documentary sites, you can down load the docs and record them later for playing back, I do this all the time with movies and Documentaries. It's even possible to download HD videos from Youtube via certain sites by copying the URL of the Youtube video and pasting it in the download window of those sites.

    One of the funniest Documentaries I watched was about vaginas, YES, vaginas, where young women are self conscious of the shape etc... Interesting to say the least and a good laugh as well.

  3. LOL was around years before FB was ever thought of, probably came from cell phone texting abbreviations.

    I recall LOL was being used on the Friends Reunited  site some 16 years back, the place where this site sprang from. One of our late early members was the one who invited me here, she sadly passed on a few years ago, and is still missed.

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  4. I've decided to resign as an Admin/moderator on this site, it's just not worth the hassles, Mick now has my resignation and I asked him to remove my status as Admin. I don't contribute a great deal to the site, and haven't for a couple of years.

    I'm not back tracking from my decision, my mind is made up and my decision is final.

  5. TBH, I don't see anything offensive?? The black garb they wear appears to look like a black Royal Mail box, if it's offensive, then surely the black garb they wear is offensive???  Personally I find that kind of clothing extremely offensive to ALL free thinking women. Some input by our female members might clarify that issue.

    The posts weren't removed for being offensive anyway, they went off an above normal tangent away from the original topic. Even you complained about that...Am I missing something??


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  6. @ Tompa, "How do you get to be an Admin"  First Mick has to know you and trust you, he's known me since he started this site, he also knows I'm owner and Admin of a site older than this one, so he could check on how I run that site.

    So far his only criticism of me is I'm not tough enough, other than that he obviously trusts all his moderators, the rest he's met many times in person, I'm the only one he hasn't met yet, but hoping one year he visits the states, he will drop by my place and spend  some quality time with myself and my wife, maybe do a bit of target shooting and downing a few cold beers.

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  7. Friend of mine used to be an electronics weapons technician in the RAN at one time. They isolated the radars and main radios before working on them. Pretty well known UHF signals and higher cause cataracts, that's why its recommended to check your micro wave oven for leakage annually. The "RF sniffers" don't cost much.

    As a licensed ham, I'm required by law to carry out an RF evaluation if I live close to other people so as not to compromise their health when on air.

    RF IS dangerous, the higher the frequency the greater chance of damaged DNA and cancers. I know I'm susceptible to frequencies above 440Mhz, I tuned a 440Mhz commercial 100Watt amplifier to the 400 ham band, it couldn't be done in a screened cage and my eyes were aching pretty badly after I'd completed the tuning process, maybe that's why I now have the onset of cataracts.

    I posted a copy of a report on FB of an independent study of cell phone experiments, that caused cancers in rats and mice. The advice given was use hands free cell phone usage, DON'T place the phone anywhere near your head of near your kidneys or vital organs, LIMIT your kids usage of cell phones, DO NOT have them next to your bed at night switched on. I'l find the report and post it here.


    I might also add, research has shown, those living close to high voltage overhead lines, 33,000V to 750,000 volt lines, cancer rates were several times higher than those who don't live near them. Children who lived near then tended to have cancer rates hundreds of times higher than children who don't live near them.

    Children have been found to be more susceptible to RF and low frequency AC fields than adults.

  8. 1 hour ago, IAN123. said:

    No probs waddo...there are some boring tossers on here!

    Ian, I warned you privately a few weeks back if you persist with this attitude I will ban you permanently. CEASE attacking other members, it will NOT be tolerated.

    I'm very reluctant to ban anyone, so YOU could well be the first.


    CEASE AND DESIST or your gone.


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  9. Regarding cat converters, I was looking at a video of a guy processing them to recover the platinum and palladium metals, he had bought a load off Ebay. After three days he'd processed about 20, used highly toxic chemicals, risked getting poisoned by Chlorine gas, risked a life threatening condition that platinum salts will cause on contact with bare skin or inhalation of the gases and recovered about $250 worth of palladium and platinum and had about 20 gallons of highly toxic waste, of which he never said what he did with.

    When you think about it, was it really worth it??

  10. I had a G/F in Australia who used to say Never trust a male driver wearing a hat, she was right too!!

    There's some exceptional videos on Youtube of idiot drivers, I love to watch those with death wishes "Brake testing" 80,000lb semi trucks then get out their wrecked cars as if it's the truckers fault. Then there's the idiots who get in a truckers blind spot and wonder why they get run over and their car wiped out.

    I see Russian drivers are exceptionally aggressive, if you're ever over there, don't cut one off!!


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