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  1. Will it be OK if I stay with the bras n boobs !!!
  2. J size is pretty big, if he needs any help......
  3. Did you use your E-mail programme to reply to them? Some automatically save the address of people you mail and alerts you if that person contacts you again.
  4. Copper Sulphate, isn't that the stuff we used to grow crystals from with our junior chemistry set?
  5. Fruit just get a cursory polish on me shirt no matter where it's from...
  6. They've been tried in several cities including London (I think) and are known as Gyrobusses. I also seem to remember mentioning them on here before. Perpetual motion? easy take two Unicorns and ……………………..
  7. Congratulations grandad, now can you sort out this well known phrase or saying. finger, little, around wrapped ...
  8. Says the man who's bio says: Talking Bollocks - Real Ale - White English - and takes up half my screen...
  9. A phrase is a group of words that stand together as a single unit.. You're welcome...
  10. Hah! get out of that, you can't can you?.
  11. I was teamed with a guy with whom, err, relations were a little less than cordial. I was off next day, he damned near broke my arm rolling into the recovery position.
  12. I knew those vats 'ponged' a bit...
  13. Apart from the inordinate amount of time and money it cost what annoys me most is the design. When you apply to the council for planning permission one of the things they consider is the design relative to the surrounding buildings and if it's 'sympathetic'. How a minimalist empty space fits in with the 18th and 19th century architecture is beyond me. I'm told they are very keen to keep the 'atmosphere' of the city centre and demand the frontages are not changed. One rule for them ... Edit: I've just found out that the area around the Brian Clough statue is an official 'speakers corner', the first outside London. What a clever idea having people milling round where there is traffic close by.
  14. A company I worked for had a contract with Raleigh to collect barrels of Nickel from London docks for delivery to the chromium shop. The load was so valuable the was no insurance within one mile of Charing Cross and a Securicor guard had to ride in the cab. Once loaded there was no stopping allowed for any reason until safely back in Raleigh works. At the same time Raleigh were the biggest users of cyanide, for hardening metal, in the country. The extremely poisonous waste was packed into half barrels and taken to Portishead docks where they were loaded onto the deck of a ship. Then came what would now days be an environmentalists nightmare, they were simply dropped overboard in Mid-Atlantic. Elf n Safety hadn't been invented then.
  15. William Booth the founder of the Salvation Army was born in the same street as me, Notintone Place.
  16. Technology moves at an ever increasing pace. Cable jointers once served a four years apprenticeship and that's just for low voltage, now it's 16 weeks.
  17. The Mk 3 Cortina could be opened with a teaspoon!
  18. Ditto to all the above, enjoy..
  19. Dad thought the same... he never paid up!
  20. I won a pound from my dad by tearing a phone book in half. He tried, he huffed and puffed before throwing it down and declaring it impossible. Smart arse here took the book opened it halfway and tore it down the spine, voila two halves!
  21. I saw her Alton Towers. Halfway through she said 'at my age you have to take a little rest', sang one song sitting down and she was off again. No one cant strut quite like Tina. Peter Andre was the support act.
  22. And no one deserves to be in a home more than the right honourable Mayfield!
  23. I bet you don't treat the million plus prize as a donation to charity...
  24. Brew

    Clive James

    He was undoubtedly well educated but I personally found his presentations overly wordy, never said a word when he could squeeze three more in. The nasal twang and his sometimes very cruel descriptions left me ambivalent towards him.
  25. Watched the video for all of twenty seconds then spotted the Queen of high energy music. Didn't notice what the concert was but the song was Proud Mary, at the end of which a screen notice came on "Congratulations Tina Turner on your 80th birthday". Incredible, 2 days ago, 26th November, she was 80!