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  1. It's what YOU leave on the line !, There are still many carriages whose toilets dump the contents straight onto the track. If you "dump" in the station, the contents are for all to see !. Very unpleasant, its' just a decorum thing. Last time we went to London on the train, the crew locked the toilet doors just before we entered the platforms to stop folks using them.
  2. I worked there at the same time, late '67 to April '68. in the warehouse, Ted Randall was my immediate boss. It was him who advised me to join the City Fire Brigade. Great advice ! I seem to recall Tomorrows World coming to film demountable things Jardine Dobsons had designed.
  3. Great to see something from Ian123 , the real world strikes again !
  4. This is a bit late, but Nottingham WAS a Police fire Brigade back from the early part of the 19th century. The Chief Constable being responsible for the running of the brigade. That ended in 1941 when the National fire service was formed. I get there in the end...….
  5. Well, I'm humbled. I've just been looking for the photo of the Overseas Column in Centrals yard (didn't find it ) and saw this post. In reality, the small number of people abusing the site is minimal in relation to the lovely and interesting people who make this site so interesting . So, spat over, back to great memories of Nottingham and it's life. Regards all.....
  6. May I remind members that this site was set up by someone at his OWN EXPENSE and in his own time, is maintained at his own expense in his own time to explore and take pleasure from the history of the city and it's people, the heritage, the memories .It is not a juke box on free play. Bickering , unpleasantries and frivolous nonsense that should be on facebook or twitter should not be on here mis-using this wonderful resource. Please respect our generous host ! Here goes, I'm pressing the reply button and heading for the fall-out shelter …………...
  7. As a relatively new member, and having left the City in 1975, I don't know anyone on here (as many seem to do ) so it's the old photo's that bring memories of the City alive, that's what nostalgia is, isn't it ?
  8. Yes, Mary, I did watch the "student" video and I did think some of it did seem rather superficial. When I joined the City Brigade early 1968, there was still huge areas of the old housing, centred around Alfred Street, went to quite a few house fires in the area, as well as in the Meadows, they were very poor people in poor conditions. Having grown up in poverty in a Yorkshire village where our 'house' had no running water, no electricity, no proper toilet - I had knowledge of poor conditions ! Comparing my life now with how I grew up, it WAS tragic, the difference appears to be in the so called City 'slum' areas, you had a community in the same boat, in a little village you were on you're own !
  9. I went to a fire in Forests' ground, not the really big one, it was in the seating area at the West end (city end), all under those wooden seats was piles of fag packets, newspapers, crisp packets etc etc, a fag end dropped down there was taken as the cause. Once the wooden seat frames got going, that was it. I was told the big fire was the same, but can't be certain.
  10. I've lived and worked all over the UK, Nottingham remains one of the very best memories, that's the sixties for you !, all these old photo's remind of my City days, only 8 years, but great memories - keep the photo's coming !
  11. I do remember it, fairly well up Mansfield Rd, do remember quite a few steps up, was it the Bamboo or something like that ?, another trendy place , subdued lighting an' all that, seem to remember a record playing " judy in disguise, with glasses"
  12. Total opposite to my other favorite café - Bobs' Elbow Caff, up Mansfield road, real grub, real people. Preferred the cuties in the Peppermill though !
  13. The Pepper MIll, ,had forgotten that place, very trendy place up a passage. Thanks Ian, great memory of some rather delightful girls who were often in there. !970 ?
  14. Our fire engines always had large drip trays underneath, some 6ft by 3ft. Engines and gearboxes all leaked. Rolls Royce B60 and B80 engines ! Even when we got the new AEC diesels in 1971, they dripped a good bit. Par for the course in those days and a certain amount of leakage was accepted from HGV's at their annual test. How things change !
  15. Late last year we went to a talk by a very lovely old lady called Joe (Josephine) Dunn. She was at Bletchley early on and took the new girls under her wings. Lots of interesting stories, she remembered Tommy Flowers, he was the telephone engineer who got the whole plot working. She would surely have known Margaret Wilson. Having visited Bletchley, she put it all into the real world for us - as she experienced it, a privelige to meet one of those backroom wizards.
  16. It's been said that the man who designed the DS's had a wife who was bonking a mechanic !
  17. Car fans !... It's a 1973 D Super 5. Mine 10 years this year. Fast comfortable travel, manual 5 speed box (column change), self levelling headlights, steering long range lamps, the 3 year restoration became a real headache but I got there. No fairies doing magic work through the night like car SOS ! Saw one in King'sLynn Saturday market place in 1957. Bright yellow , when most cars were old black things, I knew I had to have one. First job in 1965, the boss's mistress took me and another lad on a 70 mile trip to a job in one, I was really hooked then ! Good things worth waiting for ……….tax and Mot exempt too
  18. Will be visiting that museum this summer, haven't been for a very long time. End of May/early June is the 100th anniversary of Citroen cars, 1000 Citroens going, including my DS. Transport museum a must visit !
  19. When I cleared 70, I only had to fill a form in to renew my car licence. It is assumed that what you declare is truthful, and, like car insurance, if it all goes bang crash and then found you had known health problems, the s**t hits the fan ! I later kept my HGV licence , but only up to 7.5 ton. That does, quite rightly, reguire a medical. Arranged it with a bus company in Lincoln, £55, cheaper than than my GP who wanted £85 ! As for driving tests after 70, I fully agree and looked into having a test with the IAM. The cost is ridiculous. If there was a £20 half hour basic check, to see what sort of level you were at, fine, take it from there, but £65 ?
  20. Why has the Harley sound changed ? It used to be "potato-potato-potato," the sound apparently patented by Harley, now it sounds more like " blib-blob-blib-blob, is this something to do with emissions ?
  21. Under the Shakespeare Street Police HQ was 3 levels of caves. The fire brigade had a key and I explored them a couple of times. The Civil defence had an emergency HQ , WW2 era, and there was a joint Police/Forensic science firing range where they fired guns for ballistic checks. Somewhere on the internet is a layout drawing. There was still stuff written on the walls from use as shelters during WW2 including male and female toilets with the Elsan buckets still there ! When I worked at Chalfont drive we were aware there was a "secret " nuclear bunker under there. I believe the whole site has now been cleared. The tunnels described under the streets sound fascinating, I'd be down there with you all !
  22. Yes, Central was quite a place...…. Re the chiefs car, I sometimes think it was a Singer Vogue, but I've just checked and it was a Humber Sceptre, in a brilliant deep red/crimson. Gauges all over the dashboard, I wanted one ! Probably a series 1a, I'm sure it was a 'C' reg. We seemed to have had a link with Rootes vehicles. A few Commer fire engines over the years, Hillman and Humber cars. I suspect it was a Masonic link, George Hodson was open (rare in those days) about being a senior mason. Washed and polished it a few times !
  23. The photo has now appeared ! I can name quite a few people in the line up from the left, yours truly being no3. The fire was on the early morning of Thursday, coroners enquiry Friday morning and funeral Tuesday the next week. No other enquiry. I had made notes ready for an enquiry ( as it was me who found Albert unconscious ) and after years researching bit by bit, finally completed a full dossier on the fire last year. Not sure why, I just like research and spotting the Nottstalgia site was a real boon.