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  1. Thanks for moving my post on to this thread as it has more than I'd hoped for, with the map of Old Lenton showing Spring Close and lots of photographs so I can now try to find the 'White House'. My grandfather's name was Hibbert, a plate layer on the railway, but the family moved to Carlton where he became a coalminer before and after WW1. Maybe I should visit Commercial Street to see if there are any connections, so thanks for the information.
  2. I'm looking for the White House, Spring Close, Old Lenton where my grandfather was a lodger and my grandmother's father was head of the household according to the 1911 census. Also in the house, and, I think, my grandmother's brother-in-law was William Wragg , a professional footballer who created Forest's first goal in the 1898 FA Cup Final which was scored by Arthur Capes. My father, 96, thinks the house in now under the QMC but I'd appreciate any help. David
  3. I think Billy Hibbert is my Dad's (96 years old) Uncle Bill. Also, I think my great-grandfather Joseph Hibbert, a coalminer, was living with his wife Mary Perry, next door to her father Joseph Perry in Kirks Buildings in 1881. A few generations of Hibberts lived in this part of Carlton, but not me. I'd be pleased if anybody could shed any light on our history and my Dad still has a few interesting stories to tell about his childhood there.