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  1. I have a vague memory of it being a Texas DIY store and it having a big fire sale once... maybe I'm dreaming though...
  2. Best wishes from me too.... ah what it is to be young...
  3. Brew


    I meant to ask the same question....
  4. Oooer... kinky or what...
  5. Opera is like buying an album, some good bits that appeal but most is at best mediocre. I long ago gave up saying I liked a particular song because sure as eggs I'd get the CD as a present and be disappointed. Jonabs operatic highlights were well worth watching but as Phil says, the bits in the middle are usually boring and instantly forgettable. Top opera for me is Butterfly but even that has bits I usually skip over...
  6. I well remember holding mams hand on Sneinton Rd and standing at the edge of the pavement until a bus had passed. For some reason the tailpipe on the busses were on the nearside (pavement side), and as they pulled hard up the incline blasted me in the face with the exhaust - I quickly learned to hold my breath.
  7. So based on a population sample of one we can say statistically inoculations and vaccinations are uneccessary and a waste of time...
  8. Glad all went well LL, it's something I may need to consider, but not yet, still in early stages
  9. C'mon RR you can do better than that...
  10. I think it fairly inevitable there will be a spike after Xmas, particularly when the students come back.
  11. Me mam liked bubble n squeak... 'orrible stuff..
  12. They looked bigger and heavier than BR . It may have been camera angle but some the curves looked impossibly tight...
  13. Tut tut... political diatribe is that way ====>>>
  14. Brew


    It might take awhile Carni but both of you will come through this and we're all rooting for you..
  15. Brew


    And quite right... bleddy eyesore...