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  1. I was called out once to look at their electricity backup system, the place was disgusting, adsolutely filthy. I think they painted the entire interior black so punters don't notice.
  2. There can only be a few who have never changed provider - except for BT, we're one of them.
  3. I always hold her hand when walking past shoe shops...
  4. Could even send him rind the bend
  5. We lived next to a farm when first married and the farmer and I tried running an old Ford 100e engine on methane from the slurry pond and although it was err... interesting it was not exactly a success...
  6. Oooo gotta give that a go.. Edit: Asked Alexa to marry me, she told me before I win her virtual hand in marriage I must get to know her by answering questions about her favourite things.... I failed... The meaning of life?... "ask Bill and Ted"..
  7. It's spent this afternoon telling jokes, giving weather forecasts, making shopping lists and asking if we want to join some subscription service or other. It was an impulse buy as a present for Dee's birthday yesterday.
  8. The engineering on my car is among the best but the gadgets/electronicals were designed by someone drunk or has serious sadistic tendencies. Good luck figuring yours out...
  9. I couldn't possibly comment!
  10. Today we have moved, with some reluctance it has to said, into the 21st century with a new house guest... Alexa. The speed of response to some quite obscure requests is impressive, there must be some serious technology driving it. The pronunciation and enunciation is astonishing compared the computer generated voices of a few years ago. At the moment she is busy telling jokes, if you cross an elephant with a kangaroo you will get.................... big holes all over Australia..
  11. I wonder if the actors feel any sense of being slighted knowing they are there as a token to political correctness? They forgot the only gay in the village...
  12. Probably why no one stocks it...
  13. The canister is a catalytic converter and yes the do burn off to regenerate. There is a growing market over here for them, they contain Platinum, Rhodium etc. A thief can have one off your car and away in under two minutes, with Rhodium at £4000 an Oz it's no wonder thefts are increasing. One for a big truck is several thousand pounds to replace
  14. Only if you send me your card details, I'll send you a crust.... 'onest I will
  15. No just googled for King Arthur flour, few seem to supply it over here and the last in the list was from your side of the pond. Asda don't have it... Details about King Arthur, 100% Organic Whole Wheat Flour, 100% Whole Grain, Non-GMO Project 2 1 product rating Item information Top of Form Condition: New Price: US $87.88 Approximately £64.44 Gluten free at AMAZON £50 FOR 18oZ...
  16. There are other reasons for a diesel to emit white smoke but the most common is a blown head gasket...
  17. £10.50 for 16Oz?? Paloe flour £24.50 for 16Oz Whole wheat organic 2lbs for £64.44 plus £167 shipping,,,,!!!!!!
  18. Last one was three times that per hour davep and for what? change oil, filters, measure tread depth and a ten second video of the underside of the car...
  19. Reading this I was tempted to have anothr go with King Arthur flour...... HOW MUCH!!!!
  20. Diesel was a bugger for frothing up as well when you filled up but it's not a problem nowadays
  21. Running it in has never been mentioned on my cars for years. It used to be cars had a first service at 500 miles but I think modern engineering standars have done away with all that.
  22. Heh, bin there dun that.. Also air filter off and dangle a burning rag over intake to sart 'em...
  23. I don't actually know but I said cars... I suspect tractors and plant do need them. They tend to be filled 'in the field' from bowsers, jerrycans etc. virtually anything that will hold liquid and I imagine jerrycans to be particularly susceptible to containing water. Heavy plant especially spends all it's life out doors, they're even serviced where they stand so risk of contamination is far greater. Cars spend 95% of their life parked and the fuel tank is shaded/hidden, a simple water detector in the filter is all they need. Trucks and plant etc are working machines with expos
  24. Perhaps Ayeup because they don't need them, I've run diesel car and trucks now for 20 years and never had any problems with water in the fuel and I don't fill up until near empty. Perhaps it's a different environment where you are. I've found more water in aviation fuel than anything else. I've known several tanker drivers in the past and they all filled from the same gantry at Colwick, like the old Redex at garages premium fuel had an additive added as the tanker was filled, don't know if that still happens. But I'm reasonably sure supermarkets fuel in the same as anyw
  25. To slit your wrists by is a bit harsh... now if you're contemplating jumping off a bridge... Is it just me that thinks the words to Hallelujah are complete nonsense? And how on earth does a sad song make you feel better?