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  1. Hi, I was there from 1961 to 1966 too before moving to Australia. My nickname was Chooch, which came with me from Berridge. I was in the same year as Heather Burbridge, Tich Thompson, Sharon Maguire, Maureen Airy, Paul Bakyjsa (spelling?), Brian Smith, Andy Leonard, David Hallam, and many others. Had a great time at that school but could have done without Latin. Stewart Hase
  2. Hi, haven't seen any names I recognise but I was at Berridge from 1960 to 1961 and then went to Forest Fields for five years before moving to Australia with my adventurous folks. Still here. Remember vividly Mr Cook who was the best teacher I ever had and has been responsible for the way I think about education these days. I remember getting out a large wheelbarrow of sorts that we would fill with cricket gear and run down to the Forest for cricket. My nickname was Choo Choo or, eventually, Chooch because of a fascination I had for a few days of being a train. It stuck all the way through For