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  1. Hi, for anyone who remembers Alan Roper, compere, host and general manager of the Heart Of The Midlands and then Circulation and Transport Manager at the Evening dad... he unfortunately passed away from COVID-realised illness on 3rd November 2020. We are holding his funeral tomorrow, 30th November 2020. If anyone would like to participate, we are having the service streamed as he has friends around the world. please feel free to log on and take part in this celebration of his life; also, we are not having flowers but donations to the Nottingham University
  2. It’s with deep sadness that I let you all know that Alan Roper, my father, passed away yesterday 2nd November 2020, aged 84 from pneumonia and covid-19. I’m, to say the least, Devastated. Having survived THREE cancer illnesses and a pneumonia and sepsis illness a couple of christmases back, he seemed invincible. He was the reason I became a DJ and then a redcoat at Butlins in 1990, having grown up with a dad who was a ‘star’, being compère, host and general manager of ‘The Heart Of The Midlands’ cabaret club in Nottingham. We met so many famous people, like
  3. Hi, my Name is JASON ROPER... I am ALAN ROPER'S son. I just left a message on another thread....
  4. Hello. My name is Jason ROPER. My father is ALAN ROPER and I can tell you that he his ALIVE & doing VERY WELL!! hehe. After THOTM, he actually moved to work for the Nottingham Evening Post when it was based on Foreman Street for about 12 years, where he started out as 'Promotions Manager'. He spent a few years involved in promoting the paper. A couple of things I remember doing with him was sponsoring various local fetes and fairs. He used to take 'games' such as the 'Slow Bike Challenge' where we set up an obstacle course and competitors tried to ride a 'TOMOS' Moped as slow as p