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  1. Phew, hang on PP I'll just go and have a lie down and a power nap for you...
  2. Details of Grandkids are always welcome Col if only for vicarious reasons. I could quite happily take to living like a hermit but I do miss the little blighter and no amount of whatsafacezoom time makes up for it. I loved the purple shapes one...
  3. Correct, Copes on Parliament Street. Look at the Tap and Tumbler Wollaton St for the other one. The next is similar and also attached to a pub, but which one? I wonder where this is?
  4. Boil the tripe squares in water for 15 minutes then drain. Add the onions and enough milk to cover and cook for two hours over low heat. Melt the butter and flour together and stir to create a thick paste then slowly whisk in the milk form the tripe to create a white sauce. Season well with salt and pepper. Add the tripe squares, reheat and serve. Only then do you chuck it in the bin! ---------------------------------------------------------------- Tripe legends: Tripe juice is good for a hangover. Tripe increases libido. Wrap your head with tripe and cover with a swimming cap for a cure for hair loss. Anyone want to try one and report back to us?
  5. Yes and yes... Two more:- One dead easy but do you know where the second is?
  6. The clock without hands is on the old Redmayne and Todd building. One dead easy, one not quite so easy:-
  7. Well done and the clock with no hands?
  8. Edit... oops Den only had one right These are a little trickier but still in the city limits...
  9. OK two more one easy peasy one not quite so easy:
  10. You're spot on again RR Re; the girl in the doorway I hope she goes to the council, I'm told Nottingham CC now has enough accommodation for all itinerants. Clocks again, sorry they are so small.
  11. The first is on the building next to what was the Odeon cinema Angel Row. Now occupied by a company called Cash Generators. Two easier ones:
  12. No Mary, its a retail shop
  13. Correct... Two not so easy:
  14. Mary and her quiz set me thinking. Threatened to do this awhile back and never got around to it. The pictures are all clocks in and around Nottingham, you've all seen them - but where are they? Two easy ones to start...
  15. Go on... look in the box... you know you want to...
  16. We call it Bingo today but when I was little they called it housey housey...
  17. Herself has started referring to me as Wurzel…
  18. 12 14 17 20 not doing at all well...
  19. Bendigo, Gen Booth, Dunno, Dunno,Policeman, Larwood?, Sillitoe, Dunno, Dunno, Dunno
  20. Churchyards are not designed or designated havens for wild flora and fauna, that is not their purpose. There is no difference between the grave of a soldier fallen in battle or the grave of a loved one laid to rest. They should all command care and respect for what they represent.
  21. I think most of us would be quite upset if the war graves commission allowed their cemeteries to look like Margies graveyard even if it would be good for Butterflies...