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  1. Caroline

    Things you never want to see again

    The ex
  2. I remember pink blancmange for dessert. Was yuk but Butterscotch tart was yum.
  3. Caroline

    Nottm, or Notts?

    Nottingham to be official and formal. Notts/Nottm to be fun/informal I think!
  4. Caroline

    What was your first car?

    White Ford Fiesta Woohoo. First cars, best cars whatever they were!
  5. Caroline

    Front or top loader, which is better?

    I saw that and Alison Steadman is on - really good in Abigail's Party.
  6. Caroline

    Windows 10 At Last !

    Would you recommend it Margie?
  7. Yes it's the type of comedy you never get bored of.
  8. Thanks Stu but I haven't got that channel, it's worth knowing though.
  9. Me too, I went to see Steve Coogan live in 2008. He is brill.
  10. I'm Alan Partridge. Steve Coogan
  11. Caroline

    Nottingham Smells

    The smell of Beeston Weir field near Beeston Canal is refreshing I think.
  12. George Michael liked them
  13. Caroline

    Corner Shops!

    Crockers in Toton is one corner shop I remember. Owned by John.
  14. Caroline

    Nottingham take aways

    That definitely applies to one at Goose Fair years ago.