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  1. Please excuse my rather rude absence from this topic, and thanks to all who have contributed in the interim. The family links are fascinating. Special thanks to Cliff Ton and Steve Allcock for the mapping posts which usefully confirm my own findings. I've been busy working on various projects, one of which continues to be the proposed "1911 Census Walk" leaflet for All Saints church. Unfortunately my involvement in issues of building remediation/restoration for the church is taking priority ... the leaking roof, the eroded exterior stonework, bits of broken C.14 stained glass... the list i
  2. Cliff Ton, thanks so much for your post. Yes, I have various maps from OldMaps and am familiar with the nottinghamhiddenhistoryteam site, viz Thomas Woodward's walk through Strelley in 1830. What I am trying to work out is when Catstone Hill Farm met it's demise post 1911, and also any reminiscences of the Strelley Lane cottages which the 1911 census recorder visited prior to the farm. In fact I've been in the vicinity this p.m. and the owner of Old Rectory Farm opposite All Saints church pointed out to me the exact location of the farm in relation to the reservoir; they said that there i
  3. Does anyone have any information or photo of Catstone Hill Farm please? I am currently mapping the route of the 1911 Census in the Strelley area (more details of this project if it gets closer to fruition), and the Farm was one of the recorder's calls. At that time is was recorded as a 10-room building housing four occupants on the day of the Census visit, being the head of the household William Carrington Horner aged 53 (born in Kettering, Northants), his wife Fanny aged 42 (born Bekcingham, Lincs), and John Philip aged 18 (b. London) and Thomas Oagelen [?transcription error] aged 17 (b No
  4. The situation regarding planning on this site is long and complex. It has been going on for 20 years, but the most recent attempt for the owners to gain planning consent has taken place over the last 5 or so, culminating in approval being granted on Appeal for up to 110 houses, public open space plus wildlife area, and residual allotments; these areas each account for one-third of the 27-acre site. For the history of the site, the planning situation, work in progress and biodiversity, please see my website at : http://losttheplots.wix.com/beforethebulldozerdiversity Please enjoy a trip
  5. Hi, I've just joined Nottstalgia, having consulted it on many occasions. I'm Nottingham born and bred, and live on the border of Bramcote/Wollaton. My main interest/obsession over the last ten years has been my allotment on the site next to Martin's Pond off Russell Drive, Wollaton. I hope to bring my website to your attention as I note queries as to the status of the planning situation on this site.