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  1. Are you sure? I don't know. If true there is a certain young man on reception that's going to get an earful...!
  2. When my Mercs ran out of warranty I've used both those Lizzie. The guy with the ponytail at the Basford garage sorted my Mercedes Brabus out in minutes where Lenton lane failed.
  3. Denshaw, they don't stamp a book now, the service record is online and only main dealers have access apparently.
  4. My car is overdue a 'B' service, on time, not mileage. Quote from Inchcape Nottingham - almost a thousand pounds. Basically all it involves is oil, filters, a visual inspection and a 20 second poor quality video clip, oh and they wash it for me..
  5. Brew


    I think you'll get exactlywhat it says, a print on canvas. My-picture will produce a canvas print from a photograph from £6.50... (100x75 for £52)
  6. Brew


    A cliche that takes us no closer to the answer
  7. Brew


    But is it? who decides if it's 'art' and worth thousands or vandalism and worth punishment? Not all art is chocolate box pretty, Jackson Pollock springs to mind with his multicoloured paint splashes, Munch and his 'Scream' - worth millions but looks like a seven year old painted it. Mondrian, simple geometric shapes yet again worth a fortune. Tracy Emin's bed and the most famous of all Picasso - do any of them really deserve the pretentious claptrap heaped on them? If someone can spray paint a stencil of a girl on someones wall and get away with it, a yob must be equaly entitled to make his mark and claim it's a social comment on the human condition. Let's not forget when Bansky started he too was a yob who spray painted walls after a spell in prison. Be interesting in court how they would decide one is art and one is not...
  8. Brew


    Raises the question that's been asked before, is art, or defacement of someones property? Is the black spray paint any less 'art' than the stencil of the girl?
  9. And spoilt the strippergrams day!...
  10. I've always liked the clock, I saw it when first installed and quite frankly the workmanship left a bit to be desired. It worked but was very 'wobbly', no wonder it took so much looking after.
  11. Brew


    Ask those with jobs at risk and they'll say lift the restrictions and let nature take it's course. Ask those of a certain age and at risk and they'll say damn the young, they only stand to lose a job, not their life, and in time will get over it. I agree with the idea RR but still can't see how we protect the vulnerable without making them prisoners.
  12. Apart from feeding your pet foible and ressurecting a 6yr old post, is there a point you're trying to make?
  13. Brew


    I'm pleased to hear that PP but you do have penchant for tempting fate don't you?
  14. A comment from our resident Philistine (me), " I can't tell the difference"!...
  15. Brew

    Coca Cola

    Coke and Pepsi... delicious. Macdonalds, take away the 'grot' leaving just a plain burger and bun is virtually tasteless.
  16. Well I am facing South... --------------------------------------------- It seems I'm wrong... again! I have had a notice that there are 200+ NEW REPLIES. It appears in a black rectangle and invites me to click to go to the first post. Clicking does not take you to the first of 200+ posts, I wish my brain was in gear, I could have taken a screenshot...
  17. That's correct, I meant the other right...
  18. I've seen it quite a few times Margie, I've always put it down to a glitch in the forum software but digging around it seems Invision totals the replies. Look carefully, it doesn't say NEW replies only that a particular topic has over 200, thus 200+ replies. You'll see it under theTwitter, Facebook icons bottom right of the screen in this topice..
  19. I see it on the PC Margie so your phone is innocent!
  20. Brew


    I think it was totally predictable that an influx of 60,000 bodies from around the globe would have this effect, to expect anything less is naive in the extreme.
  21. " Glad I live in a village and away from the Cities. " was a bit like tempting fate... As you say bummer! ...
  22. It could still be a rhetorical question asking if 'what' rhymes with orange...
  23. I'm in the money... I'm in the money, come on, my honey let's spend it, lend it, send it rolling along. First time in weeks, bought a lucky dip.... £30 thank you very much..