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  1. I wonder why drinking beer in the morning is frowned on. Are early doors drinkers more likely to be objectionable or more aggresive than night time drinkers? Like Col I've 'tut tutted' at them but can think of no logical reason why.
  2. Coal powered stations emitting more radiation than nuclear is an urban myth but there is a grain of truth in it. Coal contains Ra226 which is radioactive. This does not die when the coal is burnt - it remains in the fly ash and gypsum by products that are used in building components. The waste from nuclear is very tightly controlled, fly ash and gypsum are not so the 'accumulated' radioactivity released into the environment is greater for coal than nuclear. Still at very low levels though.
  3. I'm fairly sure the day will come when all new borns will be chipped much like we do pets now.
  4. Me mams me mam and alluz woz so there!
  5. I dont read the word games or the music threads but I really can't get my knickers in a twist about them. What is it that so upsets people? It's harmless and easily ignored if you don't like them. As for relevance, well as someone pointed out awhile ago, there would be little to read if the forum contained only local history. What happened to live and let live?
  6. I was born in an attic in Nottintone Place Sneinton, so was my brother and my other siblings at the city hospital. My son was born at home, A614 Calverton, but not after some drama with the doctor. He was a Chinese guy at Burton Joyce which even at breakneck speed meant a possible long wait for him to arrive, add that to the fact that he tried insist that she gave birth under hypnosis and refused to release her as a patient when we wanted another 'proper' doctor. He took quite a bit of persuading to let her go, tipping his desk upside down might have helped.
  7. WW, wasn't the dip in the bumper there to give access to the bottom pulley when using the starting handle?
  8. A bit like our local council before they saw sense. They provided small plastic bags for recyclable material thereby forcing people to make trips to the tip. Lord knows how much more fuel did we used compared to one truck.
  9. I'd like a 19 year old too please......... oh wait a min...
  10. Should've let Branson take 'em on when he wanted to.
  11. It wasn't stolen by anyone it was established by charter.
  12. Actually William,Kate and Harry recieve their income from Charles not the taxpayer.
  13. I had my first ever flu jab this year and some bleddy good it did! I am only just getting over being quite poorly over Christmas, I did even get dressed for three days!
  14. The original proposal was for Nottingham trams to use part of the Robin Hood railway line to Hucknall
  15. Started back in the '80s and though I don't remember it there was a 'public consultation' that showed there was support for a 'light rail' system. Projected cost £65 million. Final cost for stage 1 £200 million Stage 2 570 million.
  16. Call me 'owt yer like - so long as it's not late for dinner!
  17. Until my son was born we were poor as church mice but managed to go out and about enjoying life. After he was born I, full of arrogance and you know what said "he'll have to fit in to our life style, I don't see that much will change because we have a baby" bwaaaaah haha. What a pompous twit. Within weeks, despite working all the hours god sent I couldn't get home quick enough or spend enough time with him. Watching him grow, teaching him things, sharing adventures was the most amazing time of my life.Then seven years later we had a daughter and I got to do it all again, being bored
  18. First question I asked Loppy, "when was that last changed" To make it go up you twist the throttle and pull on a lever (the collective) which puts pressure on a pully to tighten the belt!
  19. My point being that it WILL be massively disruptive, it WILL be hugely expensive, it will probably overun on time, be over budget and almost certainly never make a profit.
  20. I've flown a small helicopter, horrible little things. Driving a car is more complex. it doesn't give you any confidence when they show you that the rotor is driven by a large fan belt, no gears involved!
  21. If I remember correctly the custom was called 'first footing'
  22. Was it Oscar Wilde who said " a gentleman is someone who knows how to play the bagpipes - but doesn't"
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