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  1. I remember pink blancmange for dessert. Was yuk but Butterscotch tart was yum.
  2. Nottingham to be official and formal. Notts/Nottm to be fun/informal I think!
  3. White Ford Fiesta Woohoo. First cars, best cars whatever they were!
  4. I saw that and Alison Steadman is on - really good in Abigail's Party.
  5. Would you recommend it Margie?
  6. Yes it's the type of comedy you never get bored of.
  7. Thanks Stu but I haven't got that channel, it's worth knowing though.
  8. Me too, I went to see Steve Coogan live in 2008. He is brill.
  9. The smell of Beeston Weir field near Beeston Canal is refreshing I think.
  10. Crockers in Toton is one corner shop I remember. Owned by John.
  11. That definitely applies to one at Goose Fair years ago.