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  1. I must be wrong, the maths says he was born in 1931 so could not possibly be in that Lenton Times photo which is August 1941. Strange that there is only a couple of men wearing glasses and one is very very similar looking. Mental note to self, don't rush into anything ……… it out first ! Lenton Times middle photo, 3rd row back , right hand end of photo, ( 5 or 6 in I think ). Remarkable likeness ?
  2. I remember driving the Fire Brigade Landrover fire engine all over the place in the Broadmarsh centre. It was purchased for use in the car parks under the Victoria centre , having a special low bodywork built for the purpose. When Broadmarsh was opened, we went down a couple of nights before it opened and I was told to drive the Landie around to see how useful it would be in there. The floors in the avenues were really shiny and it seemed somewhat alien scrubbing the Landie tyres in the tight places ! Strange days Great days
  3. Good link Clifton, as I think Heather may see Ralph on the Lenton Times blow-up of the middle photo, looks like him to me , just maybe ? Hope she gets results anyway......
  4. Great old photo, it sure does look like Bert, that 'tash' is a giveaway, but I'm surprised to see him with an AFS crew, I expect he was a trainer for them as he would be City Fire Brigade. The photo has been sent on to the retired firefighters association, wether they know any of the AFS I don't know. If the occasion was a joint training exercise , City and AFS, there may be a few faces recognised, here's hoping.... The one in the shirt reminds me of "crunch" Christian, is it he ?
  5. When I was doing research into the Dakins building on Talbot Street, I went to the local history library on Angel row a few times, they were always so helpful, nothing was a bother and me being non-tech, they showed me each time how to use the readers for the micro-films (of the old newspapers ). Go there !
  6. Back to Dark Angels' knowledge of the A3's and 4's, I used to watch the "streaks" blasting down the ECML, through Temple Hirst. There was one of those A4's that visibly lurched side to side on its front bogie. It didn't look safe and must have been stressing a lot of chassis parts up (as well as the track ! ) . That must have been around 1958 '59. I once read something about that fault and that it was quite rare. Is this something known about ?
  7. My father was in Brussels on that night, he told me it was the most incredible thing he would ever witness. All the lights were back on, plus searchlights, neon lights, fireworks , music, dancing , bonfires and wild parties. I got the impression he enjoyed it !
  8. Great views of the City, what a pleasure , the Theatre Royal looks beautiful, really will have to have a trip to the City , when ?
  9. fogrider


    I have a great memory of Neville King, the Minstrels were on at the Theatre Royal one night, early seventies. He was invited down the fire brigade bar on Shakespeare Street. He turned up after the show, walking into our bar in a "Columbo" style coat and large suitcase. Walked silently to the small stage and sat down, opened the case and brought out the dummy. We were all silent , knowing nothing about this: Dummy is looking at us, after a while Neville asks the dummy , " What do you think of all these fireman , Norman ? " " Fuck-em ! " He had us in stitches for an hour, if only it had been recorded, priceless. Thanks Neville, brilliant.
  10. I can't find the Notty Ash post referred to, but near to me is Alan Marshall, the Humber collection. He is selling his cars, now's your chance ! I think shipping to you would put you off though. I have a Commer with the Blue Riband in it, gobbled so much juice I converted it to LPG . His cars are for sale on ebay but internet searches will bring stuff up aswell. Regards all
  11. Thanks Willow, that clears that up and I can have a look for old maps etc now
  12. Just reading the references to Hooleys, the City Fire Brigade bought 2 Triumph motorbikes from Hooleys in 1961, from the previous posts, Derby Rd seems to be all cars, the only reference to motorbikes is Greyfriargate, so did Hooleys sell motorbikes from a different shop than Derby Road ?, can anyone clear this up, ie where did Hooleys sell motorbikes from in the sixties ? Regards all
  13. Thanks both, I do remember Ron Spencer, he was a Station Officer at Central in my last memory of him, organising the change over from the old Commer ET to the new Leland Mastiff. Lenton Times, here I come...…….
  14. Trogg, that photo of the AFS men and equipment in front of a gasometer, it's weird but I was given a copy of that 2 weeks ago. I was told it was in Coventry, you don't state a location for that , is it Nottingham ? Regards, Terry
  15. There was a fire at Boots' Island street factory in the very early seventies. One of their 'men in white coats' was very protective of a certain part of the building, clearly off limits. It turned out to be their research into steroids . What the chemicals were, unknown, but the cabs had a very strong sweet smell for a full week after.
  16. I first went into that amazing one at Markham Moor in 1965 whilst working on the A1 upgrade. I remember the boss telling me how special it was. As an 18 year old I didn't give a s**t about it - I'm now very pleased to say it's a listed building. The one at Redhill was a regular stop when getting back to Nottingham from "up North". In their latter days we stopped using them, poor service, poor value. Anyone remember Myra's Major café at Carlton on Trent ? My favourite truckers café, Very interesting post, thanks.
  17. Really interesting photo's, I didn't show any interest in the castle for the few years I lived in the City, a weekend visit in 2020 on the cards ! Regards all…..
  18. The above posts are really interesting info to an old trainspotter, thanks all. If anyone wants a current steam experience, North Yorks railway have webcams at Grosmont and Goathland. I love watching (and hearing) the loco's climb Goathland bank, 1/49, don't have to leave the house either ! Winter timetable a bit slim but there are Santa specials on the weekends....
  19. Great views of the City, good to see. On the 1952 aerial photo, there appears to be a turntable in the south east corner of the station, I wasn't aware of that, do the railway buffs know more ? Regards all…..
  20. How a bicycle is made : Just watched the above film on Talking Pictures, shows the entire process of making a 'bike at the Raleigh works in the late 40's. Amazing. Forge work, hardening, machining, brazing, endless display of a British factory making everything from scratch. The man hours and number of personnel involved incredible. Glory days !
  21. You've reminded me of a new years eve party I went to at that club, around 1969. Invited by the owner of Queensland Carpets who I'd done a sign writing job on his new shop up St Anns Wells road (I think ). A friendly and happy night. Great memory.
  22. It's what YOU leave on the line !, There are still many carriages whose toilets dump the contents straight onto the track. If you "dump" in the station, the contents are for all to see !. Very unpleasant, its' just a decorum thing. Last time we went to London on the train, the crew locked the toilet doors just before we entered the platforms to stop folks using them.
  23. I worked there at the same time, late '67 to April '68. in the warehouse, Ted Randall was my immediate boss. It was him who advised me to join the City Fire Brigade. Great advice ! I seem to recall Tomorrows World coming to film demountable things Jardine Dobsons had designed.
  24. Great to see something from Ian123 , the real world strikes again !