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  1. So you should be Ben. Limond was top drawer and fought some real champions, 42wind from 48 fights. He was the first to trouble Khan. Anyone who went the distance with must have been good...
  2. I was using language anyone (Raynor), who calls people 'homophobic, racist, misogynistic scum'. would understand. There's more but too rude for this forum. I don't know any more details than you and I'm sure you noted I did not accuse her of any wrongdoing. I simply replied to your post that new evidence and a new complaint based on it had been made. I will accuse her of hypocrisy. I also said politicians are using the police as agents to attack each other. The investigation as I understand it regards her statement in 2015 about her main residence, and is th
  3. Apparently not, I thought jokes were meant to be funny
  4. That's not nice... quite unkind in fact...
  5. Having scrolled back through the political and other threads to find anything offensive, and failed, I'm confused that someone who considers a day to be wasted unless he upsets someone has found something to complain about. Reading the thread is not mandatory
  6. Being picky is that the right green or is it the picture, it looks a little pale on my screen and comparing it with the NCT website.
  7. Some think it's political and a rise of the hard right, yet there is no firm evidence to support it. Those on the left can male an equal claim that the far left is responsible, again with no overwhelming evidence to substantiate it. Edit this was turning into a long discourse, a dissertation if you like on the ills and evils in society so most is deleted...... Arthur C Clake was right, H G Wells was right...I just hope Neville Shute was wrong...
  8. Apparently witnesses have come forward to offer fresh evidence, and there is a new complaint from a different quarter. Whilst I would like to see her slapped down, I think it's a sad comment on the state of the political scene today that they are using the police as agents to attack teach other. Starmer of course is back on the fence of plausible deniability. "I've not seen the legal advice letter, but my team has". Yeah right...
  9. It was at the top end of Maid Marion Way, long gone now...
  10. John Laurence Pearson used his middle name and everyone called him Loll. OOps... confusing JL Pearson with Laurie... soz...
  11. That's one view PP and may prove to be right. but it can also be said it's very expensive facility for very few people considering there are two pedestrian/cycling only bridges already existing.
  12. It would seem another survey no one has heard of has taken place with regard to a new bridge over the Trent for pedestrians and cyclists at a cost of 12 million. The city is not paying for the bulk of it, but I do think the money could be better spent. The bridge will cross from the old Waterways site to... well nowhere really.
  13. One of them looks to be holding a real fencing foil...
  14. They still do but it is now no longer an ad hoc option it's to become a regular part of the service and the cost will come from the budget to the detriment of the NHS. It is no more and no less than creeping privatisation and patients will be the ones who suffer in the long run. Senior consultants (who stand to gain most), have said as much. This article explains it better:
  15. That's not at odds with my post, which is quite accurate. Though it sounds like a temporary solution it probably isn't, it's the thin end of a very big wedge. It would be easy to blame the Tories, but the NHS had a budget cut before it was even inaugurated by Atlee. Years of mismanagement and political interference have brought us to the parlous state of the NHS today. Now under the guise of reducing waiting times Labour proposes to spend money in the private sector, a quick fix solution that has every likelihood of becoming an expensive permanent policy.
  16. Wes Streeting the Shadow Secretary of State for Health, Social Care and hypocrite has declared he wants more private-sector involvement in the NHS. Can anyone who declared any who oppose his plan to be "middle class lefties. called Corbyn 'senile', admits to binge drinking when he goes out really be a Labour MP? Surely he's a closet Tory! No wonder then that Starmer is so reluctant to explain his policies in detail.
  17. I trust Mrs Col is aware of the seriousness of manflu and suitably solicitous. Constant attendance and provisions for all your creature comforts are a must of course. GWS mate
  18. I've told the tale before. I carried an enamel jug to the beer-off for grandad's beer. It was a corner shop with a hand pulled beer pump. I was 5 yrs. old and rewarded with the drink of beer from an egg cup...
  19. You must be joking!! I paid £18 for this clipper when Covid started. I've cut my hair four times now so still have a way to go before I get my money back.... As for shaving my head...................................
  20. Probably, China has just lifted tariffs on Australian wine.
  21. My clipper is a no-name Chinese affair and the charge, via a usb outlet, lasts about thirty mins, presumably that is. Weirdly its markings rate it as 100~220v but the lead supplied is for a usb. My problem is being a lazy sod letting my hair grow too long to the point where a combine harvester might be more use. A clipper I've forgotten to charge stands no chance.
  22. It's really quite good Oz................... for China,,,
  23. With that much money and so few people, how could it be any different. and actually Norway has a surprising number of homeless considering the size of population. The oil started in 1975 under Labour, Wilson, then Tory, then Labour then Tory again before Labour had another go. Whether we squandered the riches is moot but whatever the answer, it was a joint effort
  24. With 45% of the North Sea reserves and a population half the size of London (5m) it would take a really determined effort by specially trained idiots not to have done so.