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  1. Carni I would say you almost certainly snagged the cable and damaged the connection, hopefully not internally in the laptop. The easiest way is a generic replacement charger. Ebay do them for about £15.
  2. Our doctor is adjacent to a pay and display car park. Today we used our last fifty pence piece and realised that since lockdown and pay by card we now only have the grand total of eigthy seven pence in coins bewteen us.
  3. Heh, one step to the right and it would a whole different picture!
  4. Fair enough, if you don't like them or even the idea that's your prerogative. Philip coined the term the 'firm' and in many ways that's exactly what they are , a business with the idea of representing the UK and projecting all things British around the world. Benefits? the top 12 tourist attractions in the UK have connections with royalty and the tourist board estimate they bring half a billion pounds annually to the economy. If there are no benefits with the administration presumably you think there are better ways, what do you propose? The no
  5. Amazon service is second to none but they are expensive. A workbench we looked at yesterday £49, on Amazon £169 for exactly the same article. I can see the attraction of online shopping but I like to see and feel, the better to make a judgement on an items quality/suitability. There is little that I absolutely can't wait a couple of days for delivery.
  6. The duchy is not a public body or a company or a charity and therefore not liable to corporation tax though it is answerable to the government (treasury) and voluntarily pays tax. Charles holds it in trust and is only the titular head, he cannot do as he pleases with it. It is fully accountable - just not in a way Republicans approve. You think the pomp tiresome but is there any country in the world, regardless of the type of government, that doesn't go in for it in one way or another? Let's face it, you simply resent Royalty and refuse to acknowledge the monarchy may have benefits
  7. The go-to place for Ben Sherman shirts and Denson winkle pickers. Fluorescent knitted ties and socks were at one time also on my shopping list
  8. I don't see a problem with that, many occupations have a traditional uniform. Chefs toques for instance are from the 18th century.
  9. My word m'lud, how long has this transgender malarkey been going on?
  10. Huuuge project... I wish you well... Edit: Looking at the estate agent pictures it's nothing like I imagined...
  11. I would suggest that the paragraph I quote indicates quite a large degree of resentment and making scurrilous innuendos about Harry is unfair and borderline libel unless you can prove what you're alluding to. As for unlimited rights I suspect that though very comfortable they have less freedom than you or I. Their days are carefully planned, often down to the minute, for years in advance and have to play nice with people they've never met and may not even like. I recommend you Google for the Duchy of Cornwell and gather some facts before making unfounded allegations, it
  12. You may struggle to reply to Col, his inbox was full last time I tried...