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  1. Horses for courses PP. Some people, mentioning no names, are happy to keep a decent but aged car and reluctant to spend money on a new replacement. They will however happily give a kings ransom for a new needle on the gramophone . Some people I could mention like to labour away making an apple flavoured drink that Tesco sell by the gallon for a fraction of the price... I'll not labour the point by mentioning football supporters and the price of a season ticket.. From a purely financial perspective I'm mad to spend the money I do on motors, herself keeps t
  2. Not in this universe Lizzie....
  3. I want to meet your alter ego.... squeeeeeeeeeezze...
  4. What if, as Youmg Ms sparrow postulates, there are euqal and opposites? philmayfield for instance going round giving free man-hugs.... ewwww. A world where Trump makes sense and our glorious leaders tell the truth.... nah... sorry,,, got a bit carried away for a moment.
  5. True enough but what we don't and can't know for sure is the degree by which the vaccine ameliorates the effect of covid.
  6. MB have gone down the digital route for manuals. My last car had one similar in thickness to a Littlewoods catalogue. This one is like an average paperback. It only gives a brief outline before referring you to the digital version on the hard drive..
  7. My car has so many gizmos 'to aid the driver' it's actually dangerous to use them unless stationary. The climate control is one example, it's a nightmare to operate and can take several minutes of faffing about to get it how you want.
  8. There is a theory that the big bang was not instantaneous but took time, infinitesimally small but not instant. During that time many universes were created like bubbles and each 'bubble' created another and so on, a multiverse separated by tiny increments of space and time. This opens up the possibility that somewhere 'out there' or 'in here' there is another 'us' another Ben, so perhaps ladies you should gather your skirts and run for the hills while you can!
  9. Quite agree RR, when gardening friends boast of growing veg, esp. tomatoes , I usually say something similar. But this is not making granola bars. It's supposed to be like muesli or similar - breakfast in a bowl and there is nothing in Tesco that is quite the same. Ignoring the time, trouble, expense and the mountain of washing up it was the best laugh we've had in ages and you can't get that in Aldi.
  10. nonna, here's the recipe we (tried ever so hard) to follow. We don't like spices so left them out and added a few mixed nuts
  11. Today, for no other reason than boredom, my dearly beloved and I decided that a recipe on the BBC, granola with mixed fruit compote, looked A. easy B. inexpensive and C. most importantly, delicious. Real cooks may want to stop reading here. After printing the recipe set off the buy ingredients, forgot the list and only bought half of them but managed to came home with a new set of cutlery. Back for the rest of the ingredients and it's turning out to be an expensive recipe, her car need fuel and (just while we're out we may as well get) a new baking tray, and a grater, and a whisk, an
  12. Some did the same with Hillman Imps...
  13. I have never drunk spirits or wine. In the fridge are two of the three bottles of beer I bought in the heat wave just daring me to drink them. So far I'm manfully resisting them but come a really hot day who knows. There's every chance they will go the same way as the last incumbents and go out of date
  14. Some garages had petrol at £1 for 4 gallons...
  15. Midlands Storage at West Hallam had an an old Atkinson recovery truck. The indicator was a long board behind the driver that he slid out when necessary, on bends and corners it had to be held or it slid by itself. Most confusing to anyone following when the truck turned opposite to the indication. The pedals were strange, left = clutch, middle = accelerator and right = brake - woe betide you if you forgot when trying to stop quickly.
  16. Watched Japan v France ladies judo, sorry, make that watched the ladies roll around the floor competition. There seems to be no sign of the skill level judo is suppose to have. After ten minutes switched off, no idea who won.
  17. I seem to remeber a car, (Standard?) with inbuilt jacks. You jacked the car up using the starting handle on a nut under the carpets... could be wrong... it's me age you know...
  18. Oh my goodness gracious Margie whatever do you mean...
  19. Not if the street or road speed limit is 30mph or less
  20. Back in the 80's a relative dealt in antiques and had a real BBC dalek, couldn't give it away. I think it fell to bits eventually.
  21. It seems gender issues are nothing new. People apprently needed to be told the fathers sex and the spouses fathers sex were male and good old George, another male, was marrying a female!
  22. They were called Trafficators... Yesterday succumbed (after more than 20yrs) to the idea of a cold beer in this hot weather. The selection in the shops is bewildering and nowhere could I find my all time favourite Double Diamond nor Pedigree nor Bass. What is it with these weird names, do they make it taste better? Chose McEwans Championship but didn't realise it's quite strong, 7.4 ABV. Anyway pour a glass and I was instantly 6yrs old again. The smell took me back to being a little boy carrying an enamel jug of beer for my grandad from the beer-off on Sneinton Dale.
  23. I am about to drink some beer...... I may be gone for some time....