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  1. Good to see a bit of good news in this topic, hope it goes well for him nonna..
  2. Do you think crushing them and sprinkling the powder on his food would work?
  3. radfordred I apologise in advance Members 5,337 8,539 posts Gender:Male Location:Wollaton via Sunny Radford Interests: Sad to see the slow death of the Nottstalgia site with insane Facebook type day to day drivel
  4. It's the PC brigade Oz, they don't like it up 'em
  5. I had a 'flu jab last Thursday. Hardly felt a thing but my upper arm has swollen and it's quite warm to the touch, never been like that before. Going down slightly now but still can feel a differencce in temperature.
  6. Brew

    Cats !

    Take heart Ben you're not on your own. My dearly beloved is the same and it's not me who slightly moves stuff to see if she notices... honest!
  7. Brew

    New look

    You must have done something CT or at least added some weight to the complaints. There was a definate change to the bit I needed suddenly, it started working again.. Sorry i can't help with iPads, never have liked them
  8. I echo the sentiments and good wishes Carni... glad you're both turning the corner.
  9. It's a well known fact that practice managers and receptionists must be graduates of the Attila the Hun charm school. Ours refuses to take the call further unless you tell them in detail why you want an appointment.
  10. I seriously doubt it after raising your idea with my dearly beloved. I suggested I need to practice - she suggested that if I want dinner I should put it back in the cupboard. No soul some people...
  11. I have a Yamaha keyboard, unfortunatley I also have recalcitrant fingers and thumbs.
  12. I locked myself out by trying to change my password. To confirm, and for security, the site sends an E-mail for verification - except it didn't and I couldn't log in until it did. Scratting around I found an E-mail addy for a member but no reply, it's probably defunct. Created a faux Facebook account and went the to the Nottstalgia page to try and make contact but it also appears to be defunct, last post 2019, sent a message anyway. Somtime later a reply said a ticket raised with Invision, no indication who the reply was from. I tried making a second account but it fail
  13. Thanks Col and you are correct. I'm just catching up and came acros your reply to Mr Mayfield. I suspect though that by the time my blood pressure returns to normal the hour will be past and we wil have moved on...
  14. OK boys and girls I'm back! Seems someone somewhere sorted the problems out - finally! Thanks to all for the concern but apart from a minor hiccup all is well at Chez Brew and normal service will be resumed.
  15. Brew

    New look

    Try the the default, the facebook look is the same as the default but the reference column is on the opposite side. Have a play you can always go back.
  16. Brew

    New look

    Bk try the default theme. scroll to the very bottom of the page and click on themes... see if it make a difference.
  17. Brew

    New look

    Click the upside down triangle at side of your name and the last item is 'sign out'...
  18. Brew

    New look

    If you can see your name you are already logged in
  19. Brew

    New look

    You can edit by click the three little dots top right corner. You're on the old 'look' try the default look.
  20. Do we like the new look?? Is the search facility any better? Edit: it seems to have chopped the Nottsalgia banner in half.
  21. After your post Ben I read up the page and came to Margies post from a few years ago... Margie doing the birdy dance.... now there's a mental picture to treasure!
  22. When ballooning I was told some of the wicker baskets were, for a while, made by the Blind Institute as was. Perhaps they also made baskets for the textile trade as sub-contractors too.
  23. You might like to check your calculations...
  24. I struggle to see who else to blame. There seems to me to be not one but two pandemics, Covid and stupidity - one them has a vaccine